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To help clarify a little, this is a one-time gift membership payment that;s good for One-Year to secure one of the 12 spots in the 'Inner Circle' Group for that time period for that membership level.

At the end of one-year, you'll be offered the option to renew your membership or let Your Reserved Place at the Table expire and become available to someone else.

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  • You May Choose a Single Course from our Private Association Library when you join at the SILVER LEVEL. A Gift contribution of $575 USD is required to join at the Silver Level.
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  • The SCHOLAR Level may be accessed for a single gift contribution of $5,250 USD. All Courses come with a 2-Year period of personal support from the Author of the Courses should questions arise in your studies.

All Courses come with a 2-Year period of personal support from the Author of the Courses should questions arise in your studies.

Each Membership Guarantees your Place to either renew your membership (should you desire more courses at this greatly lowered cost), or, to Opt-in for a Higher Membership Level and receive these spectacularly low cost access levels to our entire library collection.

Each membership lasts for One-Year only. Once the membership expires, your Reserved Place, (and, it's very deep discounts), will be made available to those on our Waiting List, and, your access, (and, deep discount rate), will be lost  if no other spot is open (should you wish to rejoin).

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I hope that helps clear things up. This is a new program but one which so far has brought a lot of positive comments, so, I think we're on the right course in our mission to educate our membership.

It's also extremely likely that these few Reserved Membership positions will be taken up quickly. After that, you may add your name to a Waiting List and stand-by for an opening. 

It may take some time, however, so, be Patient.


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  • MORE THAN JUST TECHNIQUES, these Course Modules provide you with an understanding of how the Universe and the Markets work and the WHY's behind the observed price charts.
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  • IF YOU WANT MORE than just the 3 or 5-Course-access privileges, then, strongly consider joining 'THE SCHOLAR LEVEL' Membership for a $5,250 USD gift contribution.

We went where others feared, (or, couldn't conceive), to go in the creation & publication of these courses and unlocked many of the Mysteries behind W.D. Gann's amazing Forecasting abilities & methods. These are what we're privileged to share with you in the Master Course.

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