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We're within a week or two of completing & adding our newest WD GANN puzzle-piece to our comprehensive Collection.

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NOTE: All Members who contribute the Special Gift Request will save considerably and get first access to this previously 'lost' information based on WD Gann's writings and upon a particular statement he made in reference to his 'count' system for price charts.

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This New Course Will Make a Total of 20-Courses Offered in the WD Gann Master Course Collection.

Is This the Trading Opportunity

You've Been Waiting For?

We're building a small, Private Association of traders with a strong foundation of understanding the essence of all market price behavior. You can be a vital part of that trading force that will leave it's mark on the markets in the future, and, we're accomplishing that by allowing into our Inner Circle of Knowledge, a, select number of new Master Course Students.

Who's This For?

Our Private Trader's Association is for those with a genuine thirst to UNDERSTAND the 'Why's' of the Markets and not just a collection of superior techniques for trading successfully

Curiosity Produces Wisdom.

A special number of students will be given access to the sum knowledge of our five decades, (Over Half-a-Century!), of work results in order to best equip themselves for the market challenges that today's markets are presenting. 

That, and, TO FINALLY ANSWER those 'deep' questions about the Nature of Time, Price & Space.

As a possessor of the Knowledge contained within our Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Master Course, you'll learn tools that will help you to deal with present markets conditions, anticipate future trends and exquisitely time the critical turns in price trend at every trading time level!

Will This Take a Lot of Time to Learn?

Compared to What? Never learning these Secrets at all? 

Or, compared to continuing your Truth Search for more Weeks, Months and Years and mounting fortunes, (on top of those you've already invested), with no guarantee of succeeding at the end?

The Answer to the Lead Question then is: "It won't take long at all to learn these Inner Secrets of the Markets, especially when compared to these alternate choices."! 

I've personally spent over 50-Years learning and researching these subjects. Fortunately, you won't have to go through as many books as those shown on the above bookshelves to acquire your Knowledge.

Mr. G. R. Harrison

The 'Wall Street Man'

I've already done that (the number shown on the bookcase and many times over!) for you.

In fact, many years ago during my research studies I was known as 'The Wall Street Man' by used old bookstore owners in the region because I purchased almost every book on the Markets they acquired. I read and studied them all. Tens of thousands of dollars were spent in this pursuit and countless hundreds of hours, and, I enjoyed every minute of it!

The Secretive Techniques of Mr. W.D. Gann

I eventually focused & devoted my time and attention particularly to Mr. W.D. Gann's genius work as his work I found to be based upon the deepest of insights into the actual Nature of Markets, Numbers, Price and Time. 

After over 50-Years of Research, Work, Testing and still more Research, (which continues to this day, by the way), I've distilled the essence of the fundamental Laws of Markets and Prices that W.D. Gann explored in his writings and courses into a concise collection of Modules and Courses that are now being made more  available to you than ever before.




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What Other Secrets Will Be Revealed?

In addition to the 12-Module Course shown above, you'll also receive one of our recent discoveries titled . . .

'W.D. Gann's Greatest Angle Secret'

In Addition, The Master Course Also Includes . . .

'W.D. Gann's Master 20-Year Stock Forecasting Chart'

        Plus, Our Most Recent          Private Release:

'The W.D. Gann Lost Secret'

We Didn't Leave Out The Hidden Secrets In Gann's Novel Either:

'Light at the End of the Tunnel Thru the Air'

From Gann's Private Papters:

'W.D. Gann's Data Trading Card'

Our Harrison-Gann Master Course provides Private, Personal, Educational Support from the Author for up to Two-Full Years after you receive any individual course. 

Take The Master Course at Your Own Pace

Not only are we offering unprecedented access to our deepest research work, but, for those of you who wish to access this work in installments to stretch out the donation payments and the study work over time, you'll be able to opt for the one-off total donation or, the 3-month payment donation plan (where you'll receive your courses one-third-at-a-time with each donation installment).

Unprecedented Access is Yours . . . NOW!

With our new secured, digital delivery format, we're able to bypass all the restrictions and regulations that have hindered standard shipping couriers and, supply-chain issues connected with printing and binding which have now become daily considerations.

Bottom Line? This means you can obtain your Courses TODAY, not in weeks or a month from now after delays in customs or shipping.

This massive treasure trove  re-discovery of W.D. Gann's techniques and market insights has never before been made this available to those who truly seek to learn it's secrets!

Guaranteed Support for the Next 2-Years!

You'll receive guaranteed support for 2-Years after receipt of this powerful collection of courses and modules.

For Those Determined Few Who Won't Accept Any Other Result But WINNING in the Markets!

This is the Truth; only a few traders have the kind of Desire required to learn these secrets about how Markets, Cycles and, indeed, Life works that are found within the pages of the Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Master Course.

What's More, Only a FEW will recognize the extreme VALUE of absorbing this Wisdom & Knowledge.

THOSE, are the folks I've done this vast project for and who I wish to pass along this Heritage of knowledge to.

If you've read this far, you're undoubtedly one of those few with that intense kind of Desire for Success. I salute and encourage you to seriously consider this rare opportunity.

Enlightenment awaits for those daring to go through a Door that others are either too lazy or too timid to dare to even open.

The Master Course Is That Door.

Now, I can't promise enlightenment from any course or offering. That's up to you. Always.

However, if your reactions mirror those who have preceded you that have taken our Master Course, then, you're certainly going to encounter revolutionary concepts and revelations that will amaze you and forever stretch your mind. as they have those who have gone before you.

New Understanding & Wisdom awaits the Bold, not the timid.


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