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  • Market Chaos has rendered most traders impotent.
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"Hi, I'm George R. Harrison, and, it's been my great privilege to spend almost Half-a-Century on a Quest to recover WD Gann's Lost Secrets."

Just What Did I Discover From My Quest After W.D. Gann's Lost Secrets?

The Power of Natural Law Reigns Supreme! Though the Markets seem to be all-powerful, they are, in truth, always subservient to the secret natural laws upon which they rest. No market manipulator, no government, no man can counter-act natural, time-based trends once their time has come.

Though you're being offered a Solution here, there's a grand Story that lies behind the Secrets of the Markets. That is the Story of William Delbert Gann, also known widely as W.D. Gann. 

This story begins, as all good stories should, with a young lad from humble beginnings. Born in a small town in Texas, Gann would eventually grow a Dream larger than could be embraced by his home town. Young Mr. Gann grew up in Cotton country and, where families depended on good crops in order to survive and stay on their land. Gann saw the devastation brought by drought and flood and wondered if there was any way to know, in advance, when such events were coming in the future.

A very religious person at heart, he saw in the scriptures (which he constantly studied) that Joseph and other prophets were able to see through the mists of Time and accurately predict that which was to come. He determined that he too would learn this secret and, that it was his birthright to know if he 'studied and showed himself approved' to learn the secret to foretelling the future of events.

The difference between prosperity and poverty lay in KNOWING what was in store for COTTON prices. Young Gann set out to solve this ancient puzzle by referring to ancient scriptures and the sciences of Mathematics, Geometry and Astronomy.

W.D. Gann himself wrote of this Quest and it's beginnings in his mysterious book titled: 'Tunnel Thru The Air' - Looking Back From 1940'. In that same book he admitted in print that he had indeed achieved what he set out to discover; the Secret of Time and the Occurrence of Future Events.

Gann took his newly discovered (but secret knowledge) with him as he immersed himself into the world of Commodity and Stock trading, even, at one point moving to and opening a brokerage office on Wall Street itself.

Some of Gann's greatest trades were witnessed and certified by third parties, and, his fifty-year career in the field of trading and investing verify his successful knowledge. He was reputed to have taken over $50-Million dollars from the markets during that time period. Note that this was in the earlier half of the 20th Century BEFORE inflation. That would be almost Half-a-Billion dollars today!

WD Gann Mastered The Markets Using Angles, Mathematics & Astronomy!

Even after his greatest discovery and throughout his exciting trading career, W.D. Gann's question was always:

'What Laws Will the Markets ALWAYS Follow?'

This question drove Gann on towards greater and greater insights into the Markets and Life.

Mr. Gann believed in solving the Great Mysteries, but, not in revealing them plainly to others. It's a fact. Gann didn't teach the core knowledge that was the SOURCE for his private courses, books and newsletters.

Trading As a ‘Magnum Opus’: A 'Great Work'.

A 'Magnum Opus' or ‘The Great Work’ (as the Alchemists used to express it) is a transforming process that requires one to turn their vices into virtues in order to function at the level needed to succeed in all aspects of Life, not just trading. Sounds mystical, doesn’t it.

But, the results from such a ‘magical’ transformation affect trading results as well! As your studies progress, I assure you that you’ll learn to put aside some preconceived ideas about how this Universe works.

The Universe we live in is stranger than we can imagine but abides by a set of rules largely unknown to us. These Natural or Mathematical Laws allow for Cause and Effect and other principles to provide a foundation of order to the World and to the Markets as well.

This is a Quest for perfecting virtues (like Patience, Reason and Action, etc.) and diminishing the effects of fear, greed, impatience, inaction and imprudence.

Here’s a little something that most don’t know about WD GANN: Much of the Gann-type level of information is not about a trading system at all!

But, it is about understanding TIME, PRICE and SPACE and their relationships which, in turn, allows one to see the structure of trends, prices, tops and bottoms and even project to tops and bottoms years, even decades into the future accurately. If you’ve seen the standard Gann courses & books offered, you’re aware that studying them quickly becomes a confusion of numbers. Numbers, numbers and more numbers! Lots of charts too, but no real understanding of why those charts were used and what concepts may be hidden within them.

Would you like a teacher that teaches concepts that cut through the clutter and tie the seemingly random pieces together into a unified whole. I clearly state that I don’t want to convey that this information or discoveries will make one rich instantly. They won’t. 

To be useful, Principles have to be put into a usable form that can be applied easily to market price charts.” And, further, That that’s exactly what I’ve done with several techniques I’ve created around the principles that both Mr. Gann and I had to learn in order to understand markets and their price actions better.”

Do You Love To Solve Puzzles? 

There are countless hints of Great Mysteries sprinkled throughout WD Gann's private papers and price charts. But, without a key concept in hand, they appear meaningless and remain an unbroken code to the uninitiated. Great portions of Gann's works have now been decoded after decades of intense work and time spent on his personal & public materials. You're about to learn where YOU can now obtain access to these well-kept Secrets.

W.D. Gann on Knowledge

“Knowledge. I cannot say too much about the gaining of knowledge. You cannot get knowledge without spending time in study. You must not look for a quick and easy way to make money in the Commodity market. When you have paid in advance with time and study, and gained the knowledge, then you will find it easy to make money. The more time you put in gaining knowledge, the more money you will make later. Knowledge is not enough. You must put into use what you learn in order to benefit. You will learn by doing. Action and execution at the proper time bring profits.“ – W.D. Gann 1942

The Goal . . . To Not Only Solve The WD Gann Mysteries, But To Share Those Secrets With Others!

The Markets are always tough to trade without core understanding. The standard computer screen tools just don't work well . . . and, they are provided free by the very people and firms who take the other side of the trades. Is there a conflict here? Where can one turn for help then? Who has a different approach to analyzing markets and determining where to enter and exit trends? 

Ask Yourself, "Have I finally found what I've been looking for, the person who knows and is willing to share the Natural Laws WD Gann only hinted at? 

Imagine looking at price charts for Stocks, Commodities or Forex and, for the first time, understanding where prices are headed, when to enter and when to exit your trades - no longer confused by the opinions of media talking heads and gurus, and, no longer a slave to the emotional swings of the headlines. You don't have to just imagine it, now, you can possess and develop the skills to make it so!

This means looking at a popular commodity (like the Brent Crude Oil price chart below), for example, and foreseeing the top of that market and knowing just where and when to exit all long positions and when to shift to a short position in crude oil. All this using the same price chart everyone else is using, but, interpreting it in a way they cannot and never will be able to.

What Would You Do With 

This Incredible Foreknowledge?

Take the above chart for WTI Crude Oil for example; with the proper knowledge, you would have known that prices were topping and been able to SELL at the red circled price! Over $14 thousand of Dollars of potential profits/contract were presented within just 1-month of detecting what all others missed on their price charts!

The 'Laws of Trading' will evaporate the confusion and chaos of the markets and price charts and replace them with Clarity, Trend, Intention and points of Engagement in the Markets.

The Three Keys To Trading Mastery . . .

  • The First Step Is To Learn & Focus On Gann's Secret Trading Methods. 
    The first step to attaining the Trading Mastery of WD Gann is to focus on these 'lost' methods.
  • The Second Step Is To Apply Patience In Using Those Methods Consistently.
    Consistency and Patience are the Virtues needed in order to prove out the Truth of the Methods.
  • The Last Step Is Confidence Gained From Your Experience With Steps 1 & 2.
    The Discipline to stay with proven Principles comes from the Experience of Application.

W.D. Gann’s Lost Secrets: The Long Search For Truth Is Rewarded!

This WD Gann rare Technique Collection is intended for serious students and individuals who realize the rarity of this unique information and who are willing to make the proper investment in time & resources in order to understand the deeper secrets of W.D. GANN.

These very same precious Secrets are now, at last, presented within this privately published Collection 

The W.D. Gann Secrets To Charts Like These . . .

Price charts courtesy of Finviz.com . Indicators by WDGann-Lost-Secret.com

. . . Can Be Found In The Books of this Rare, Unique & Signed Gann Secrets Cou8rse Collection:

By George R. Harrison

This Unique Collection reveals over 16 previously unknown, but, secretly 'embedded' trading techniques of WD Gann . . .

As I mentioned before, he was a Master Trader reputed to have taken over $50 Million dollars from both the Commodity and the Stock Market in the first half of the 20th Century.

These same hidden Techniques & Discoveries work in Today's fast markets as well as they did then.

The 'Lost' Secrets of W.D. Gann

You are presently on the most exclusive W. D. Gann website on the internet.

I believe, from my experience, to find the Answers to Gann's Secrets, you must first read his writings, take the hints, then put his work away, do what he said to do . . . Study, Research, Explore! Oh, and TEST, TEST, TEST!

BUT, if you want to save years of 'crushing' and, often Frustrating Work . . . 

You Now Have An Alternative!  

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Introducing: The Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Master Course

As an investor or trader, you’ve found the exclusive, private, Single-Original source for what I (and others) believe is the Greatest Trading Methods/Re-Discoveries of the last or this new Century:

Now, at this time, you’ll be able to advance your knowledge of the Gann Puzzle not by one piece, but, by 16-critical and, entirely new pieces of ‘Lost’ and, now, Re-discovered WD Gann Knowledge. 

I believe, after decades of testing, that I have finally come to understand the majority of the material which W.D. Gann left in published form.

At least those papers that have been released from the vaults.

It's taken quite a while to tune into the vibratory level of genius of W.D. Gann and to comprehend how he looked at the  World  & Markets.

Objective: Same Results Under the Same Conditions

To give an example:

  • Did W.D. Gann’s teachings require computers or software able to make millions of calculations per second to supply entries, exits and angles for his successful trades? NO.
  • There were no such devices in Gann’s day and no need for them in order for Mr. Gann to accomplish all that he did. Therefore, we shouldn’t need them either if we had access to the same core information as Mr. Gann did.
  • What I will teach can be applied by hand without computer, software or astrological manuals.
  • So, that part matches up with Mr. Gann’s work and times.
  • Mr. Gann could predict at least some prices at tops and bottoms of their cycles.
  • The methods I derived from Mr. Gann’s work can do the same (solving W.D. Gann’s famous 1909 September Wheat Trade and others for example).
  • Another duplication of Mr. Gann’s work using the same technology.
  • Mr. Gann’s forecasts predicted turning points in time from price trends.
  • I have also duplicated this by indepentent research and studying Mr. Gann’s material.

Rare Knowledge, but, Just . . . How Rare?

When I say that this knowledge is rare, and, therefore, exclusive, let me explain further.

In over 66-Years since WD Gann’s passing from the scene . . . Not one single piece of the 16-methodologies that I've discovered have surfaced into the public domain in over 115-Years!

Just how exclusive is this offering?

This is the original and sole-source of this private re-discovered information.

  • It has never been mass-published.
  • No one else ‘resells’ it as an associate or agent.
  • It can’t be ‘looked up’ on the internet to download.
  • It’s been officially considered ‘lost’ by the ‘experts’, so, very few have been looking for it.
  • It’s legally protected by a strictly-enforced non-disclosure agreement (NDA).
  • It is not in digital form and is only available in hard copy printed individually registered editions.
  • No communications about these techniques with clients is made over the internet except by encrypted, private file transfers for further protection and privacy.

I’ve been posting results live (before the fact as an educational introduction) using these long-lost methods for years on the website:  www.WDGann-Lost-Secrets.com . . . Many successful projections of price and time (into the future) have been given there which I encourage you to check out for yourself. These and other methods I have developed have, also, been posted on www.money-tigers.com which is now an archive site of price projections and articles.

There’s more . . .

  • 100% originality and exclusivity as to source and content.
  • A Fee-free Two-Year Consultation Agreement valued at $72,000 (Mr. Harrison consultation rate is $36,000 per year.) will be added FREE to your purchase should you need assistance with any of the techniques revealed.
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    To Summarize then, more than 16-separate and important lost secrets of W. D. Gann have been rediscovered and are being offered to those few discriminating investors and traders who want to learn from and imitate this master trader’s techniques.

      • These techniques do not require computers and can be applied the same way W. D. Gann did for over 50-years; by hand, if necessary.
      • They’re simple to both learn and apply as they are based on the universal laws of mathematics which never change.
      • They apply to today’s trading charts in the same manner and with the same effectiveness as they did to charts in the 1800′s and 1900′s for the same reason as given above.
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    The Rest Is Up To You.

    Now, You Can Learn The 'LOST' SECRETS of WD Gann!

    A Unique Master Course Collection

    'The Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Master Course'

    Now it's time to present you with a Solution to the Gann Mysteries. Over 16 Insights into Gann's private techniques, the answers found and confirmed in his private papers and notes. These techniques still work today as they did for Mr. Gann!

    1. Our Extensive Collection: Let your mind open up to a new view of charts and the markets. Enjoy seeing what other can not.
    2. Two Full Years of Support: use Email and private file transfer when and if needed to expand your understanding . . . or relax in just knowing it's there if you need it.
    3. Historical Chart Collection: Testing what you learn on the many course historical charts helps build your understanding.

    The Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Collection contains specific techniques that can be applied to today's market and which were also used successfully by WD Gann during his famous trading career.

    What Students Around the World Have Said About Our WD Gann 'Lost' Secrets Courses

    “T.J. Had This To Say . . .”

    ". . . I just want to say that I am truly humbled to be a student of yours. As with anything in life, fulfilment comes from progress. I truly believe that I am heading to my vision much more efficiently than ever before due to your course. With all the chaos that happens in day to day life, doing this course has changed my perception on everything. I feel that the attained knowledge puts me in a position to wake up every day feeling blessed and this is due to your dedication of over 45 years of study." - TJ

    John Doe UI/UX Designer
    John Doe UI/UX Designer

    “Customer testimonials.”

    "You are the only one that convinced me about the hidden secrets of markets and the truth behind it from the first lesson I received." - M A


    “Several Comments from M.D. . . .”

    "Hi George, many thanks for your last email where you gave the procedure to calculate price targets. I will use that for my charts now, as I have got a couple of trade set up for September, based on what I have learnt up-til now (mod 10). This price target calculation (as well as the others you have taught us so far) will provide a good culmination to efforts invested thus far."

    On a side note, truly appreciate you putting out the Gann Master Trader course and making it available . . . . Further your time and dedication to teaching is commendable. One does not feel the physical distance between pupil and teacher; your teaching one-to-one is far beyond what a general classroom can achieve."

    " . . . for intraday : Thank you for your guidance on creating the various . . .charts. I created one such for Euro Yen. Amazed yet again . . ."

    ". . .All these [Chart reference] were turn points as one can see below (and I’m seeing the dollars!!!) Thank you so much George. This is a wonderful intraday strategy." - M D

    John Doe UI/UX Designer
    John Doe UI/UX Designer

    “A.B. Wrote . . .”

    "As a fellow researcher, I can't imagine the number of hours you've spent assembling your course into a coherent collection. Please know I hold you and your efforts in highest regards . . . Thank you for inviting me to be one of your students and for entrusting me with your Opus!" - A B


    A Higher Level Of Consciousness Awaits You . . .


    More Student's Comments About The WD Gann Courses

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    “J.B.'s Unsolicited Testimonial”

    "I am fascinated by your approach and have been watching your calls in awe for a while." - J B


    “K.G.'s Testimonial”

    "I found some Gann angles that were spectacular. In fact when I read the section about the templates and started . . . . the results were stunning." - K G

    John Doe UI/UX Designer
    John Doe UI/UX Designer

    “Testimonial from C.R.”

    "George has authentically unique perspective of market analysis as provided by his re-discovery of Gann techniques. George is an excellent writer and teacher. I hope to learn more from him in the coming years." - C.R.


    George R. Harrison
    Author of  'WD Gann's Lost Secrets' & The Trader's Master Course

    About the Author

    My name is George R. Harrison and I’m the creator of this website, the 'Stairway' & 'Excalibur' Original Trading Methods and the discoverer of the WD Gann Lost Secrets that now make up our multi-volume Collection.

    When I was only 6-years old, I was fascinated by a stock chart that my father had received in a brokerage newsletter. Many years and thousands of charts later, I’ve participated in the markets as an Investor, Speculator, Researcher, Technical Instructor, Commodity Trading Adviser (CTA), Assistant Hedge Fund Manager and Newsletter Publisher (among others). I still love working with price charts for Stocks, Commodities, Currencies as well as anything else that can be charted or graphically represented.

    Just Some of What You'll Receive . . .

    • More than 16 of WD Gann's 'Lost' Secret Techniques
    • Rare, Historical Charts shown in each Course
    • Excalibur I & II, plus 12-Modules + 4 New Gann Courses
    • Access to the Personal Path of Gann's Work.
    • New, Expanding Levels of Understanding
    • Two-Full Years of Personal Support

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