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My Friends, this one course has been a long time coming. It's the culmination of an inner journey of the Author which took over 50-years to prepare for.

It's True Value Is Priceless In The Right Hands.

Everyone says that they want to know the future, but, how many are really prepared to handle that kind of information in reality? Few indeed!

For those few intrepid souls who are willing to take this step into what used to be the Unknown Future, this Course will unlock those Precious Moments in Time when Trends Change and Price Swings will take place with almost 100% accuracy!

A Great Technique Because It's So Simple To Apply.

I've discovered many approaches to determining future actions in the markets, but, I feel that this one is exceptional because of it's solid mathematical foundations and it's ease of use when analyzing a price chart.

Natural Law-Based Methods? Say, There May Be Something To This!

There certainly is! After all, don't we all want something as reliable as possible working for us when it comes to Trading? That's what you'll find with all our Course contents and deep study programs. Indeed, it's the very stabillity of Mathematical Law that is the Foundation behind all the Techniques that we've found to be the most responsive, repeatable and long-lasting when it comes to Understanding Markets and their Price Movements.

Human-Oriented Trading Skills! No A.I. Allowed Here!

You Won't Find Any Friend of A.I. Here. We're all about building Your Personal Trading Skills so that YOU can be in charge of your Life and not some mysterious, pre-programmed software!

Life Itself is Risky, With No Guarantees!

We have no Guarantees in this Life except that we must take Risks to move ourselves and our personal potential forward to great achievement.

In short, every trader has to make their own Decision as to whether they want to 'grab the Bull by the Horns' and take a risk with great potential or, just 'sit this one out' and let History move on without them.

If you're reading this text now, you've already shown yourself to be a person who's willing to test the limits of the Trading Game and take your Trading Skill to a New and Greater Level entirely.

You, and Only You, Must Be The Judge!

A very long time ago, I decided to let my clients/students be the ultimate judges of the methods we provided them. Their long list of unsolicited testimonials over the years stands as the only proof that matters to me of each method's utility in the real world.

Of course, at first, every one of them also had to overcome a natural hesitation before making a decision to proceed and acquire a method for themselves. The fact that they're still around and I'm still around after 50-years largely settles the question as to 'the payoff being worth the initial risk', I think.

We're An Entirely Membership Supported Association.

If we didn't offer the very best Support in terms of Techniques and Trading Methods to our Members, then, we'd lose their continuing support and we'd be gone. It's that simple. 

But, instead of vanishing years ago, we've been able to continue to serve our private members for Decades now, and, better than ever through the publication of our Research revealing, not only Solutions to the Puzzles and Secret Teachings of W.D. Gann, the Master Trader, but also, revealing entirely new secret discoveries and original research of our own as well.

We're both humbled and proud of our accomplishments in adding over 50 distinct and original Courses & Techniques to the Association's Library Collection and the Private World.

Our private Association Members are composed of mature/experienced traders who understand these facts and are still willing to reach out and test additional trading methods which we've had the privilege of discovering over the decades.

The Very Best Has Been Sorted & Is Presented to You Here!

This New and Exciting Solution to discerning future points in TIME when a Trend will Begin, End or Expand it's price swing volatility is being limited in release for the remainder of 2023, so, you'll have to act quickly and take action to secure one of the remaining copies allocated for 2023.

The requested Gift Contribution for this Course is only $975 USD.

Next Year, (2024), this Course will be listed for $1250 USD, and, will go upwards in price from there as word about it's great potential starts to spread..

The True and Lasting VALUE of 'Equilibrium', the Course, is incalculable. In the hands of a Strategic Trader with Patience and Persistence, it will be amazingly powerful and give an unbeatable competitive edge to it's user.

Contact me by email if you're willing to step forward and grab this Golden Ring to Trading.

For those who can overcome their initial skepticism, a whole new world of trading wonder and understanding awaits. I hope this explanation is helpful. If I may be of further assistance, please let me know. You can contact me by email at the address shown below.

George R. Harrison - Director

The International Trader's Research Association - A Private Member's Association

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