Big Players Want You Out of the Stock Market!


Someone ‘out there’ doesn’t want you to be invested in the stock market.

They want you to be afraid of  an impending crash in the market, fearful of the Economy, foreign affairs, wars, etc., etc.. And, this propaganda program has worked quite well to scare the average investor clean out of the markets.


Much like those who refuse, even at this late date, to acknowledge that GOLD is a declining market not an inclining one, so too have most investors maintained their expectations for an immanent crash in THE STOCK MARKET even as stocks have risen month after month to new higher highs.

As usual, it’s not your fault.

Instead, investors have been exposed to a constant drone of prognostications predicting doom and gloom for the stock market. The

expectations for an immediate crash have been the daily diet for financial news junkies for years now.

At some point, one should ask: “How much money has this kind of advice made me so far?”. The short (and accurate) answer is zero.

In fact, this type of advice has been more harmful in that it has caused millions of dollars of lost opportunity.

Investors have stayed away from these types of investments and lost the opportunity to participate in the large percentage gains that have come and gone along the 3ay over the last years that this fear of market crashes has been promoted.

The latest version of this is the so-called “news” that now, the ‘guru’ George Soros has gone short the stock market expecting a crash.

Let me say that having watched Mr. Soros market forays over the decades, I’m more than confident that he is, once again, practicing one of his strategies of saying one thing while doing the exact opposite. Mr. Soros is an old hand at the markets and how to trade them effectively.

Good traders never tip their hand but do, quite often,let ‘slip’ the exact opposite information in order to further profit from their actual positions.


 This site and my work revolves around understanding markets and their true ‘intentions’ through the use of price charts of various kinds.

That, plus over four-decades of experience interpreting, trading and researching the markets, goes a long, long ways toward understanding what’s really going on versus what others ‘say’ is going on.Once again, news about the markets is given on too short a time frame to gain the proper perspective of where one is within the trend.The chart below shows the usual short-term chart most see for the Stock Market:

dow1By looking at the daily prices, it becomes too easy to become ‘spooked’ by price pullbacks that are actually irrelevant to the continuing trend in progress.

Each drop in price shown on this chart came with panic news reports suggesting that the entire stock market uptrend was coming to an end.

It didn’t.

And, as you’ll see by looking at the next chart, it won’t unless prices drop below the green uptrend line shown on the chart.

dow2Instead of just a few days or weeks, we’re now looking at the price action of the DOW for YEARS.

Obviously, this shows that the uptrend that’s in play is strong and won’t be upset by a few days of downward price movement.

Prices are only at the middle of their range at present, so, they can easily go much higher.

The insiders know this.

George Soros knows this.

Don’t let them instill a fear of investing within you.


Apply the proper tools to analyzing these markets (like those used on this site) in order to build confidence and withstand the fear mongers..

This website’s intention has always been educational and the design of the methods used to analyze the markets has always  protective of the trader and investor. To do that I’ve had to discover and re-discover (in Mr. Gann’s case) the fundamental laws of the markets and their structure. By doing so and analyzing markets with these tools, a more stable and reliable result can be found. One that inspires growing confidence with use.

The results speak for themselves as the archives will show and my mission has been to teach the principles and methods that will allow you to do the same for your own interests and investments.

If you want to know more, take the time to click the banner below and send me an e-mail requesting price and regional availability. Thanks. – George