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Canadian Dollar Weakens . . .

​An Early Warning for the Canadian Dollar?

​​I've noted some early weakness indications and movements in a few of the major currencies of late and among these is the Canadian Dollar.

​​The Canadian Dollar chart is shown above with today's slide in price signalling a change in trend..

​This ​isn't the only currency starting to weaken, and, over the next few days we'll show at least two others that show great potential to change their recent trends. These shifting points are where one can find the maximum leverage for the following trend and, by their nature, present the smallest risk (using the previous top as the stop).

​What's presented here are examples of applied market analysis which you yourself can master once you've learned the techniques and skills associated with those techniques and trading methods. Several techniques are offered on this website and more in our Catalog.

If you wish to be among the very few who gain access to these time-proven methods and discoveries, drop me an e-mail with your inquiry or requesting a catalog. E-mail me HERE.

Update: The New Course​ is ​approaching completion and will present a method that's been held very closely and used ​most successfully in my market analysis for many years now. ​It will serve whoever learns it very faithfully as well.

The Course will, (like the specialized course releases) be restricted to only a few numbered & registered copies and will be offered to previous Clients first, and, ​if there are copies remaining, then to a few new students. This Course offers a unique and completely separate approach to the markets and does not depend on knowledge of earlier methods or approaches.

​​This will be a Premium Offering that will be limited to only 15 Clients this Year, so, ​this Course will be priced accordingly. ​If you wish to be one of the​ fortunate few who come to learn this valuable method, let me know by e-mail. - George.

Precious Metals Downwards Turn Ahead? . . .

​​​A New Year, A New Trend!

​As we enter the New Year we should be ready for New Things and, especially New Trends.

GOLD has tipped us off to a new downswing possibility in the making.

​This should be expected as the recent rise in price from early December was a rapid rise at a very steep angle of ascent.

​Several of our carefully-researched trading techniques have indicated that we should expect at least a short-term reversal to the downside as a strong probability in the weeks ahead.

​Welcome to the New Year! - George.

Best Wishes for the Trading Year Ahead . . .

​​Keep A Positive Perspective & Expect Great Things!

​The ​World we come to experience & the Life we build ​is largely a product of our own expectations, desires and efforts.

​It's been my pleasure to serve & teach many of you this past year and to point the way to more profitable methods of analyzing markets and trading.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement.

May you all find even greater prosperity in the coming Year ahead as I reveal even more secrets to understanding the markets and trading profitably. 

Happy New Year All ! - George.

Present US Dollar Up-Trend Remains Intact . . .

​The Present Backup in Price is Normal.

​The ​​US DOLLAR ​has had a backup in price that has some scratching their heads wondering, if this is the turn-around for trend?​​​

But, just as I wrote earlier about Bitcoin and it's expected backups in price, the US Dollar can have it's backups as well and, still hold it's current trend in the process.

The first such area of pullback would bring us down to as low as 93.20. If that support area is violated, then, a larger downswing to the support area of 92.80 will be in operation.

Any break in price below the 92.80 level will be the start of a long-term downswing for the Dollar. - George.

Ignore The Hyped Headlines . . .

​​​​. . . And, ​Instead Observe What's 'Normal' for ​A Market

​The ​Bitcoin Market continues on it's way to greater highs. ​But, most of the headlines these days concentrate on the pullbacks in price.

One I read a few days back stated that the price of Bitcoin 'Plummeted' by $1,000 over night. Well, that sounds impressive and dangerous ​until we take the time to examine this market for ourselves and ​ask the critical question "​What is a 'normal' pullback​?".

​I created the chart above so that we can quickly determine whether the recent pullback in price qualified as a 'plummet' or not. Also, it's a gauge of what to expect in the future for this market.

What I'd call your attention to is that, for the Bitcoin market, 50% pullbacks are 'built into the cake' or a normal price retracement.

​So, that being the case, the recent 25% pullback is hardly worth considering relatively. After all, we are talking about an $11,000 product here and the $1,000 'plummet' in price as written in the recent headline is less than a 10% pullback in price. Not 50%, 35% or even 25%; just a 10% move.

This type of analysis is well-advised for any market a trader or investor is interested in. This way, you'll immunize yourself from emotional headlines designed to create panic in those who are   less-informed.

The main point I'm trying to convey in this post is that one needs to take in the proper perspective of the particular market you're following. Examine it's normal volatility and use that information to better lower your risk and time your trades.

 Yes, you'll have to have something special in your corner to catch major profit moves like this. Something 'they' (your competitors and the misinformed masses) don't have. You need techniques that aren't public knowledge to the big traders. Th​is is where your profit edge over average traders can be found.

That's exactly what our specialty is here at WDGann-Lost-Secrets.com. ​

​After some feedback from my valued students/clients, I've reconsidered my earlier decision to stop publishing additional discoveries and trading methods that I've ​gathered over the last half Century. I'll reserve just a couple techniques as private ​but, will release additional WD Gann discoveries and a few other valuable, researched techniques

Present Market conditions and opportunities are practically begging for a better set of price interpretation tools, and, especially those which have worked in the past in real time and historically and, are still working today.

Those familiar with my work know that I only release trading methods that have Universal Laws at their core. Laws that never go out of style or fashion and which will be operable in any time frame or under any market conditions.

In light of that, I'm ​presently working on releasing a Course that reveals a technique I discovered over 30-years ago, that's focused around the very idea discussed in this article and will draw on a technique I used decades back in my International Newsletter (The CMR Report) to help clients catch and profit from the 1987 Stock Crash. One reported making over $87,500 in a week's time from that event using the forecast I provided using this technique​ for the S&P 500 Stock Market Index.

I think ​market conditions are ripe for finally ​releasing this trading approach and to make this proprietary technique available to a very few traders so that present markets can be better taken advantage of by students and clients.

​*** If you're interested and would like to be put on the Limited Release List for this Course, drop me an e-mail. I ​expect to ​have this Course available by the first of the New Year, and,  perhaps even sooner.  

Contact me HERE. - George

Knowledge Eliminates Hesitation . . .

​​​​. . . And, Hesitation Causes Lost Profit Opportunities

​The ​Bitcoin Market continues on it's way to greater highs. Most are still standing by watching in amazement while others have become Millionaires during the same time period by taking action.

​Most Still Don't Believe It,​ but, that doesn't matter to Reality.

Reality only honors ACTION based on WISDOMPERIOD.

​I've written about the incredible opportunities of this Market in previous posts. Most didn't pay attention or listen. The chart above shows one of the recent posts made. 

Since that post, the Bitcoin Market moved upwards almost $7,000 USD!

You have to have something special in your corner to catch major profit moves like this. Something 'they' (your competitors and the mis-informed masses) don't have. You need techniques that aren't public knowledge to the big traders. Th​is is where your profit edge over average traders can be found.

That's exactly what our specialty is here at WDGann-Lost-Secrets.com. ​

​Long decades of intense, eye-straining research into W.D. Gann's price charts and tens-of-thousands of independent charts finally yielded up their secrets. Some of which I've been carefully sharing with a very select, few other traders on this planet.

You could be one of them; IF YOU TAKE ACTION to gain the Market Wisdom ​you need to stand out from the crowd.

As our long-term clients can (and have!) testified; our private trading methods and market analysis techniques stand alone as both Unique and Successful. Even our most basic Courses will provide you with more understanding and insight into the markets than you have ever dreamed possible.

As we approach the end of this trading year, we're now into that time period when I provide some end-of-the-year special deals. Perhaps for the very Course or Courses you've been interested in purchasing. You can ​find out by contacting me by e-mail​.

Join the Bold Few who have taken steps to change their lives and fortunes.

Contact me HERE. - George

To See What Others Cannot . . .

​You Must Change Your Perspective!

​The View of the Crowd is just that . . . 'their' view.

That common viewpoint forms up the so-called 'consensus' view of what 'reality' is for a market at any particular point in time. Essentially, the majority of market participants (and, a large group of manipulators) get to vote on what's happening and what's 'real' in any particular market. But, . . .

​What's Really Happening Out There?

To be able to discern what the masses cannot, we have to remove ourselves from the charts, time-frames and techniques of the everyday investors. Otherwise, how can we come to an objective conclusion unless we 'change our perspective' and take in the longer-view to form our conclusions?

 This is ​equivalent to looking ​far down the railroad tracks to see if a train is coming or not! We can do the same with charts.

The First Step: Get A Longer Time Perspective.

​The first way we can accomplish this is to change the time frame for the price charts we're looking at. If you're an intra-day trader working the 5-minute bars, you have far too much company doing exactly the same thing. You should, instead, consider pulling outwards in Time to, at least, the Hourly level bar or candlestick charts. 3-Hours would be even better.

Plot the charts at these new and longer-time frames and step back to observe what can be seen.

As you can see with the above 5-minute vs. the 3-hour charts, the 3-hour chart gives one important information that is just not obtainable from the 5-minute perspective of the market.​

This new time perspective will place you in a different place of judgment from the place that your trading competitors are making their decisions from. This is the first step in your process of discovery.

The Second Step: Use Unique Trading Techniques.

Your Next Step is to use non-conventional and unique chart analysis techniques (like those exclusive trading methods provided to our Clients).

Just as one should look at different charts than most traders do, one should analyze these charts using tools that the masses will never have access to. Successful techniques that are unknown except to a very specific and exclusive Group; a Group who have put in the effort in Time & Money to become successful at levels above and beyond those of other average traders.

The Final Step: Use Risk-Management Techniques.

Apply Risk Management to each trade one decides on and you'll have the 3-Critical Keys to finding profitable markets and exceptional trading opportunities.

I've written extensively on this topic over the years on this site and others. This is the critical common element to ALL trading successes. Do Not Let Losses Run. Take your losses earlier, not later. They never grow smaller if you need them to! You Must Manage Risk for every trade.

​Individual Courses Will Soon Become Unavailable

In order to provide a more complete trading method selection experience, I'll be consolidating most of the individual Courses over the coming weeks into Specific Application Collections (for example: A 'Simple System Secrets Collection', 'Intra-day Trader's Collection', 'Inner Secrets Collection' (Master Course), 'Complete Writings Collection', etc..).

Once this is finalized, no further individual Courses will be sold; they'll only be sold as part of an appropriate Collection or Set. This means that prices will rise considerably, thereby limiting access to these methods even more in the months or years ahead. However, as these Courses are targeted towards Professional Traders and Qualified Investors, then, this should not prove a difficulty for these groups.

Please don't e-mail me for details on the Collections as they're not finalized as yet. I'll post to this website when more details are available.

These will be the final days to purchase the separate trading Courses as, once the Collections are set up, all individual courses sales will cease.  - George

It Was Close, But, We’ve Survived The Monster Hurricane O.K.

​First, let me express my gratitude to the readers and clients who sent me e-mails of concern and well-wishes preceding our encounter with this Category 5 monster Hurricane. Your thoughts and concerns were and are very much appreciated.

Thank you all so much.

We were most fortunate to have been spared major damage and to have our power and internet restored within a day, (if intermittently for the present). 

Our thoughts and concerns rest presently with our neighboring Caribbean Islanders who have suffered great losses and also for those still in the path of this destructive storm in the days immediately ahead. 

Lessons to be Drawn from this Experience

Having spent many decades slowly extracting the Laws of Nature that are at the bedrock of the Markets, it's particularly impressive when Mother Nature herself brings the lessons right to one's doorstep.

Such was the case with the monster Hurricane named IRMA which came as close to us as possible without wiping us off the island like it did to so many others in St. Thomas, Barbuda, Anguilla, Tortola, St. John and more.

The lesson of the fragility of our physical world has been driven home these last few days. Many more are about to learn that lesson as well it seems if this storm continues on it's course to the US Mainland. I was 'invited' by Mother Nature to give some deep thought to just what I may have to sacrifice and what little I could carry should evacuation become necessary. It's became a very sober and Human Moment of Contemplation of what is truly important.

What's truly valuable and what's not? Decades worth of Research notes, charts and courses? Important, yes, but, Life & Health wins out the argument as primary in importance every time. Fortunately, this time, no sacrifice was necessary for  the sake of survival. But, it gives one pause over what could have been lost.

My main goal for my courses has been to gradually ​introduce Principles; Laws of Nature and Mathematics that apply to the Natural World as well as the Market World. It's been my intent that these Principles be learned, absorbed or understood at the most fundamental level so that a trader or investor could stand on their own where ever they found themselves and know that their skill was intact and as portable as they were. I want to pass this knowledge on to the next generation, two or three. I've been fortunate in that most of the Course Knowledge has found it's way into the hands of a few good folks scattered very thinly around the World.

Knowledge which has been well-absorbed and internalized is all we can carry with us under some extreme conditions. This very same piece of Wisdom was immortalized in Ancient days and expressed within the Latin phrase 'Omnia mea mecum porto' (All that's mine, I carry with me.).

I hope that, you also, give this phrase some thought and gain appreciation for the skills you have and the relationships you hold dear. In the end, the material things dim before these greater things.

Thank you again for your support and well-wishes. I hope to reply to all e-mails in the next day or so. - George

We Take A Brief Pause Now for Hurricane Irma . . .

There's ​likely to be an interruption of postings, e-mail and internet services over the next days as Hurricane Irma bears down on us here on the island of St. Croix.

​Anyone with an order already submitted will be given a downloadable version of their Course while awaiting for air-shipping services to resume over the next few days (hopefully). This will enable you to get started immediately while awaiting the printed version of the materials.

You should have these downloads by this afternoon. Hopefully, we'll be back online again soon. 

Best wishes to you all, George

Watch For A GOLD Market Breakout . . .

There's been a lot of talk lately about rising GOLD prices, however, my analysis indicates that we haven't quite crossed the necessary price threshold needed to enter a real Bull Market in GOLD.

The important price resistance barrier to keep our eyes on is the one at $1336. 

​GOLD has been in a sideways channel since March and, only broke out to the upside this last week. A lasting momentum will be confirmed with a Closing price for Spot GOLD at $1336 or Higher. - George

    Select One of Our Trading Methods to Capture Trends Like These At Their Beginnings or to take advantage of them anywhere along the way!

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What’s Replacing the Lost Value of the US Dollar?

While others debate "What is a currency?"; Bitcoin has more-than-compensated and handsomely profited all on it's own. ​

Bitcoin's actions have already defined itself, just as the US Dollar is re-defining itself by going lower and lower in value. 

    Select One of Our Trading Methods to Capture Trends Like These At Their Beginnings or to

   take advantage of them anywhere along the way!

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New Uptrend in USD/JPY . . .

A new upswing is in the cards for the USD/JPY forex pair.

It's Important to Catch These Trends

At Their Beginnings!

Watch this market for confirming follow-thru to the upside.

These cyclical trends, once started, often last for a month or more if their angles of price ascent aren't too steep. This qualifies as an early entry into just such a move. Watch for the confirmations mentioned. - George

Contact me to receive our Unique Trading Methods Catalog. Contact: george@wdgann-lost-secrets.com

The NEW Markets: Ready or Not, They’re Here!

As I mentioned several times in earlier posts, the Bitcoin and Crypto-currency market is THE New 'Thing'; the place to be! Fortunes are being made today, and, this market hasn't even gotten started yet!

The Bitcoin Adventure is just getting started!!! . . .

Fortunes are being made right now, and, this market hasn't even gotten started yet!

Yes, there is a learning curve as this is a new technology and Economy that is catching fire around the World at this very minute. But, isn't it well worth it?

The Question really becomes: "Where are you going to be a Year from now"?

Will you be Wondering about why you didn't get on board when you read this post or will you be savoring a great and Prosperous New Year along with the Pioneer Investors in this new technology that has such great potential in the decades ahead? You can have the Trading Edge with the special trading methods that have been developed for you over the last 50-Years.

Here's the Great News . . . Our Unique Trading Techniques work excellently in these New Markets; (just as they did so well as in the old Stock, Forex and Commodities Markets).

Our Unique Courses work extremely well in these New Markets!

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Turn of the Australian Dollar? . . .

'Time Spanner'

One of Our Most Powerful & Unknown Trading Methods . . .

. . . has predicted a turn in the AUD/USD to the Downside, and, prices have been following this path.

I'm offering a Special 'Bitcoin' Savings on this Course for those paying using crypto-currencies like Bitcoin.

Write me an e-mail for my special Bitcoin Offer price for the powerful, 'Time Spanner' trading technique. I promise a savings over the Catalog price.

I'm afraid many traders and investors in general are going be left behind scratching their heads and wondering how they missed the greatest wealth accumulation of this Century; and, those Markets are the Crypto-currency Markets.

I'm personally adding Bitcoin to the purchase options available for my Course selections and, offering an added savings incentive to help encourage you to dip your toes in the water.

Our Techniques & Methods work for these new, dynamic Markets just as well as they do in the traditional old markets (stocks, commodities and forex), so, put them to work for you today!

I'll also be covering the Bitcoin/USD market charts more frequently to illustrate the point even more. Eventually, everyone will be in this market, so, why wait to be last on board? The greatest growth opportunity is NOW.

I've been asked: "Where do I go to purchase Bitcoins?".

Well, it's a bit harder for Americans than for the rest of the World (that's how it plays for a lot of financial matters these days), but, most of the World can purchase them online and store them in 'wallets' online or 'offline'.

Here are a couple of popular sites where you may purchase your own Bitcoin (or fractions thereof) directly online: Uphold.com, Coinbase.com

Bitcoin has been a great parking place for wealth & growth of that wealth of late as it's been rising incredibly in value (unlike the US Dollar!

- George

The Summer School Special ends next week, . . .

. . . But here's something NEW . . .

If you've held off purchasing the Master Course or other Trading Methods until now, this may be the Opportunity You've been Waiting For!


I’m now offering an Important Discount for those clients who are willing to make their Payment using BitCoin or another major crypto-currency.

Here's how to get started . . .

  1. First, make sure you have the latest Trading Methods Catalog.
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I promise; You’ll be pleasantly surprised by your savings.

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BitCoin Success with Combined Trading Methods

     Bitcoin's big upsurge in price predicted it's very downfall.

    The only safe way to play markets this volatile, . . .

    . . . Is to understand their limitations & grab profits quickly.

Exponential upswings in price will reveal their built-in limitations to those 'in the know'.

By George R. Harrison

Back on April 27th we showed how using one of our trading methods called 'The Stairway Trading Method' could have revealed an ideal early BUY price for what became a monstrous upswing in the market known as Bitcoin.

Once the upswing started to take off, an additional and very valuable course called 'The Exponential Trading Method' could have been called into play.

'Exponential' is built especially for volatile, fast-moving markets nearing their tops or bottoms. It's specialty is to catch these reversal points before almost any other method in existence.

It certainly accomplished that with the Bitcoin market by giving a signal to exit before this market pulled back over $500 in price.

The important lesson here for our clients and visitors is to observe how well two or more of our special trading methods can work together to accomplish the goal of maximum profits and minimum risk.

I'd add another comment as well.

A Market is a Market. Profit is the name of the Game and, as long as there's adequate volume to sustain entries and exits immediately and reasonable spreads on the bid & ask prices, there's no reason to ignore opportunities when they arise even if the market seems 'exotic' or unfamiliar.

Does the fact that I've focused on Bitcoin here mean that I think that this market will last forever and replace Gold? No, it doesn't.

But, when Opportunity presents itself by analyzing a market according to the above mentioned criteria and our special course methods, one should opt to take advantage of the opportunity however short-lived the time frame may be. Profit is profit. However, one must always use money management and loss control as the first priority.

Opportunity-spotting is just what methods like 'Stairway', 'Excalibur', 'Exponential'. 'Trader's Moon and our other courses are all about. They take the 'noise' of market price confusion and filter out the meaningless data and, better yet in my opinion, they teach you how to do this apart from a computer or the chains of specialized software which you don't understand.

With our Courses you will learn an extremely valuable and powerful SKILL that will last and serve you for a Lifetime.

Are you ready? Are you seriously interested in learning some of our unique trading techniques? Then take a few moments to E-mail me HERE. The new Catalog of our offerings is now available.