WD Gann Angles, Circles & Squares 3

There’s a wealth of WD Gann insights to be learned but, one must be willing to ‘throw away the rulebook’ when it comes to approaching his material.

By the way, I’d highly recommend that one accumulate  Mr. Gann’s books and courses from the original source of the reprints of that material.

The Jones Family has carefully preserved and made available many of  WD Gann’s papers, charts, books and courses for many years after purchasing them from Mr. Gann’s partner Ed Lambert.

You can find their website at www.wdgann.com and I’d highly recommend in particular the purchase of The WD GANN Technical Review which is a collection of newsletters written by Billy Jones, the original purchaser of the Gann material.

Within that publication you’ll find ample selections of Gann’s work to gain a greater appreciation of  the genius of Gann. You’ll also find many other reprints of Gann’s works for further study on the wdgann.com website.

NOTE: You need to know in advance however that most who read this material will not be able to extract the processes that made Gann’s trades successful and famous.

Those secrets lie outside of the material which only reflects those methods

In other words, those secret techniques are then applied like a template to the charts and only the reader knowing those secrets will be able to reveal the hidden information on those charts.

One should purchase and keep all their Gann charts & information for reference purposes for that time when one does start to learn the secrets hidden within Gann’s charts and papers.

I, for one, extend my sincere thanks to the Jones Family for preserving Gann’s works and making them available to new generations of researchers and traders.


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