'Intra-day Solar Trader'

​A Premium Intra-day Trading Course Based on W.D. Gann's Work

For those ​Traders Ready to Explore the Structure of Daily Intra-day Price Moves.

         "Opens Up The Secret of Intra-day Timing!"           - GR Harrison

Our  'Intra-day Solar Trader' Course is the Best Performing Intra-day Trading Course we have ever offered​ to our Clients. In our continuing research, we explored ​W.D. Gann's vague clues and combined them with our accumulated 50-years of discoveries and research​ to ​reveal the finest intra-day timing ​technique available anywhere.

What we're offering you here goes beyond an 80-20 or, even, a 90-10 level of Understanding of the Markets. The '​Intra-day Solar Trader' Course will launch you well into the ​.1% level of Powerful, Exponential Success and Growth of Capital.

  • 'Intra-day Solar Trader' uses an entirely ​Natural Concept and Approach to Trading & Investing that will always stand the test of Time.
  • ​This offers a true Quantum shift in Market Understanding and Trading.
  • ​Learn how ​'Price' ​is not the main factor to consider when timing trades.
  • This ​is the Core to W.D. Gann's approach to timing his personal intra-day trading on the floor of the exchange. This heretofore Secret Principle is the Reward for over a Half-Century of searching for Market Truth.
  • This is information for the 1% and the .1% of Traders. Market Success (as described earlier by Pareto's 80-20 Law) is Elite by it's very ​structure. It's a FACT. Only the very few shall pass through this Gate and those who do shall use and protect this information fiercely.
  • A Very High Price has been paid to acquire this enlightening Wisdom. Many, many years were spent in it's pursuit and still more years to discover the unique techniques on how to apply the '​​Intra-day Solar Trader' Method of Trading.
  • This is what I call a 'Legacy Teaching'; one of the 'Golden Age' teachings which I'm willing to pass on to a few chosen students. These will be the Chosen Few who will protect it and use it to make the World a better place in which to live. Make no mistake about it. Those who use this information will find themselves in a financial position to make changes for the better for multitudes of lives. This information has the potential to change lives not just your balance sheet bottom line!
  • One of the Laws of Nature & Mathematics is that Effort and Success are ALWAYS disproportionate, so, you must apply your trading & investment efforts in the most effective way possible. In other words, most trading approaches will fail, but, a very few approaches will succeed ENORMOUSLY. The '​​Intra-day Solar Trader' Trading Approach is one of those very few. ​Because it's based on the structure of ​​Natural Cycles themselves it's always aligned with the markets. ALL Markets in ALL Time periods.
  • Using an 80-20 approach to Trading means that one must confine one's trading efforts to ONLY the very best Opportunity Points.

​This, our latest release is much more than just another Course. This is the release of a Profound Mathematical Principle which has been previously hidden 'within' ​our Natural Cycles. ​You get . . .

  • ​A Single, underlying, powerful Mathematical Principle.
  • Super-Early Detection of Trend Changes in the Markets. Matching or, usually, exceeding that available with any other trading methods.
  • ​Two-Years of Guaranteed Consulting Support to fully back you up in your understanding & application of the methods.
  • ​This course as our Gift for your donation to the Academy.
  • ​​Shipping & Delivery is the same day using our online, secured, encrypted Download or by DHL Express (longer).
  • ​​Limited Access. Only a few copies will be initially printed.

​Work With Pure Natural Cycles to Find Critical Market Turns ​At The Intra-Day Level!

Thousands of Day Traders Have Been Searching For This, But . . .

. . . ​It Can Only Be Learned From HERE!!

​Once you've learned the principles behind '​Intra-day Solar Trader', it will be like you've learned the Secret to Aerodynamics while those around you (competing traders) are still claiming that Man will never fly!

What an advantage!

When you know the Structure upon which the fabric of intra-day market mathematics is built, you'll be able to override even the automated trading programs or, at least know, where even the HFT programs must go​!

Note how, for the ​SPY chart to the right one could have potentially made ​a handsome profit per contract in just one hour's time by adopting the 'Intra-day Solar Trader' Trading Approach!

​'Intra-day Solar Trader' reveals the secret to intraday trades like this.

​After over 50-Years of Research, ​I've come full circle and back to the very fundamental mathematical structure of Numbers themselves that WD Gann hinted at when I began. ​While Gann didn't address Intra-day trading, he certainly did it successfully for himself and here are the Rules that I know he went by!!" - George

I'm presenting, today, a Serious Intra-day Solution that Serious Investors & Traders have been waiting for: 

The 'Intra-day Solar Trader' Approach.

​This Treasure is ​a focused exploration of a fundamental Principle of Time and how to apply it to intra-day markets successfully. 

​While WD Gann left a few breadcrumbs to pursue in this direction, he never brought trading down to this time level due to the technology of his day (or lack of it).

​It just wasn't practical to teach about intra-day trading as only floor traders had access to intra-day prices and trading and, this was a tightly controlled and secretive group of professionals. Definitely this was not for the general public.

​Time Have Changed. With our New Course offering of 'Intra-day Solar Trader', we, at last, can ​participate successfully in the world of these market insiders. 

The '​Intra-day Solar Trader' Trading ​Approach and it's ​application of ​WD Gann's secretive, fundamental, mathematical techniques can achieve the kind of results that could only have been dreamed of before; and, all without software to depend on or subscription services to lean on either. ​

Why does it work?

​Because it's based on a mathematical relationship that always holds. Always has. Always will.

It's as Faithful as the Sun rising and, for the same reasons (hence the name 'Solar Trader').

That's how Nature works! It's reliable; and, so is the '​Intra-day Solar Trader' approach to trading when properly applied!

​The Bottom Line is when to BUY and SELL. That's it. The Market Makers focus is on never letting you know just where those price points are located!

That's the real GAME we're engaged in when trading. It's US against THEM and They have most of the advantages on their side of the Game Board. There's Two ways to WIN the Game, as I see it, after half-a-Century of observation . . .

  • The First is to totally understand the Nature of the Game you're playing and where the traps and advantages lie in the Game Rules.
  • The Second is to discover underlying, unchanging Principles that can give us an edge over our Competition by disclosing just WHERE those orders in the Markets are hiding so we can act early at critical turning points in the Markets; exactly what our new course, '​Intra-day Solar Trader' provides us.

Principles (because they ARE Principles), continue to work successfully in the Commodity, Stock, Indexes and Forex Markets. They have in the Past; they will in the future because they are not opinions or fads.


If you'd like to learn more about our innovative and unique 'Intra-day Solar Trader' Trading Approach​ for purchase purposes, then, please contact: george@wdgann-lost-secrets.com by e-mail today.

This approach to trading is ​firmly founded on WD Gann's Core, Secret Principles.

What Membership Offers That You'll Find Nowhere Else


  • ​World-Class Service: Guaranteed ​Two-Year Support & Consulting Service for your Course whenever you need it. The Author will respond to your request with original Text and Charts to further Clarify the concepts if needed.
  • ​World-Class Quality: Our products are Unique, time-tested over Decades and even Hundreds of Years of price history and consist of Market Discoveries that are Closely Guarded, Proprietary and available nowhere else on Earth.
  • We Serve a Very Unique ​Clientele: Professional, Business-oriented, Active Traders; delivering to them amazingly accurate World Class Trading Methods & Market Knowledge that can't be found anywhere else.
  • A Very Special, Personalized Learning Experience: Your experience with us is Guaranteed to be one that is personalized and satisfying at many levels. We'll treat you with the Respect you deserve as a valued Client & Student. Our over half-a-Century of Market Analysis & Research experience will provide you with a market-matured perspective to both Trading Techniques and responses to your questions (as they arise). You'll have access to this perspective throughout the business week by private file & text services.
  • ​The Very Best Is Expensive . . . By Design: Each Course Price is part of our Mission to treat our Clients to the very ​Highest Quality of Market Trading Methods & Knowledge. The Price that comes with World-Class Quality helps to further guarantee ​it's very ​restricted distribution. REMEMBER: You're receiving the Results of over Half-a-Century of intense research, testing and highest-quality workmanship. It's True: "If you pay what others are paying, you'll get the results that others are getting.". You Deserve Better, so treat yourself better. Join the .1%: Apply for your Copy of '​Intra-day Solar Trader' today.
  • Price is given Privately and only by e-mail request. Limited to Individuals only.

Intra-Day​ Chart Examples Using The 'Intra-day Solar Trader' Trading Approach: 

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Intra-day Stock Index Trading Chart Examples​:

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Forex Intra-Day Trading Chart Examples:

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Q & A

Q: Does this new course involve 'drawing' lines on the charts?

A: Yes, but, only a Single (ONE) Line​​.

This line will NOT be from the angle lines that WD Gann students might expect though.​  No, this technique is based on Natural Cycles like that of the Earth and the Sun (hence, the title 'Solar Trader'.

Q: Can I ask how much this course is (you mentioned there is an exclusive member discount).
A: These techniques have been highly prized; and for good reason. ​Support Contracts are extremely limited, please e-mail me for price. Price is given out Privately and only by e-mail request. This Course is limited to Individuals only. No companies, brokers, banks, investment funds etc.. 

Q: Some methods from the Master Course require the charts to be ‘squared’. Does this method require the charts to be ‘squared’?

A: ​No. ​No special requirements for chart formatting are required.

Q: Besides an earlier entry, can you please elaborate on any other advantages? For example, does this new material provide a higher success rate on positions taken?

A: ​This Technique is focused on detecting the earliest change in price trend. For intra-day traders this is a crucial and all-important benefit.

Trade Certainty is Higher, in other words, and, the process is simpler than most of the other methods. Where there is a market Truth, there should be simplicity in applying it to trading. That's certainly the case here.

I usually rate a method personally by how easy it is to apply and by how much insight into the actual market it provides. Thirdly, I look at the entry and exit points and see how close they are to the actual tops and bottoms.

Looking at the first factors "How easy it is to apply?" and "How much insight do I get into the Market?", I give '​Intra-day Solar Trader' the first place ribbon now, above all other methods when it comes to intra-day price movements. ​

​Q: How is 'Intra-day Solar Trader' supreme to all of the other materials from your research?

A: ​Well, Supreme is a pretty powerful word to use. I'd rather say that after pursuing the shadows of WD Gann's core knowledge for a Half-Century, with this knowledge, I've finally found a process that matches ALL his writings and is compatible with the Spirit of his great work.

In short, I've finally glimpsed the Light Source instead of just the shadows cast by that Light of Base Knowledge.

Q. Do I have to draw lines on the live chart / on historical chart ?
A: Yes you do if you wish to see where the critical entry and exit points are. ​However, unlike with other approaches, you'll only be drawing a SINGLE line. ​

Q. Do I need the chart in some fixed format ? Or, would normal charts available with any charting software do?
A: No, you don't need to format the charts in any special way. Normal online charts can be used. All the charts on the descriptive page were taken from online sources. No lines were shown on the charts for security reasons of course.

Q. Do I need some special tools to draw these lines or standard tools like horizontal/vertical/ trend lines would do ?
A: The standard tools on most charting software to draw
trend  lines will work just fine.