A Truly ‘Golden’ Week

One Week's Gold Profit Potential Was . . . 

 $15,300.00 !!

Friday . . . $4,000 USD.

Thursday . . . $3,900 USD.

Wednesday . . . $1,800 USD.

Tuesday . . . $1,200 USD.

Monday . . . $1,800 USD.

Friday . . . $2,600 USD.

Total for the Series? . . . $15,300 USD.

Sometimes one just has to step back to see the potential of a Market.

The Gold Market is no exception to this rule.

There were over $15K in potential profit opportunities offered as measured by our proprietary trading method known as the 'Intra-day Solar Trader' Technique

There also comes a time when it seems a waste of time to keep giving these chart examples showing what can be done. 

I've given more than ample proof here on this website over many years now.

Only ACTION in a positive direction separates the Winners from the Losers in this Life.

The ability to be alerted to even one of these trades would have provided a good return for the week relative to what most traders are struggling to achieve.

George's NOTE: As I'm being invited to go back into managing a private trading fund again, I can't say just how long I'll continue to be able to offer support for any of these courses through the Academy. As a result of this . . .

All Course Offers Could Possibly Cease in the Coming Few Months.

So, take advantage of the time my friends. It's time to make a decision that can offer you the chance to change your financial for the better. If you're truly ready to act instead of observe and would like a Catalog, e-mail me HERE. - George 


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