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Chinese Yuan: Declining Trend


By G. R. Harrison (2014)


Charts courtesy of Yahoo Finance
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Continuing in our ‘Appraisal Reports’ for major Currencies of late, we come next to the Chinese Yuan.

The current price chart of the CNY/USD for a multi-year period is shown to the left. This particular chart was prepared some days ago.

Although most media have been reporting the recent upswing in the Yuan, the underlying momentum for this market is still downwards in direction.

We’ll take a more recent snapshot of this market with the next chart down.

This second chart shows that the downward drift of prices has continued even further.

To further confirm the down trend of the Chinese Yuan as indicated by the CNY/USD chart, we should expect prices to decline over time. Let’s see if this is so . . .


This is the current trend for this currency which, in turn, strengthens the Chinese economic position by decreasing the costs of their exports.

As the Economy of a nation is reflected in it’s currency, we can draw some conclusion from the emphasis that nation places on it’s money.

As the US DOLLAR is rising, causing exports to be more expensive from the USA, China is purposefully decreasing the value of it’s controlled currency in order to maintain it’s World exporting edge and to support it’s own industries.

This places China in the stronger position of the two economically relative to supporting it’s own industrial base. – George




Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Course image


This is the method that I developed in order to find the true ‘intentions’ of the institutional traders in every market.

This approach is unique and, is not a conventional trend tool. The theory behind this exceptional analytical tool was derived from my many decades of research into W.D. Gann’s methods and writings as well as those of the ‘mercantile principles’ from the business side of the markets.

As the years rolled by, rediscoveries of lost principles of the markets were accumulated into what is now called the ‘Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Master Course’.

‘The Excalibur Method’ is now part of the Master Course but, still may be purchased separately for a little while longer. You can read testimonials here.

The first half of the manual introduces a new paradigm and perspective for identifying what I call the ‘intentions’ or ‘objectives’ of the big market interests who clearly control the market trends. The Excalibur Method’s purpose is to allow one to place themselves in alignment with the plans of those who make the markets by using a mathematical tool to extract and interpret those plans. This information is a restricted release product. E-mail me HERE for price & availability


The rediscovery of these WD Gann lost secrets (and many more) as well as other completely original discoveries are available to a limited number of students each year through The Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Master Course. Contact me by e-mail for price and availability by clicking the box above.

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Master Course Availability

Rarity | Limited Access | Unique & Re-Discovered Market Structure Discoveries

The Master Course emerged from over four-decades of research, application and trading in both the Stock, Commodity and Forex Markets. I’ve carefully released it’s secrets to only a few handful of clients who desired to better understand the real workings of the market. These courses tell us how to take advantage of the market’s subtle whispers about it’s plans for the future. It’s about translating the price and time clues and being early to take action on what we discover.

I will release this collection to only a few more this year. It may not be publicly offered again after these remaining few.

This will only be the end of the instructional portion of a project that will be offered to international investors and traders soon. Be sure to sign up as a member. Only members will be contacted privately for the next phase of this international project. – George




Excellent portfolio & fund management doesn’t necessarily require frequent trading to beat all competitors, but, instead, requires accurate and sound positioning of long-term holdings in strong trending markets.

The ability to determine just where those long-running trends are manifesting and how to follow them safely is what The Excalibur Method offers to today’s discerning investor and manager.

Today’s popular investment approaches are too fast-changing to adopt for the best fiduciary management of a portfolio.

One needs to have a tool to assist them in providing the very best results for clients and to display one’s world-class management potential. Consider the potential for yourself and your management needs.

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What’s Your Trend?


By W. D. Gann (1942)

3cardmonte“When you make one to three trades that show losses, whether they be large or small, something is wrong with you and not with the market.

Your trend may have changed.

My rule is to get out and wait.

Study the reason for your losses.

Remember, you will never lose any money being out of the market.

Holding on to a losing trade is the worst thing you can do, and as a rule it continues to go against you, and the quicker you take a loss, the better.

Trade with the main trend.

It never pays to sell short in a Bull market because you are bucking the trend and may miss the top.

It never pays to buy in a Bear market, becuase you are bucking the trend and may miss the bottom and have losses. WD GANN (1942)

George’s Commentary . . .

Here is another topic as current today as when it was first written by W.D. Gann back in 1942.

This rule will never change and is based on a mathematical principle.

In these writings of W.D. Gann, we can detect Gann’s keen powers of observation as applied to markets and traders.

Most become so emotionally attached to their trades that the concept of a change of trend in themselves and their equity accounts never occurs to them. I can assure you from my observations over the decades that Gann’s comments ring true and should be applied.

This process becomes a new type of STOP (for ALL further trading) that can keep one from hammering away at a market that’s gone sideways and trendless.

These are the very conditions where it’s best to . . .

  1. Step away from the markets,
  2. Apprise ourselves of our previous actions and their results
  3. Re-assess present market conditions
  4. And, reset our profit Objectives in accordance with those present conditions.

Any tool that can help us to restrain our Human Nature to over-do an action without critically examining that action should be welcomed and used consistently. – GR HARRISON




The rediscovery of these WD Gann lost secrets (and many more) as well as other completely original discoveries are available to a limited number of students each year through The Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Master Course. Contact me by e-mail for price and availability by clicking the box below.


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The Causes of Booms & Wars


By W. D. Gann (1942)

The Causes of Bubbles and Wars

The Causes of Booms (Bubbles) and Wars

“History proves that wars break out every 20 to 25 years. It also proves that there is a great wave of SPECULATION and a BOOM of some kind in nearly every country every 20 to 25 years. Why do these WAR PERIODS and BOOM TIMES come at such regular cycles of intervals?

The main cause of these is that HUMAN NATURE NEVER CHANGES.  Every 20 years a new generation comes along. They are full of hope, optimistic and are progressive and up-to-date. They are inexperienced. They know nothing of war or of the bitterness of war, because they have never been in a fight. They are anxious to get into a fight. It is easy for the politicians to induce the young men to go to war, but it is hard to get the old fellows who have had the bitter experience and the suffering, to go to war. They want no more of it. The young buck is wild and always ready to run and to fight.

It is the same with the Commodity market. The young generations either have inherited money or they make money, and they want to take a chance. It is the nature of youth to gamble, to take changes and to be fearless of danger. Therefore, the young generation are anxious and eager to try their hands at SPECULATION. When they get into a RUN AWAY BULL MARKET, they have no more sense than to keep on BUYING.  They throw caution to the wind. This increased BUYING power causes Commodities to go to HEIGHTS UNWARRANTED BY SUPPLY AND DEMAND. The result is that when this BOOM is over, the young generation suffer severe LOSSES, get some valuable experience and are not so anxious to try it again.

Just as sure as young generations come along from time to time, we will continue to have BOOMS in business, BOOMS in the STOCK MARKETS and COMMODITIES, LAND (Real Estate ‘Bubbles’ – George) BOOMS and other wild WAVES of speculation. Youth has to be served and young nature has to have its fling. That is why HISTORY REPEATS,  because HUMAN NATURE DOES NOT CHANGE and each coming generation have to go through the same EXPERIENCE as the former GENERATION did..” WD GANN (1942)

George’s Commentary . . .

This is as current a topic as when it was first written by W.D. Gann back in 1942.

In these brief paragraphs, WD Gann reveals the truth about markets and Human Nature.

In these writings of W.D. Gann, we find the reason Mankind continually finds itself at war and, also why the war and market price cycles continues with each new generation.

Except for a change in terminology (what Gann called Booms, we call ‘Bubbles’ today) nothing else has changed.

Think on that! In a world of seemingly constant change, here are Rules that never change and the reasons for their constancy!

The US Wars in 1896, 1916-1918, WW2 in 1939, Vietnam in the 1960’s- 1970’s, 1990’s Persian Gulf, 2001 Middle East and now the rumblings of new wars in Ukraine in 2014 (the 100-year cycle from World War 1) have continued beyond Mr. Gann’s lifetime just as they preceded him and have repeated throughout Human History. WD Gann teaches us to watch for certain market actions that pivot around war periods such as rising grain prices. As we can’t seem to avoid these cycles due to the nature of Man, then, at least we could learn from History personally and align ourselves economically with the right side of the markets and how they have always behaved during these important times. GR HARRISON


GOLD Prices Weaken Again


gold prices falling

Gold prices falling

GOLD is a Commodity, not a store of value as most would think.

Because of that basic, underlying fact, Gold is subject to the major commodity cycles of all commodities.

The basic cycle now is that Gold has just come off from an approximate 30-year cycle High a few years back (1980-2011).

The downward to sideways price cycle is inclined to last years more despite all the logical reasons for expecting the opposite.

Presently, Gold has hit a reflective resistance price point and is bouncing downwards towards it’s next low.

If you wish to have a little more insight, please join, become a member and view the expanded chart below on this page.

It’s FREE to join with no obligations or spammy solicitations to harass you. That’s not the mission here.

My goal is to impart a sense of ORDER to the markets instead of the one of chaos and fear which work against the trader and investor and are prevalent in our present times.

If I can impart what I’ve learned to you so that you can go on to greater success and understanding, then, my goal has been met. I know this isn’t for everyone. In fact, it will be a very small number who wish to KNOW rather than REACT to market news and propaganda.

As in most things in Life, those who take responsibility for their actions and for growing their skills are the ones who will ‘magically’ get further ahead.


Welcome Members:

gold1To continue the chart above, I call attention to the red arrowed descending line that’s been added to the chart to the left.This line represents a high probability sense of the momentum behind the recent drop in Gold prices.

This angle of descent will take us to an end of month level of $1270 for Gold, but, prices could easily be much lower than this should this weakening market continue.

Eyes on the downside potential are wise, however, one must allow for the element of a surprise shift in price trend and, I’d be more inclined to be convinced of a shift upwards if Gold prices could rise not only above the red line shown on a closing basis, but, more convincingly, if prices could close above $1335. Only then should one consider that another surge upwards was possible. – George


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CORN Uptrend in Progress




Recent BUY triggers for the CORN market.

For those interested in the Commodities and Grains, I’ve been watching the unfolding of a new upswing in the CORN market. Now that the second trigger signal has been given, I thought you’d be interested in monitoring this market to observe what follows.

All the signals have been given and the chart has confirmed them all to this date.

Note this pattern is called a saucer bottom technically and many times leads to a sustained uptrend.

As always, one should follow all entered trades with Stops for protection of capital. This, nor any post, is not an advisory to buy or sell any product. Read the Disclaimer and the bottom of every post for appropriate warnings on this.

The purpose of this site is to educate and show that, what others call ‘random’ markets, are, in truth, not random at all. Knowing this, one can pursue the knowledge that makes these kinds of trading predictions a possibility instead of facing the markets with fear and question marks. – George



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The rediscovery of these WD Gann lost secrets (and many more) as well as other completely original discoveries are available to a limited number of students each year through The Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Master Course. Contact me by e-mail for price and availability by clicking the box below.



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If you’re an active trader, you’ll probably be interested in also visiting another website called where you’ll find previous predictions using other techniques (like the Excalibur Method). Note that there are over 4+ years of archived posts there with many, many spot-on predictions.

I’d like to point out that this is a tribute to technique rather than ego and that the techniques applied were developed from my many decades of research into Gann materials and personal research derived or inspired by Mr. Gann’s work. – George

  • March 6, 2014

Practical Knowledge




Skill requires a thorough knowledge of our area of work.

Whether for markets or medicine, one needs to build a skill set that’s founded upon fundamental truths that can be depended on, in turn, to support our successful application of those skills over and over again.

But, Truth is obscured to the natural eye and,  when it comes to discovering truth about a subject, it seems like this is a pretty dark world indeed.

If ignorance were darkness, then, to find our way towards answers, we’d need to grab a lantern, and, like Diogenes, start our search for Honesty and Truth. Indeed, Diogenes said that there was only one good, namely, knowledge; and only one evil, namely, ignorance.

Knowledge is one of those 80-20 things.

80% of what professes to be knowledge is relatively time-dependent and useless for the long-term. In truth, this number is probably closer to 95%. But only 20% of what’s ‘out there’ and known as knowledge has any value in Life at all.

In point of fact,  it’s more likely to be only about 5% of available knowledge that has lasting, timeless value. And, I’m speaking of only that which has been discovered and not lost. If we seek previously discovered and lost-again knowledge, as with W.D. Gann’s work, then the search is much harder as the information is more valuable and useful in day-to-day trading.

The only really useful knowledge is practical knowledge. Knowledge that can be applied consistently and accurately over any period of history, under any market conditions.

Trading the markets is, in no way, an academic exercise and the markets don’t respect educational credentials.

What works in the markets must be learned from the markets themselves and that knowledge must also be tested by fire. This is the core information offered through this website to those who seek to shorten the ‘search’ for themselves and spend their time applying practical knowledge to trading the markets and increasing their success.

You’ll find this type of foundational knowledge in the Excalibur Method and in the Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Master Course which you can learn more about on this website. If this is the level of expertise you desire, contact me for availability and price through e-mail by clicking HERE.

A hypothetical example* applied to the EUR/GBP intraday from Thursday-Friday’s close:

Chart courtesy of Indicators by  CLICK CHART TO ENLARGE

Chart courtesy of Indicators by





The rediscovery of these WD Gann lost secrets (and many more) as well as other completely original discoveries are available to a limited number of students each year through The Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Master Course. Contact me by e-mail for price and availability by clicking the box below.