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 Send Your Financial Gift Using:  WISE.com, SKRILL, Or Crypto 

Here's Your Guide To Making Your Gift To The Association

To Access Our Private Association's Premium Trading Course Collection

 Once You've Signed Your NDA/Membership Application . . .


Payment Using SKRILL is EASY:

There are 2 Ways you can do it:

1.) I'll Send You a Gift Money Request (upon your request). then you can use your Credit/Debit Cards to make the payment through SKRILL. Follow their instructions.


2.) If you already have a SKRILL account, just transfer the gift payment to my email account in skrill: george26@protonmail.ch

For payments using WISE.com 

Our WISE.com Payment Methods & Instructions Follow:

It's Easy To Use WISE.com.:

The Easiest Way is to Request me to send you a 'Money Request' link from WISE.com. You can then follow the steps to complete the process in short order.

The other way is to Join WISE to use their services.

  • Then: Register for FREE.

 The Screen will look like this below:  . . .

Finally: On the registration pages following 'Select', make these entries:

Currency: USD

Select Recipient Type: Person

Their E-mail (my e-mail address at WISE): george26@protonmail.ch

Under Bank Details:

Full Name of Account Holder: George R. Harrison

WISE already has my bank details. You don't need to worry about them.

WISE will only need YOUR banking information and to comfirm the details for their system in order to complete your registration process.

Once they confirm them, you'll be all ready to go. Expect a little delay for this to complete, but, they're usually pretty fast.

Once you've completed this process once, you won't have to repeat it again, and, then, you'll be able to easily transfer funds around the World quickly and inexpensively.

Most transfers take SECONDS to complete not DAYS as with Banks once you're all confirmed.

   We Don't Sell Trading Information . . .

. . . We Offer Trader TRANSFORMATION!


Our WISE.com 

Membership E-mail

for donating funds is:


  • Gift Contributions May Be Made Using WISE.com.
  • FAST International Funds Transfers For LOW-COST!
  • Sign-Up for FREE & Get Your First Transfer FREE Using


You May Also Make Your Gifts Using Crypto-currencies.

Bitcoin (BTC) Gifts Accepted:

Use QR Code or the Wallet Address Below:

  • Bitcoin (BTC) Wallet Address: bc1qq8tr30w8kqr85ujlld39aa99k4eduzntm9s3cs 


Additional Crypto Wallet Addresses Below:

  • Monero (XMR) Wallet Address: 46i4DMbiiwa3hNYx1auxLxd2iAPNuHj1dKDPoLMpvKQ1V7VH8Y6VJYu69RhmGLRHQHRjEr4RzuRPTbP8G9RSe1i237CDR9m 
  • ZCash (ZEC) Wallet Address: t1WXdBBvAvqgrgByWuZ5UTMjkJpnqC2V7Po  
  • Etherium (ETH) Wallet Address:  0xe9A5945dBAA93C8ff63995B45A012155A9bd15A9
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Wallet Address:  qpkwtspyn73zhf4fw825xsztlafxg0lc2ut5y0st6v 
  • Dogecoin (DOGE) Wallet Address:  D9Jc6dnSA4YKyBzFTkJgNiC5z8bzKbHvpk  
  • Litecoin (LTC) Wallet Address:  LPH9MkAh53Z9j6pwE9aeVpi4G5Sk2fNZJW 

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