For Those Who Crave Risk . . .

Alas, my suggestions over the last several posts have fallen on deaf ears it seems.

Where I’ve been attempting to steer the prudent to safer waters  (where they could lay at anchor during the coming economic and market storms), it seems that many of our readers are more interested in the ‘action’ of the markets than increasing their financial survival from the markets. At least this is what I’m reading in the e-mails received lately.

Look, I understand the interest in such unique trading methods as are offered on this website ONLY, but, just because you have access to a great tool doesn’t mean that you should be careless as to where it’s used. Risk is Risk, and, avoiding it as much as possible is ALSO part of a winning trading approach.

I’m addressing Investors only here, and, for those of you who fit this profile, please consider my last few posts as a path forward into the uncertain and risky future. My suggestion is to use our amazing trading technologies and apply them in the Commodities investment area. This includes futures, ETF stocks on commodity markets and the options on these ETFs as well.

Speculators by nature take on more risk than investors, and, for those of you in that risk-hungry group, there are the popular (and heavily manipulated) Forex markets.

For those recent visitors who have wondered whether The Excalibur or Stairway Trading Methods were universal enough to work in the Forex markets as well as the longer-term markets, I’ve inserted a EUR/USD intraday chart from recent days.

intradayEurUsd2Note the key signals over the last few days in the EUR/USD and, you’ll find an advancing bottom line from these hypothetical trades. Sometimes, you’ll find trades that will trend into the next day as that’s what the methods are designed to do. At other times, and, at shorter time intervals, they’ll be several trade signals within a single day. The shorter the time frame you use the greater your risks of minor trend reversals and HFT (High Frequency Trading) rapid manipulations of price.

The Above chart shows 190 pips of potential cumulative gain over just a few days of observing this market (EUR/USD). From Friday to Thursday (5-trading days), there were two days on which you wouldn’t have needed to take any action at all (Monday and Wednesday) and, three days on which there would have been trades entered or exited. This is a pretty low-key and low-stress approach to this highly-speculative market.

I want you to succeed in achieving your trading goals and, ultimately, you have to choose your own path to that success. I can help you with Superior, World-class methods of analyzing market charts so that you’ll have a greater probability of success. By using techniques which are unlike those available anywhere else (like the Excalibur & Stairway Trading Methods) or those not seen or used since the days when the Master Trader WD Gann used them last over 60-years ago (found in ‘The Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Master Course’), you’ll have a trading edge that only a few traders on the planet will share with you.

The Excalibur Trading Method and the Stairway Trading Method are still being offered for purchase. Both methods use entirely DIFFERENT approaches to interpreting the markets and make excellent confirmation tools for each other because of their totally non-related approaches.

The Master Course is limited to one trader per month. It contains the most powerful, hidden truths about the market and is intended for those who truly value such information. It’s not free. It’s not inexpensive and, neither is a Bentley and for the very same reason; QUALITY.

Contact me privately via e-mail if you’re sincerely interested in purchasing one of our Courses. – George


Trading For A Living: SILVER

Real values and investment stability are a natural part of the Commodities markets.

We’ve taken a look at the profit potential in COTTON and CORN so far, and, all within the last few months alone. Today, we’ll see what has been available in the SILVER market.  Here again, there are ETFs (stocks) and their Options (stock options) that represent the SILVER Market and it’s price movements. Both can be traded for much less cost than the cost in pure futures contracts alone. We’re looking at a longer time period, but, still only 7 month’s time could have yielded an amazing income potentially.

Silver_Choices A BUY position taken at the signal given on the above chart, would have presented a potential $35,000 in profit PER CONTRACT (or $175,000 profit potential on a 5-lot position).

SilverETFThe next chart (above) is for the stock ETF which closely follows the Silver Market price moves. The stock symbol is (logically enough): ‘SLV’.

You’ll note the same increase in price trend and, the same BUY trigger point using ETHE XCALIBUR TRADING METHOD. Using Stock Options for ‘SILVER’ (symbol SLV), one could have had access to the potential to have made 1,400% gains within a seven-month time period for a much lower initial cost than with the futures only. As I stated in my previous post yesterday, this non-political and non-financial instrument approach of Commodity Trading when it comes to investing: HAPPENS MANY TIMES A YEAR IN MULTIPLE MARKETS! There’s plenty of potential for a good living to be made from these markets by those who have a solid trading method and Patience along the way.

The Commodity Markets can be a safer and more consistent investment area to profit from than the paper-backed financial markets.; However, there is a way to gain more security trading markets like Forex as well which we’ll discuss in the days ahead.

Just the previous 3 Market Examples showed potential gains of over $46,000 with single futures contracts alone. If one were trading 5-lots, over $230,000 would have been collected potentially from only three trades over the last 7-months total!

Equip yourself to be able to pick trading pivot points like those shown on the charts above. Use a rare trading method, virtually unknown to both the public or institutional traders that will take you where you want to go, and, not where they’d like to lead you.

If you’d like to purchase your own copy of The Excalibur Trading Method (the method applied to today‘s charts above), then, Contact me HERE for availability and cost or for more information about our other courses.GEORGE

Trading For A Living: CORN

Progressing along my earlier theme on the real values that are naturally vested in Commodities, let’s take a look at the  recent moves in a basic grain like CORN, and, by the way, we’re not limited to only the Futures Markets these days. There are ETFs (stocks) and their Options (stock options) that can be traded for much less cost which will help one to be able to participate in major trends that they may not otherwise have access to because of increased margin costs in the futures.

CORNLet’s look at the recent downtrend in CORN prices, first for the Futures Market Prices. For this market, I’m using the new TRADER’S MOON trading method to indicate where one could have detected the early change in trend and used it as a signal to SELL the CORN Market. For the chart above, this would be for the futures contracts, but, we’ll see below that we could have also chosen to invest in the stock ETF with the symbol: ‘CORN’ to achieve great results as well (and, at a reduced cost per position or option).

A SELL position taken at the signal given on the above chart, would have presented a potential $5,000 in profit PER CONTRACT (or $25,000 profit potential on a 5-lot position).

CornETFThe next chart is for the stock ETF which closely follows the Corn Market price moves. The stock symbol is (logically enough): ‘CORN’.

You’ll note the same decline in price trend and, the same SELL trigger point using the TRADER’S MOON method. Using Stock Options for ‘CORN’, one could have made 450% gains within a two-month time period for a much lower initial cost than with the futures only. Here’s the great news about this, non-political and non-financial instrument approach to investing: MOVES LIKE THESE HAPPEN SEVERAL TIMES A YEAR IN MULTIPLE MARKETS! There’s plenty of potential for a good living to be made from these markets by those who have a solid trading method and Patience along the way.

It turns out that the commodity arena is a safer and more consistent investment area to profit from; Commodities are an investment area away from the impending crashes and surprises that are coming to stock and bond markets.

Equip yourself to be able to pick trading pivot points like those shown on the charts above. Use a trading method that will take you where you want to go. There are still some copies of TRADER’S MOON available for purchase for the discerning investor who has the highest standards for results in trading.

Contact me HERE for availability and cost or for more information about our other courses.GEORGE


Trading For A Living . . .

Taking the Safer Road to Profits & Stability

commodityprofitpotentialAn understanding of History would suggest that today’s chaotic, financial markets, which have created the crises we’re seeing, should not be the parties to which we give our trust and finances in hope that they’ll provide the solutions to fix what they broke originally.

The Truth, it is said, will set one free. In our case, what we’re seeking is a truth that will set us free from dangerous illusions as to where safe investments may be made during the current unsettling times.

The Truth is, that today’s ‘pseudo-economy’ has strayed so far from ‘Real’ Markets now, that a whole generation of traders and investors are completely unaware of the sane pathway back to Reality-based Markets.

Today’s generation of traders have no frame of reference as to what may be accomplished in a hard-to-manipulate, non-cheating market arena. Stability of results and of the markets themselves are the Goal and, this does exist in today’s world. We should seek out such an arena as a haven for both safety and safer opportunities.

Why? Because . . .

  • In a World where bonds want to charge you, not pay you for purchasing and holding them,
  • In a World where banks want you to pay them to give them your money,
  • In financial markets where high frequency traders can create fictional orders to trigger stops and pull those orders without any legal consequences,
  • and, in an environment where no banks, exchanges or wall street firms suffer any legal impediment from illegal actions (barring fines that are magnitudes less than their illegal gains),

We need to seek a fairer arena where we have a better edge built into the structure itself. Just what is that arena you may ask?

My answer is a market place that has been around since the 1840’s, still with us today and which is the basis for how we all live: The Commodity Markets.

Food. Soft Goods (like Cotton, Cocoa, Coffee and Sugar and more). These largely ignored real markets are not HFT (high-frequency trading) friendly due to their lower volume (they have no place to hide their front-running schemes).

That’s extremely good news for us. Instead of constant danger from these micro-second, front-running predators, the Commodity markets are still based upon Supply & Demand. Translated, that means real buyers and sellers and not the illusions peddled in the financial realms (whisps of fictional electronic orders which hit stops, or, valueless, unbacked paper touted as real).

This very Supply & Demand makes these markets less attached to false valuation because Seasonal Trends hold sway in Commodities.  ‘Seed Time and Harvest’ still apply annually and they always will.

Yes, weather and rainfall cycles, of course, are a variable, but, these markets are very well suited to our own methods of analysis and investing in even one of these commodity markets at the right time in their cycle can provide an excellent yearly income or supplement.

This is Good News for investors today, especially in a world largely confused as to what direction to invest in next.

The chart at the top of this article shows a recent, very small example using the Cotton market as our focus.

But, here’s even Greater News; These markets can provide several such large, profit-making opportunities EVERY YEAR!

And, one doesn’t have to trade commodity futures to participate in these repeating trends either. ETFs and options on ETFs are available for most major commodities now and, are priced low enough so that most can participate.

We’ll be looking at some of these markets and their recent opportunities in the days and weeks ahead. Be prepared to be pleasantly shocked as to what massive potential is available that so many are unaware of – George

A New Look At W.D. Gann's Past Teachings

It's been quite some time now since new perspectives or improvements on W.D. Gann's works have been presented. The reason is because so few have come to understand the foundations of his techniques. That then being the case, it would be impossible to take his work forward without understanding the Principles upon which he was developing his techniques. This has been part of his most secret work but, is one which he did give clues to in his writings.

W.D. Gann's work was developed using these long-lost Principles over 100-years ago. The thing is though, Mr. Gann did what others to this day have not; namely, he built techniques for trading the markets that will never change no matter what economic conditions may be prevailing at the time.

As our regular visitors know, It's been my privilege to have offered the abundant results of over 45-years of research into Gann's work and, original research based upon his fundamentals on this website.

It would be good to review what the privileged few in Gann's day thought of the value of his market work. To that end, I've provided a short report below that updates the sales figures for these courses and puts them into a context we can more readily appreciate today.

I've also given a few peeks into the esoteric, but, practical world of Mr. Gann for those who aren't familiar with his historical work as a VERY Successful Trader and a True Master of the Markets during the previous Century.

I hope you'll enjoy the report below and, for those who'd like to learn more about availability of courses and their price, you may contact me (George) by email at: George ['at'] (substitute the symbol @ for the 'at' and drop the brackets in the email address (this is to prevent spam bots).- George

Just CLICK HERE to download the PDF.

Just CLICK HERE to download the PDF.


Market X-Ray: Looking The Next ‘BIG SHORT’?

Use These Techniques To Find Out Where Market Opportunity Lies!

Present Market Conditions, AND Opportunities are now much like those back in 2007. These have been very well illustrated by the recent movie 'The Big Short'.

Today's trading environment is custom-designed to put most investors into a state of inaction when it comes to nimble, decisive and prudent investing.

Will You be one of this Century's new Investment & Trading Millionaires? If that's your goal, you'll need above-average trading techniques to evaluate market opportunities. This is where to find the very best of them.

Revolutionary New Trading Approaches

Don't Overlook . . . These Revolutionary Trading Methods!

Once in a rare while, every one is exposed to the potential answer to making their dreams come true. If you're dreams revolve around trading, then, it would be a costly mistake to quickly visit this website and click away without taking a closer look at the gemstones hidden within it's precious pages.

But, if you pay close attention to the unique information hidden beneath the menu tabs at the top of this webpage, you'll quickly find yourself in the presence of amazing trading approaches that have been carefully derived from the works of W.D. Gann himself.

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Brexit: Let The Calmer Traders Prevail

With The RIGHT KNOWLEDGE . . . You Could See This Coming!!

Our Clients/Students have the edge when it comes to predicting  market-shaking events. The stark truth of price & event charts have proven this time and again.

'Brexit' was no different really. Watching the sheer panic that followed the 'Brexit' vote shows that just having money isn't enough when events create changes in the markets themselves. At these times Strategy based on true market KNOWLEDGE is what wins the day . . .

Read More On 'Brexit' Here . . .

Crude Oil: A New Downtrend Has Begun . . .

Crude Oil Prices . . . The 'Moon' Predicts A New Price Downswing

I had to laugh today when I read how some of the big investment houses were calling on their clients to buy Crude Oil. They stated that prices were going to $100 a barrel again. Not today!

That price may be possible again someday, but, as of today, our new method called 'Trader's Moon' has indicated that Crude Oil has tripped over the edge and is most likely to go DOWN, not up in price, from this point on wards.

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Have A Window To The Future . . .

Trading Methods That Pierce The Veil Of Time . . .

Hindsight is one thing we've all experienced and talked about. After the event, we've reflected on what we should have done.

Looking at the past does us little good as market events rarely repeat in a recognizable form.

To excel at trading & profitability we clearly need a more insightful, better approach. That's why I've created special trading methods that peek into the immediate future and alert one to the actual trends and their coming changes. Iinvestigate our trading methods  to equip yourself for the future.

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‘BUY’ the Light of the Silvery Moon . . .

Trade Silver By The Moon . . . 2 Trade Opportunities in 4 Weeks

'Trader's Moon', our new Course, revealed two distinct early entry profit opportunities over the last 4-weeks for SILVER.

Align your trading with the higher energies of the Moon and with the greater profit opportunities that are inherent in such trading.

Your chance to own and use the amazing technique known as the 'Trader's Moon' is beginning to fade, but, if you act today, you'll be able to secure your own copy.

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Even Astronomers Believe In Astrology! . . .

The Father of Astronomy . . . Believed in Astrology's Effects!

Johannes Kepler, was a German Mathematician, Astronomer and Astrologer, considered by many to be the father of modern Astronomy. Reluctantly, he came to the conclusion (and was forced by his observations to accept,) that Worldly events aligned with the astronomical to confirm the validity and the essence of what we have come to call: Astrology.

Though today we'd examine the 'Rules' of astrology differently than the great men of the past, still, the final consensus of the Great Men we've so far been examining in this web series has been to accept Astrology as a useful, if not yet completely understood, science or approach to predict both events and most major occurrences in the World of Man.

We, of course, are mostly interested in how this obscure study could possibly be related to market actions and their reactions. Our Trader's Moon course teaches us this Secret.

 The man-made markets of our day can be understood using the same science that these great men came to understand as Astrology, once understood and applied in a very new way.

Only 15 students will learn of this new approach this year and, I'm now accepting applications for the last 8 applicants. HURRY . . .

Use The Moon To Trade More Effectively, Read The 'Trader's Moon': MORE . . .

The Psychology Of Trading The Markets

Astrology & Market Psychology . . . One Predicts The Other

Doctor Carl Jung, the founder of the most accurate branch of Psychology (Jungian Psychology) was an avid student of Astrology.

Dr. Jung was able to integrate the study of Astrology, with it's vast archive of powerful personal archetypes, and connect it to the insights into Human Behavior that has become the study of Psychology today.

The Markets are intimately connected to Psychology. We've explored this over the years in previous articles, but, let us just say that the Markets display the consensus of the public's mass consciousness of the markets at any one time.

What Dr. Jung refers to in his quote to the left is that, (as WD Gann was fond of quoting as well), 'There is nothing new under the Sun'. What is past is prologue and thus, History; the Study of the Past reveals patterns that can be predicted because they're part of Man's very Nature & Experience.

See How The 'Trader's Moon' Course Can Interpret Market Psychology Here . . .

Discover The ‘Music Of The Markets’ . . .

Pythagoras, The Father of Mathematics Said This . . .

Pythagoras was a Greek Philosopher and Mathematician. Some consider him to be the Greek Father of Numbers and Mathematics and an intense researcher who spent his life in pursuit of the truth about Nature and it's relationship to Numbers.

Pythagoras was able to make the connection between the heavenly bodies (the laws of Astronomy & Astrology) and the foundations of Harmony and Music. The relationships between the Heavenly bodies and these Earthly tones he referred to as 'The Music of the Spheres'. This was an important element in his Pythagorean Mystery School where these secrets were held close and kept from the masses.

The Moon 'Sings' It's Harmonies, While The 'Trader's Moon' Trading Method Interprets Those 'Notes' For Traders In The Global Markets!

The Moon's 'music' can be applied to trading the markets with great efficiency. It's just a matter of translating and understanding the language of the stars, planets and moons. The time has come for a few fortunate students to learn the secrets to this Lunar Language and how to trade using it.

Contact me to secure one of the remaining positions still open to learn this method this year!

Read More About 'The Trader's Moon' Here . . .

Join The Company of the Wise & Great . . .

Dr. Benjamin Franklin Was A Master Astrologer!

Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States was, in addition to being a scientific inventor and avid writer also a Master Astrologer.

Very few indeed are aware that it was Dr. Benjamin Franklin who arranged for the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, 1776 in order that the signing took place during a very powerful astrological alignment of Jupiter, the Sun, Venus and Mars.

Franklin created the most popular periodical of his day called The Poor Richard's Almanac which not only gave accurate weather predictions and astrologically optimal times to plant crops, but also contained an Ephemeris of the Sun, Moon & Planets. . . .

In the book, 'Franklin, The Apostle of Modern Times', Bernard Fay stated: "Astrology was very much in vogue...It occupied an important place in business, agriculture and private life.

Astrology was employed in determining the future of newly born children. The date to choose for a hunt, the propitious period for sowing seed and gathering grapes, the opportune moment for the departure of boats...

Wise, serious, and pious people also believed in astrology, for as late as 1728 candidates for Harvard discussed such topics as these: "Do medical herbs operate by planetary power?" or "That the heavenly bodies produce changes in the bodies of animals." And, on the eve of the Revolution in 1717, the faculty proposed such subjects as these: "Is a comet which only appears after many years a foreshadowing of divine wrath rather than a planet that appears daily?"

Everybody turned to the astrologers, and the publishers of almanacs had an immense public. These little books were the faithful mirrors of the preoccupations of the times."

Read More About Our New 'Trader's Moon' Trading Course Here . . .

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