Sugar: Increased Social Stress = Profit Potential

Sugar Is Aligned For A Major Uptrend . . .

Sugar has been in a major decline for over 4-years now. This major downtrend has now given it's signal that it has exhausted itself and is already trending upwards in price again. This is a major cycle trend shift upwards and should last for some time.

Once again, our Excalibur Trading Method is showing us the way well in advance of ordinary methods which remain silent as to the potential of this new trend. Secure this trading method for yourself and be prepared for the Times ahead.

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Heating Oil Pivot Point

Heating Oil is now at a Critical Pivot Point . . .

Heating Oil has been in a major decline for over 2-years now. Heating Oil is following a two-year Cycle which it has recently completed a new relative low. Presently, prices have pushed up against this 2-year trend line  precisely as we're also going into a Seasonal high period for Heating Oil. This 2-Year Cycle should start to press prices upwards again over the next two years.

The above chart shows the weekly price bars and the longer-term trend (which has the greater momentum). The chart below is a Daily chart showing how our Excalibur Trading Method Line also confirms price as pushing towards the tops.

Note also the Seasonal Chart for Heating Oil which has been inserted into the price chart. The Seasonal trend for the last 30+ years has been for Heating Oil to rise going into August and September which is right where the longer-term and the Excalibur Lines have indicated a critical pivot price area. If these Lines are broken on a closing basis on both the Daily and the Weekly Closes, we'll be seeing the beginning of an important new uptrend.

Seasonal buying could be enough to break through the red downtrend lines shown on the charts creating a new uptrend. We'll watch for this, however, this will most likely be another SELLING price area barring any further Middle East crisis. The Excalibur Method will give (those of you who have purchased it) ample warning of which way to play this market going forward. This is a major opportunity to keep watch for in the weeks ahead. - George

Time, Price & Moon . . . 3 Unique Trading Signals

3 Unique Ways to View the Markets!

The Timing of your visit to this site couldn't be better! I'm implementing a very special limited time offer for, not one but THREE unique trading method perspectives.

In order to offer our students a broader approach to our unique trading techniques, for the first time, I'm offering A THREE APPROACH SET which will present the student with THREE of our very Unique Approaches to Trading, all for an extremely special cost-saving price.

Each one of these Courses can stand on their own as trading methods. They do not depend on each other in any way and require no software or additional materials or purchases.

Each course uses an entirely different and unique perspective to derive their trading decisions, and, because of this, they can also act as a valuable CONFIRMATION to trading opportunities detected by any one of the other methods.

Normally, students purchase the courses one-at-a-time or purchase just one methodology without knowledge of the other accurate, analytical approaches that are also available (some of which may better suit their trading temperament).


This is understandable as it is a bit costly to acquire the methods one-by-one over time.

My goal here is to allow each student who desires it, a broader offering of techniques at a substantial savings up-front. The FALL Season is a good time to do this as we're generally looking ahead to a New Year coming up soon and it's a great time to plant new trading wisdom in anticipation of a Spring Profit Renewal. This set will offer you:

THE STAIRWAY TRADING METHOD: A trading method that is built upon the secrets of PRICE.

THE EXCALIBUR TRADING METHOD: A separate trading method that's been built upon hidden secrets of TIME itself; and, lastly,

'TRADER'S MOON': Our latest course release, which reveals an unknown way to use ASTRONOMY and, specifically the MOON to find optimal times to enter and exit the Markets.

This offer will only hold until the last 5 copies of Trader's Moon is Sold. That is the limit of copies available for 2016.

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Reality From An Inverted Market View

We've Been Seeing The World Upside Down . . .

Because we were never taught otherwise, we've accepted a view of the markets removed and which is literally INVERTED from the Reality of Nature.

The Reality of Supply & Demand is reflected in price, but the relationship is inverse to the conditions found in the farmer's fields.

In short, the truth concerning the real Agricultural situation can be charted by actually inverting the price chart for that commodity and then reversing the time scale.

On the top chart we're seeing price inverted to tell us the state of either Abundance or Scarcity of the Cotton crop currently.

We're currently coming out of a period of Scarcity (which created high prices) and, using 'The Stairway Method', we were able to detect when to SELL and go short Cotton (the blue circle shows when the signal was given). - George


Send Me An E-Mail for Price & Availability of This Course.

Deflation: An Unexpected But Welcome Event

The Boys Who Cried 'Hyper-Inflation' . . . Wrong Again!

Times are confusing enough. But, bad information, (especially when it comes to something as basic as the cost of basic food), is a source of unnecessary stress and grief.

Speculation has been rampant that we're in danger of hyper-inflationary times. It's too easy for some people to say such things and when they're in positions of trust or authority, they really should know better.

The true state of affairs is shown on these three price charts for some of the most important food basics: Wheat, Corn and Rice.

I'd like to draw your attention to the downwards sloping red arrows on each of the charts. DOWNWARDS has been the price direction for all these grains for almost a year now.

The REAL TREND has been to DEFLATIONARY and has not been even close to the path of inflationary prices!

I've spent almost half a Century now tracking and learning to better understand Commodity prices and their trends. I know that new generations have now come on the scene fresh for the challenge of beating the markets.

One of the first and best skills you can learn is to make your own assessments of market trends and not be influenced by others in this regard.

Now you KNOW enough not to be fooled those crying 'Wolf' or 'Hyper-inflation'. When it comes to our basic foodstuffs, we're still in good shape when it comes to prices. In fact, prices have been decreasing and actually disguising other nasty aspects of the Economy (like increasing health care costs, college costs and some other unpleasant expenses.

To Master a skill, such as detecting trends, Tops, Bottoms and expected dates of reversals for Markets, you need Superior Instructions. You must put as much distance as you can between what the mass of speculators know and achieve and Yourself. You simply must strive to KNOW and ACHIEVE MORE.

I'm still offering the original discoveries made over the last half-century as well as my WD Gann Lost Secrets re-discoveries to those discerning few who wish to know more. I'm offering the highest level of understanding of the markets in these courses, not 'indicators' that are offered to millions of  traders.

CONTACT ME HERE to see if the courses you're interested in are still available. All techniques are available in limited numbers during the year. The Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Master Course is only offered to a handful of traders each year and the Trader's Moon & WD Gann's Greatest Angle Secret to only 15 traders during the year. I still have a few copies of each available. Inquire for availability and price. - George

For example; The Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Master Course is only offered to a handful of traders each year and the Trader's Moon & WD Gann's Greatest Angle Secret to only 15 traders during the year. I still have a few copies of each available. Inquire for availability and price. - George

For Those Who Crave Risk . . .

Alas, my suggestions over the last several posts have fallen on deaf ears it seems.

Where I’ve been attempting to steer the prudent to safer waters  (where they could lay at anchor during the coming economic and market storms), it seems that many of our readers are more interested in the ‘action’ of the markets than increasing their financial survival from the markets. At least this is what I’m reading in the e-mails received lately.

Look, I understand the interest in such unique trading methods as are offered on this website ONLY, but, just because you have access to a great tool doesn’t mean that you should be careless as to where it’s used. Risk is Risk, and, avoiding it as much as possible is ALSO part of a winning trading approach.

I’m addressing Investors only here, and, for those of you who fit this profile, please consider my last few posts as a path forward into the uncertain and risky future. My suggestion is to use our amazing trading technologies and apply them in the Commodities investment area. This includes futures, ETF stocks on commodity markets and the options on these ETFs as well.

Speculators by nature take on more risk than investors, and, for those of you in that risk-hungry group, there are the popular (and heavily manipulated) Forex markets.

For those recent visitors who have wondered whether The Excalibur or Stairway Trading Methods were universal enough to work in the Forex markets as well as the longer-term markets, I’ve inserted a EUR/USD intraday chart from recent days.

intradayEurUsd2Note the key signals over the last few days in the EUR/USD and, you’ll find an advancing bottom line from these hypothetical trades. Sometimes, you’ll find trades that will trend into the next day as that’s what the methods are designed to do. At other times, and, at shorter time intervals, they’ll be several trade signals within a single day. The shorter the time frame you use the greater your risks of minor trend reversals and HFT (High Frequency Trading) rapid manipulations of price.

The Above chart shows 190 pips of potential cumulative gain over just a few days of observing this market (EUR/USD). From Friday to Thursday (5-trading days), there were two days on which you wouldn’t have needed to take any action at all (Monday and Wednesday) and, three days on which there would have been trades entered or exited. This is a pretty low-key and low-stress approach to this highly-speculative market.

I want you to succeed in achieving your trading goals and, ultimately, you have to choose your own path to that success. I can help you with Superior, World-class methods of analyzing market charts so that you’ll have a greater probability of success. By using techniques which are unlike those available anywhere else (like the Excalibur & Stairway Trading Methods) or those not seen or used since the days when the Master Trader WD Gann used them last over 60-years ago (found in ‘The Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Master Course’), you’ll have a trading edge that only a few traders on the planet will share with you.

The Excalibur Trading Method and the Stairway Trading Method are still being offered for purchase. Both methods use entirely DIFFERENT approaches to interpreting the markets and make excellent confirmation tools for each other because of their totally non-related approaches.

The Master Course is limited to one trader per month. It contains the most powerful, hidden truths about the market and is intended for those who truly value such information. It’s not free. It’s not inexpensive and, neither is a Bentley and for the very same reason; QUALITY.

Contact me privately via e-mail if you’re sincerely interested in purchasing one of our Courses. – George


Trading For A Living: SILVER

Real values and investment stability are a natural part of the Commodities markets.

We’ve taken a look at the profit potential in COTTON and CORN so far, and, all within the last few months alone. Today, we’ll see what has been available in the SILVER market.  Here again, there are ETFs (stocks) and their Options (stock options) that represent the SILVER Market and it’s price movements. Both can be traded for much less cost than the cost in pure futures contracts alone. We’re looking at a longer time period, but, still only 7 month’s time could have yielded an amazing income potentially.

Silver_Choices A BUY position taken at the signal given on the above chart, would have presented a potential $35,000 in profit PER CONTRACT (or $175,000 profit potential on a 5-lot position).

SilverETFThe next chart (above) is for the stock ETF which closely follows the Silver Market price moves. The stock symbol is (logically enough): ‘SLV’.

You’ll note the same increase in price trend and, the same BUY trigger point using ETHE XCALIBUR TRADING METHOD. Using Stock Options for ‘SILVER’ (symbol SLV), one could have had access to the potential to have made 1,400% gains within a seven-month time period for a much lower initial cost than with the futures only. As I stated in my previous post yesterday, this non-political and non-financial instrument approach of Commodity Trading when it comes to investing: HAPPENS MANY TIMES A YEAR IN MULTIPLE MARKETS! There’s plenty of potential for a good living to be made from these markets by those who have a solid trading method and Patience along the way.

The Commodity Markets can be a safer and more consistent investment area to profit from than the paper-backed financial markets.; However, there is a way to gain more security trading markets like Forex as well which we’ll discuss in the days ahead.

Just the previous 3 Market Examples showed potential gains of over $46,000 with single futures contracts alone. If one were trading 5-lots, over $230,000 would have been collected potentially from only three trades over the last 7-months total!

Equip yourself to be able to pick trading pivot points like those shown on the charts above. Use a rare trading method, virtually unknown to both the public or institutional traders that will take you where you want to go, and, not where they’d like to lead you.

If you’d like to purchase your own copy of The Excalibur Trading Method (the method applied to today‘s charts above), then, Contact me HERE for availability and cost or for more information about our other courses.GEORGE

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