Don’t Settle for ‘Lucky’ Trades

​Give Yourself 'Structured Guidance' to Win . . .

​How To Give Some ORDER To The Markets

​Structure Your Time. Let the Markets Meet YOUR Goals!

After Decades of observation, I've come to the reluctant, but verified, conclusion that most traders, like most people, have no PLAN or, don't really know what they want to achieve from their Trading or their Lives.

Maybe this is a good time for some self-examination. Are you in it just for the occasional thrill of a 'lucky' win?

If so, then, why not go for More??

​Much, much More.

Most of us have been 'trained', (I'd rather use the word 'brainwashed' here), by the Markets to take what it gives us and to be grateful for an occasional profit 'crumb' now and again.

But, there is another way. A more 'business-like' way to conduct ourselves relative to our participation in the markets.

​A way more suited for the chaotic times we now find ourselves in.

This approach is addressed in the first portion of our 'Excalibur Trading Method' Course where we explore the concept of 'Lines of Intention', what they are and how they work when it comes to trading in any Market.

We've entered times when this little-known, and, even less practiced Knowledge is going to be critical to surviving and prospering like never before.

I've decided to release 'Excalibur' in a digital format just so that those of you who aren't aware of this approach to Structured Trading Goals can again have access to it.

The first portion of the 'Excalibur' Method Course provides a new insight into Money Management; the 'Line of Intention' Concept.

This one concept will open the eyes of most readers to entirely new possibilities and a superior measure of 'control' when it comes to their trading going forwards into the future.

This structured 'Line of Intention' approach can change everything about trading for you and bring a new clarity about just 'what you're doing in the markets', and, when, they tell you to leave the trade.

You'll KNOW why your in, and, you'll KNOW why to get out.

​And, You'll Set the Parameters!

Downloadable - Same-day Access - Lower Cost than ever before!

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