Academy Scholarships Available

​Locked Down? ​Use This Time to Study & Win!

Awarding $$$$ Towards Our Course Offerings!

Presently Available To ​The Next 5 Donor Applicants.

​I'm pleased to present to our long-time readers, a new Scholarship Incentive Program to assist those Students & W.D. Gann Knowledge Seekers who have always wished to gain access to our larger Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Master Course Collection.

​Because of the unusual challenge to the world at this time, we want to make this available as a downloadable set for home study. 

​This 'Master Course' has frankly remained out-of-reach to our average visitors and students due to it's premium pricing in the past when it was offered for sale to just a handful of dedicated seekers.

​The Good News is that now, the 'Master Course' ​as ​presented by our International Trader's Research Academy, while it is no longer offered for sale, can be accessed for a generous donation gift. 

​This gift helps the Academy to sustain it's research efforts as Mr. Harrison continues to unlock the secrets that were held so dear ​by ​Mr. Gann. This has been a life long passion of George's, and, his discoveries are greatly treasured by his clients.

​Join The Few To Be Awarded A ​Master Course Scholarship!

For the First Time, a select few applicants will be able to gain access to our amazing Master Course Collection of publications (​download content list is below) and receive a once-in-a-lifetime ($$$$) discount donation level that will open up these amazing, hard-won, secrets gained over a Half-Century of research work and testing.

​This Collection of Trading Publications consists of:

  1.  ALL 12-​Publications of the Market Secrets Course with corresponding trading techniques derived from those very secrets. PLUS . . .
  2. W.D. Gann's Greatest Angle Secret Course. PLUS . . .
  3.  'The Time Vibration Predictor Course' & Template. PLUS . . .
  4. 'The Trader's Moon Astronomical Trading Course'. ​AND, ALSO . . .
  5. 'The Intra-day Solar Trader Day Trading Course!

​Request your Contribution Gift Catalog,​ Make Your Choice, and, ​Request the Scholarship Details. It's a Win-Win!