• A ‘Ready, Set, Go’ Strategy:
  • To Pinpoint Potential Profit Points!

    Your Market 'Early Warning System'

           What If You Could 'Sense' A Trend Change Coming? 
            With These 2 Courses . . . You Can!*
    The First, ('MMT'), Warns of Impending Large Price Moves Ahead,
    The Second, ('Fibonacci Trends') Pinpoints The Direction & Timing!

    What more do I need to tell you. Most of our readers have been watching our results posted here for years. You already know how powerful these methods are.

    But, until now, you hadn't thought of teaming two of these amazing trading courses TOGETHER to achieve results greater than the Sum of the Two!

    Let Me Make It Even SWEETER For You . . .

    Right now, because of the extended lockdown for many of you, I've decided to make an even better offer than usual for our private students and clients both.

    I'm opening up a narrow window for a few more students/clients where you'll be able to get access to and harness BOTH of our amazing trading techniques for a special FEBRUARY SPECIAL DONATION RATE.

    These techniques will detect shifts in the price momentum using just your online price charts alone. No special software. No updates ever. Each Course stands on it's own merits, . . . BUT, . . 

    When Both Courses Are Combined To Work Together, WOW! What A Powerhouse!

    'The Market Maker's Trigger ('MMT)' gives one a sneak preview of how the institutions are viewing the market you're trading. It will tell you when a change is coming to the Market (the "Ready, Set" signal). Wouldn't you like to take a peek at their order 'book' and know when they're ready to flip the price trend? That's just what 'MMT' is all about.

    'Fibonacci Trends' is finely-tuned to operate at even the shortest of time frames for Day Traders and is totally flexible in analysis work for longer Daily, Weekly or Monthly trends as well. It detects the Change ( the 'Go' signal) in trend at the earliest time.

    I've detected, after researching literally decades of price charts, a consistent signal of 'upcoming events' of significance (big price movements).

     Combined with our 'Fibonacci Trends' super-early warning of trend direction change, you'll have a powerful pair of analytical market tools in your corner that will perform faithfully year-after-year for the rest of your trading career.

    That Should Be Enough For The Intelligent, Inquisitive Traders Among You


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