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Here, you'll find the culmination of our over 50-Years of diligent, deep reseach, Original Market and Trading Discoveries as well as our Re-Discoveries of 'Lost' Trading Techniques from the likes of Trading Master W.D. Gann.

After all these many Decades of teaching, I know what Traders are looking for. and, One thing I'd like you to know, right up front is that:

ALL Of Our Trading Courses Give Beyond 



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       If Our Methods Weren't Vastly Superior, We Wouldn't Be           Offering Them Through Our Private Membership Association.

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We Know that your time is precious, and we won't waste yours with anything inferior or common.

One of the Common Misunderstandings is thinking that the Method is primary. It isn't actually!

What's of primary importance is whether you're comfortable with the Method & the Charts they produce. If you are, then you're more apt to follow that winning formula to ultimate Success!

Successful Trading is actually a Methodical Marathon and not a profit-scalping sprint!

So, with that being the RULE, . . .

It's YOUR Individual Trading Personality & WHAT CHARTS MATCH IT that you need to find & work with that matter most in the long run!

Use Price Charts That Match Your 'Trading Personality' . . .

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Our Private Association Has Several Trading Methods for Most Chart-type Selections!

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              CORE Trading Principles Courses               Click Chart for Courses Using this Approach

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Tried-and-True W.D. Gann 'Lost' Trading Info!  Click Chart for Courses Using this Approach

Find Your Preferred Chart to Work With Below . . .  & Click on it to Find the Courses we Offer that use that Chart Format!

  •  Your Price Charts Are Your  Personal Windows to the Markets
  • Pick the Chart Type That Gives You The Best View !
  • The Trading Method & Charts Should HARMONIZE!
  • Point & Figure Charting: This type of charting entirely eliminates the TIME aspect from our Charts! Our Method applied to this type of chart goes way beyond how others use them. We applied a Hidden W.D. Gann Technique to them and teach how to properly set up Gann Angles to give early indications of important trend changes.
  • Angles & Trend Lines: We have many trading techniques that will produce powerful and accurate Angle Trend Lines on normal bar or candlestick price charts. Our ways of placing & interpreting these Angles are entirely differernt, and, far more accurate than those used by the general public today. That, is a given!
  • Line Chart Analysis Techniques: For these type of charts which are commonly found in online and print media, we've developed a way to make them tell us in advance just when an important trend change is under way.
  • Predictive Price & Time Charting Methods: Digging Deeply into the Fundamentals of what makes the Markets 'tick', we've been able to discover several incredibly accurate predictive timing and pricing techniques over the last Half-Century of our Research. These Courses are available to you as a Member of our Private Association.
  • Trading By The Sun, Moon & Planets: These Trading Methods allow you to WORK WITH NATURE when it comes to trading the Markets. These Courses combine Predictive Points with Special Trend Lines to capture and take profit from price trends for every time interval from intraday to Weekly.
  • W.D. Gann's 'Lost Secrets' Master Course PLUS: The 'lost' secrets of Mr. Gann have been recovered bit-by-bit over these many Decades of research and are now available to our valued Private Members.
  • Our CORE Trading Principles Courses: These CORE Principles underlie ALL Markets and should be considered as Prime Starting Points in one's Journey to Market Mastery.
  • Esoteric & Deeper Market Knowledge: This is the deepest level of Understanding the 'How's' & 'Why's' of the Markets and, it turns out, LIFE ITSELF! These discoveries are Mind & Paradigm-altering and will reveal the Greater Patterns within which all Life and the Markets are operating. This is heady stuff indeed. Not for the beginner! 

Click on Any of the Charts Below to Find the Courses Using That Charting Style!

Courses Using Trend Lines & Angles

Price & Time Projection Forecasting Courses

Our W.D. Gann 'Lost Secrets' Master Course

Our Mission?

To Provide You With The Most Valuable Trading Methods & Charts Which Provide A Perfect 'Fit' For Your Trading!!

Old or New, which ever techniques you prefer to employ, we'll show you how to get the most out of the charts you like to use.

The Choice Is Yours TODAY!

We have a wonderful array of deeply researched revelations and discoveries which we've formed into the most unique collection of trading techniques in the world today!!

Each of the Chart Types Above . . .

. . .  have one or more of our Trading Techniques that will provide that type of chart preference study and analysis for you to best match your desired trading working environment.

Nothing Is More Valuable Than Your Time . . .

Life & Time is Precious! Don't Waste Your Time Using Worn-out Techniques With Poor Results

Build Your Trading Career On The Secrets of the Universe!!

The Fundamentals of the Structure of the Universe and Realm within which we live have been discovered & lost many times over the Centuries & Millennia.

We've brought many of these 'lost' secrets to light again when it comes to the Markets and Rule by which they & Life function.

Put These Secrets To Work In Today's Markets FOR YOU!!

The Past is but a prelude to the Future. We've put this premise to the test over hundreds of years of price charts and physical events through History and proven the Truth of the Statement to our complete satisfaction!

This isn't 'hocus-pokus' either. Nothing mystical is involved or needed! We use purely mathematical Truths to arrive at our conclusions. Conclusions that are solid, but, not recognized by even above average traders today.

We Stand on the Shoulders of Giants Who Could Move Mountains!

We never quit in our pursuit! Perserverance was the watchword all along the way.

We also weren't afraid to make tests, face errors, make corrections and test again and again, always willing to go back to the Basics when all else failed!

I don't need to tell those of you who have been students of W.D. Gann's work for many years just how frustrating this work can become and how many times one could find reasons to quit along the way.

But, the Journey persisted and so did our pursuit of the Lost Truths behind this work of W. D. Gann's as well. The Journey is much of the Reward, it's true, but, .

It Was A Brilliant Journey Well Worth The Many Years of Effort!

. . . It's Now Time To Share The Secrets Discovered!

This is the opportunity that many serious students of W.D. Gann have been waiting for.

All of the Principles provided through our Courses are solidly based on both Mr. Harrison's Original Discoveries & Work as well as Mr. Gann's previous writings and the missing application of certain statements that he made in his private papers and courses.


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