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About The International Trader’s Research Academy

I’m continuing the process of consolidating my life’s work,  (including research papers & publications), into a more accessible, Private Member’s Only, not-for-profit trader’s organization called ‘The International Trader’s Research Academy’.

We’ve securely digitized the many courses including the Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Master Course so that same-day delivery is now possible world-wide with Printing Privileges and 24-Months of the Author’s Support should it be needed along the way. All are accessible to our Private Members as our gift to them for their generous donations to our continuing research & publishing work here.

If You’ve Been Searching For The ‘Real Deal’ When It Comes To W.D. Gann and His Core Principles . . .

We look at Mr. Gann’s own personal charts as they’ve been passed down over the decades, and, dig out the unwritten processes that WD Gann applied to these charts to determine future price movements and trends

We followed the smallest of ‘clues’ he left behind in his notes, scribbles on price charts, books and private courses to pick up the major approaches that Gann used in his daily trading career.

. . . Then, You’ll Want To Learn What We’ve Discovered Over the Last Half-Century of Deep Research.

One of his most closely held techniques and one he used so much that he had printed cards which he used for each market contract followed is now available only here.

This Course is called The W.D. Gann’s Data Trading Card Course and is, not only analyzed and explained but now updated for our present times and put into spreadsheet format for use in today’s markets. Available to Members of ‘The Inner Circle of 12’ Group.

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