Understanding Time's
Special Language

 * A Hidden Influence at work at every time level!

 * Buy & Sell Trend Changes Identified.

* An Original Approach Only Found Here!

‘Time Spanner’: Market Structure Defines Trend

The Time Spanner is certainly one of the most important of my 50-Year research discoveries.

This technique frames the expectations for the present day’s trading range very accurately.

As an intra-day trading tool this method is outstanding,  giving meaning to what seems like the meaningless gyrations of the markets. It maps out the day’s trade and tomorrow’s parameters as well!

This unique trading method works equally well on Daily, Weekly, Monthly and, even Yearly charts as well as  the intraday ones.

This is a 'dynamic' method that adapts to the latest price information to update one’s market stops, entries and exit points.


In the midst of the intra-day trading 'noise', it becomes easy to lose one's way. How far can price move today and still stay within it's present trend? This is the question that the 'Time Spanner' Trading Method set out to answer and, which it has successfully achieved.

Market Research is a lonely occupation.

It's marked by years of frustration, analyses and punctuated with moments of 'Eureka' Joy!

There's a Secret that connects the 'Past', 'Present' and the 'Future' which 'Time Spanner' has harnessed for the Trader's Benefit and, potential Profit.

Time Spanner' is purely mathematical in nature and operates in a consistent manner which allows for present adaptation to most recent price information. In other words, this approach is not rigid.It's flexible to the whisperings of the present market.

Distinctive BUY & SELL price points will be consistently indicated and, will adjust to market conditions intra-day if necessary to accommodate to actual market conditions. These may change due to Market News or other events and, rigid trading systems just can't adapt to such change. 

'Time Spanner' Can!

Significant turns in price trend for Intra-day, Daily, Weekly and Monthly time periods will be visually made obvious to you right there on the price chart. But, only those with this Trading Technique will be able to read the 'Signs'.

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The  'Past' and 'Present' Speak to Us in a Special Language That Can Lead Us Towards an Understanding of the 'Future'.

Let The 'Natural Order' Be Your Guide!

Remove the confusion of highly toxic man-made markets and, embrace the Natural Geometrical Order of the 'Time Spanner'. Find where the markets are headed while others stand still in shock!

*At Last! Consistency Can Be Expected . . . 

One of the hardest things to imagine about the markets is that there could ever be anything that acted by the Rules, but, that's exactly what's revealed in the 'Time Spanner' trading method!

Put Away Fear and . . . Take Action Instead!

So many Human factors go into our trading behavior that it's difficult at time to be aware of the little 'fears' that come with trading. Let Time Itself be Your Guide and Adviser. Take Action.

George R. Harrison

"Some come to a love of trading and the markets slowly and later in Life, but, for me it came suddenly and very early. I can still vividly remember the first price chart I ever saw well over half a Century ago. Even at age 6, I just had to know what those lines and bars meant and tried, in vain, to learn that from my father (who did his best to explain it to such a young and inexperienced mind). Little did I realize how pivotal and predictive that moment was. That energy and love for charts has stayed with me to this day. I hope to pass that energy on to you."

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