These Simple, Powerful Techniquess Have  

Led Some to Great  Trading Success!

I'm offering this Special Course for both Beginner Traders AND Advanced Traders too.

For Beginners: You have the zeal, ambition and the energy to make things happen. You just don't know too much yet; at least not the things that really matter.

The best thing about your amateur position though, is, that you haven't been burdened down with all the useless information that other traders have to wade through and which mires most down hopelessly. Before you get bogged down, why not just use a simple trading tool to WIN THE GAME.

Isn't that why you're trading? It should be.

For Advanced Traders:

'Seasoned' Traders have the opposite problem from Beginners.

As one quote goes; "It's not what we don't know that gets most of us into trouble. It's all the things we think we know that just ain't so." I'd add, that sometimes we're just trying to employ too many good approaches and that too can dilute our overall results.

Sound familiar? Perhaps you know 'too much' for your own good. Or, more likely, over time, you've lost focus on the real bottom line goal to trading as an investment; and, that is profitability (not excitement!).

What if you just set out to extract the majority of the price trend move and were determined to be satisfied with that instead of the pursuit for perfection?

Life could become a much easier and more pleasant journey by far.

Is This The Solution to the above listed problems?

For Some It Will Be. Why?

Because it's Simple. Too Damn Simple To Believe. But, wouldn't you really expect that from Nature once you got down to the ground-level fundamentals?

Using nothing but the Line Chart shown above; using no computers, no software, no angles, no calculators, no formulas and no advisors to hold your hand you'll be able to find optimal BUY and SELL points like those below and beat 99.9% of those who do use all that complex stuff, and, you'll do it in seconds.

'The Market King' Trading Course:

This is a stripped down, entirely simple and focused approach that's meant for those who are only interested in entering and exiting trends with expectations of greater than 85% odds of success.

This Course is different. It is not a Gann-based Course and, is not complex in any way what-so-ever. I like to distance myself from the 'Crowd' and, I've established my reputation of doing exactly that very well with the unique Courses I've offered my clients over the years.

Heck, I don't even use the standard charts used by the majority of traders for this technique.

No, I use Line Charts exclusively to extract the necessary information to determine turns in trend that are extremely accurate in every market and time frame.

All purchasers still must sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and submit it to me by e-mail before downloading 'The Market King' Trading Course. If you've signed one earlier you're all set to go, your previous signed NDA will still be good for this publication as well.

This is simple to fill out once you send me your name and address information so I can type up your agreement.

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And, now, I'm offering a New Publication based on the 'Market King' Trading Technique that is focused on the dynamic and ultra-profitable Bitcoin and Crypto-currency Markets. They're HOT, HOT, HOT . . . This new Course is called:

If you're interested in trading the crypto-currencies, this is the course for you. Using the same technique as revealed in 'The Line Tamer', you discover how well it also has worked in the major crypto-currencies since their beginning.

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In Summary:

Those who have read my earlier courses know that my approaches to the markets over the last almost half-Century began as complex methods and grew, over time, (and, with more market-battle-won Wisdom) to become simpler, more effective and, because of their fundamental natural laws, more elegant.

Not elegant by my design, but, because I was able to strip away more and more of the man-made 'noise' and distractions to the Truth of the Markets.

'The Market King' Trading Course is focused on Winning. That's it!

Is the Course perfect and 100% accurate? Of course not. Nothing is. Nothing.

The question itself is a bit absurd. The search for perfection is largely a waste of time and resources. That said, I'm guilty of it much more than most. 'Line Tamer' is great at what it does which is finding profit opportunities from purely chart-embedded information.

It's Simple. It's Elegant and perfect for beginning traders and investors who have developed (or, are willing to develop) the discipline to WAIT for opportunities to appear, and, then ACT according to this method's parameters.

That said though, I'm guilty of searching for perfection much more than most will ever be, so, I know of what I speak. I still find newcomers that think they're going to find perfection on this Planet, but, that's just naivete.

'The Market King' is Simple. It's Elegant, Inexpensive and perfect for beginning traders and investors who have developed (or, are willing to develop) the discipline to WAIT for opportunities to appear, and, then ACT according to this method's parameters. If that describes you, then, School's in Session and this Course awaits you. Contact me with your details for the NDA.

"Some come to a love of trading and the markets slowly and later in Life, but, for me it came suddenly and very early. I can still vividly remember the first price chart I ever saw well over half a Century ago. Even at age 6, I just had to know what those lines and bars meant and tried, in vain, to learn that from my father (who did his best to explain it to such a young and inexperienced mind). Little did I realize how pivotal and predictive that moment was. That energy and love for charts has stayed with me to this day. I want to pass that energy & enthusiasm on to you along with a half-Century of acquired Knowledge of the Markets & their Ways."

George R. Harrison


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George R. Harrison