​'EXCALIBUR PRIME: The Sword of Price'

​. . . .Advancing The Excalibur Approach        To It's Highest Level

Mr. ​G.R. Harrison - Academy Director

​I've never followed the well-worn pathways.

​​Instead, going where the Research and my Instincts led me.

​Those of you who have been following my work over these years have come know me and understand my extensive research work over these past many decades. You've also, undoubtedly, noted that when it comes to Trading, instead of pursuing 'perfection' (a fruitless quest in my opinion), I've instead ​been relentlessly on the Path to Simplicity. The fewer the steps, the greater the rise (in results, i.e. Success). It's a Zen-like approach or philosophy that has served me & my clients well.

Today, I'm introducing 'Excalibur Prime: The Sword of Price', an important expansion on a concept only briefly mentioned at the later levels of the Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Master Course Level.

​I've been at this too long and, respect you too much to try to convince you of anything, but, for those select few (who know the Value of such things), 'Excalibur Prime' offers the following . . .

  2. ELEGANCE. The culmination of a decades-long pursuit of Truth, Price Trend and Simplicity.
  3. SHIFT. A genuine shift in perception of price charts. Incredibly satisfying results.
  4. RESULTS. From our Decades of Research and, our evolving perception of the markets & their behavior.
  5. Greater Depth. An expansion on a previous work found only at the Master Course Level.
  6. New Concept! A concept & Solution 'outside' and beyond anyplace the mainstream can ever take you.
  7. Fewer Decisions. The 'Decision Tree' for trading decisions is reduced to a mere twig in simplicity!
  8. Reduced Price. For all previous Excalibur owners, a discount is given (even though the process is different).

An Excellent Trend Change Detector? Yes, Absolutely.
​But, then again, so are almost all of our published trading methods. This Course is for those who are seeking the reward of raising their trading skills to a Master's Level and, using a Master's Skill set to do it.

A Very Common Misconception.
Most Traders believe that price trend analysis needs to be complex in order to be effective. Not at all! In fact, as mentioned earlier,

A Problem Solved . . . Here's a big question:  "How do I avoid having to make too many decisions during the trading day?"? It's an important one and, it turns out that the more decisions introduced into the trading process, the less effective (read: Profitable), the results become.

​This is where you'll find 'Excalibur Prime' to be the very Essence of Simplicity and Elegance!

Simplicity lends an Elegance to one's Life and investment affairs. Why not extend that philosophy to one's trading method as well?

The Charts! The Charts! It goes without saying that 'Excalibur Prime' will perform at a Master's Level and, the price charts bear this out. But, as they say, THERE'S MORE . . .

YOU'LL ACQUIRE A SPECIAL ADDITIONAL SKILL: Catching turns off from Flash Crashes and Blow-off Tops! It's all part of the 'Excalibur Prime' technique. This works the best of any method thus far and, is a skill-set that's well worth the price of the course all by itself!



​NOTE: All charts are for illustrative purposes only. They show where trading signals would theoretically occur using a particular trading method. These are hypothetical trades only that show timing potential for each method for comparative purposes and are shown for their educational content only and not as advisories or recommendations.

'Excalibur Prime Can Handle It! If the skill level of this method can handle the dynamic volatilities of Flash Crashes and Price Spikes, it almost goes without saying that routine markets ( which occur most of the time) are just plain easy for 'Excalibur Prime' to handle. No Problem!

​E​nough said? Good. Then, the next step is all yours to take. Drop me an email requesting price privately.

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