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W. D. Gann was undoubtedly the greatest and most successful trader of the 20th Century. The mystery of just how Mr. Gann made his amazing predictions and profitable trades was thought to have largely vanished with him in 1955.

Only a few books, courses and personal papers remained as tantalizing clues. Puzzle pieces needing to be put together by skilled hands like his own.

Mr. Gann himself was rumored to never have taught his inner secrets to anyone and, instead, left those solutions to be found by those able to follow the clues left behind in his writings or quotes.

As an investor or trader, you’ve found the exclusive, private, single-original source for what I believe soon will become known as the greatest trading methods re-discoveries of the last or this new Century: The 16-Lost Trading Secrets of W. D. Gann.

As every serious student of W. D. Gann is well aware; every additional clue to Gann’s Super-successful Methodology is priceless, rare and eagerly welcomed with open arms. I have really great news for you all – now, at this place and, at this time, you’ll be able to advance your knowledge of the Gann Puzzle not by one piece, but, by 16-critical and, entirely new pieces. All of them illuminating, accurate and which still work in today’s markets just as well as they did when W. D. Gann first used them on his personal charts & papers over 100-years ago in some cases. Methods he continued to use right up to the end of his life back in 1955. Isn’t that the kind of longevity you’re looking for in your trading methods as well?

When I say that this knowledge is rare and, therefore, exclusive let me explain further.

Just how rare is this information?

  • Not one single piece of these 16-methodologies have surfaced into the public domain in over 110-Years!

Just how exclusive is this?

  • This is the original and sole-source of this information.
  • It has never been mass-published.
  • No one else ‘resells’ it as an associate or agent.
  • It can’t be ‘looked up’ on the internet.
  • It’s been officially considered ‘lost’ by the ‘experts’, so, no one has been looking for it.
  • It’s legally protected by a strictly-enforced non-disclosure agreement (NDA).
  • It is not in digital form and is only available in hard copy individually registered editions.
  • No communications about these techniques with clients is made over the internet except by encrypted, private file transfers for further protection and privacy.
Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Testimonial
I’ve been posting results from using these long-lost methods for years on the website www.money-tigers.com and many successful future projections of price and time have been given there which I hope you’ll check out.

The only limitation with that website is that it’s been largely restricted to using only the Excalibur Method.

The Excalibur Method derives it’s structure from one of the discoveries shown in the ‘Rediscovering WD Gann’s Lost Secrets’ Courses Books 1 & 2.

But, these examples barely scratch the surface as to the capabilities of these 16-Lost Secrets of WD Gann and, until now, only the handful of sophisticated traders who purchased the Master Course have had access to these techniques.

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There’s more . . .

  • A 100%  rock-solid Guarantee of originality and exclusivity as to source and content.
  • A fee-free Two-Year Consultation Agreement will be added to your purchase should you need assistance with any of the techniques revealed.
  • You’ll receive a special gift worth over $2,600 from the Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Master Course 30-days after your purchase.
  • Instant Membership to the WD Gann Lost Secrets Group: Upon purchase you’ll be accepted into the most exclusive W. D. Gann Club on the planet; The W. D. Gann Lost Secrets Group.  Your membership guarantees that you’ll be first in line to be notified of newly-rediscovered Gann techniques or methods derived from these discoveries as well as see up-to-date examples in the markets of these 16-Lost Secrets at work. All correspondence with this group is by a private, encrypted file transfer service for added privacy and exclusivity.

If you crave simplicity, accuracy, effectiveness, sustainability and independence, then, you need to purchase this unique market wisdom NOW, before it disappears again for another 100-years (or forever!).

This is your moment of action. Preserve this precious market wisdom for your children and the generations to come.



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If you act today to purchase ‘Rediscovering W. D. Gann’s Lost Secrets’, I’ll extend my consultative support from a 2-Year period to a full 5-Years period of coverage.

By the way, if you were to purchase my consultative support separately from this offer, it would cost well over 15 times the cost of the 2-book Course alone. This is an incredible value in and on it’s own.

To Summarize then, 16-separate and important lost secrets of  W. D. Gann have been rediscovered and are being offered to those few discriminating investors and traders who want to learn from and imitate this master trader’s techniques.

  • These techniques do not require computers and can be applied the same way W. D. Gann did for over 50-years; by hand, if necessary.
  • They’re simple to both learn and apply as they are based on the universal laws of mathematics which never change.
  • They apply to today’s trading charts in the same manner and with the same effectiveness as they did to charts in the 1800′s and 1900′s for the same reason as given above.
  • When you purchase today, you’ll receive 5-full years of consulting support for the techniques should you ever need it.

That’s all. The rest is up to you.

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