A Sensitive Price Point For Stocks

​Not All Price Points Are The Same!

"​​The Trend Is Your Friend 'Til It Ends . . ."

​The Market Maker's Are Positioning Themselves

​Is A Change In Stock Trends In The Wind?

​Carefully Watch To See If Prices Drop Below This Level . . .

​Many stock indexes are showing the same pattern at present and, it's an important one.

There is a 'drying up' or a 'pause' in new BUY orders entering the market. Our challenge is to watch closely and determine which of the two is in play.

A 'pause' implies that the trend may continue upwards while a 'drying up' of BUY orders is something else more dire and indicates that SELL orders will dominate and that prices may slide dramatically downwards.

​Watch the price area indicated on the chart above.

If prices close below this price area, then the choice will be narrowed down to that of 'BUY orders have dried up' and, a steep down trend is likely forthcoming.

If prices close above the highest price of the last 3-days, then the choice will be narrowed down to that of 'This was only a pause in the price action' and, a steep upswing in prices is likely forthcoming.

In addition to this analysis technique which I call The Market Maker's Trigger' or 'MMT' Technique, one should engage one or two other methods to pinpoint and confirm something as important as a change in price trend.

The 'Market Maker's Trigger' or 'MMT' Technique, ​will be made available for some traders shortly, that is, in a few day's time, but, until then consider the following prime trading techniques as it's close profit allies . . .

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