ATTENTION: ALL Admirers of W.D. Gann’s Work & Those Who Want To Trade The Markets With Knowledge AND Wisdom!

With our New 'B.O.T.T.' Trading Technique we're now able to Expand on and Extend Mr. W.D. Gann's foundational principles so we can apply them to today's price charts without the need for specialized square grids and/or         hard-to-obtain, restrictive chart formats which are all but impossible to obtain easily today.

W.D. Gann's Course writings confined themselves Geometrically to the study of SQUARES and, this required a very special kind of price chart format to display the principles he wished to use. As he had his own staff to hand-make all his own price charts, this was no problem in his day, but, today, this type of price chart is a historical anomaly and almost impossible to find or create.

We've eliminated that problem so that, now, using our break-thru approach we can now employ the best of W.D. Gann's foundational concepts and be able to apply them to any price chart we can find . . . without the restrictions or bother!

Introducing . . .

Trading E-mini Signals Using Our Advanced 'B.O.T.T.' Trading Technique . . . More 'Proof of Concept'.