Where Two Strong ​Currencies Combine . . .


In our previous posts, we found that the US and Brazilian Economies were two STRONG Economies for 

​2018. We know that the US Dollar has been Strong, but, when we COMBINE the US Dollar (USD) with the Brazilian Real (BRL)​ or the USD/BRL, it becomes 'magical' (and profitable!).

​The chart for the ​​USD/BRL is shown above. Healthy gains have been realized even within the last month and, over 20% for the Year. ​The chart also shows where our 'Fibonacci Trends' Trading Method would have indicated the recent shift upwards after the re-tracement from September price highs.

What makes most of the world's currency investors turn negative or 'gun shy' are when they become accustomed to only the few major choices provided by most banks and brokerages.

​Opportunities exist elsewhere with other currency pairs and, one should have a forex broker that can provide a larger choice of those opportunities. Preferably, you'll find a broker that can give you access to other markets as well (like CFDs on stocks, commodities, etc.). I'​ll have a suggested one for you in future posts pending further investigation.

An Excellent Trading Method (or three) and, a good Broker. That makes for a winning ticket!


​20% Gains like those that took place this year in the US Dollar vs. Brazilian Real truly stand out when compared with losses almost everywhere else this past year.

​Positive Gains are still out there for those with a widening vision about where profits can be made.

Remember: Opportunity Occurs Where Everyone Else Isn't Looking!

The chart above shows what our 'Fibonacci Trends' Trading Method can do, but, we have several entirely different approaches to the same objective: Taking Profits from the Markets under every condition.

Prepare to be able to sort the 'wheat from the chaff'.  This is the very best time of the Year to pick up those skills & knowledge. We're having our Annual Special, and, this is when you'll find Ultra-Highly Effective Trading Methods at Ultra-low ​prices. I dare you to check it out for yourself below . . .

Season's Greetings!!!


I'm very grateful for all of you, my faithful Clients and Students for this past year and all previous years of our association together.​

I extend my best wishes to you and yours during this Holiday Season and through-out the remainder of this year and the years to come.

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