‘Fibonacci Trends’ Special Part 3 . . . S&P 500

​Concluding our 'Sunday Triple' Special Posts: ​In the last ​of our THREE Special Posts on 3-separate markets today​, we present the price chart for the S&P 500 US STOCK INDEX​. Th​is one also, is a short-term chart analysis for the last two-weeks applying our 'Fibonacci Trends' technique to this period's price action.

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Performance figures contained herein are hypothetical, unaudited and prepared by WDGann-Lost-Secrets.com; hypothetical results are intended for illustrative purposes only. Past performance is not indicative of future results, which may vary. There is a risk of substantial loss associated with trading stocks, commodities, futures, options and other financial instruments. Full disclosures here.

​EUR/USD Intraday Trading Signals Using 'Fibonacci Trends' approach ​for the last Week.

Note the last Long BUY Signal (shown by the green oval) as the last oval shown on the chart, has not been countered with a SELL order trigger as yet in this market. This market continues to be followed from the Long side, (on the short-term), watching closely for any weakness in price to take place with the 'Fibonacci Trends' technique as our Guide along the way. This is for short-term Hourly charting trends ONLY.

The overall LONG-TERM TREND is UP for the US Stock Market. Don't fight this TREND!! 

Always watch the CROWD and learn their current attitudes, fears and greed levels. Where do you go to find these? The untrustworthy and manipulative Media, of course!

It's actually their job (among others ie: politics and social), to steer the Public in the opposite direction to where the elite are positioning themselves.

You better believe it! It happens over and over again, but, too many believe in the Media to ever question or become aware of how these same results repeat over and over again and again. However, we can put them to work for us by carefully examining the very opposite of what they are advocating!

Do you want a 'Wake-up Call'? What has the media been saying to you about the Stock Market for years now? 'It's gonna crash', and, 'prices are too high' or 'The Economy's finished and can't rebound!'. ​

​Well, how well have all these lies turned out for the average investor? Not well. These artificial 'fears' have kept the average investor out of the Stock Market and left all the incredible gains made in the last years for the elite, top-feeders alone.

Some few traders are finally awakening and taking out some of the profits for themselves instead of listening to the fear-mongers. After all, if the average investor had done the exact ​opposite to what the media has been telling you about the stock market, you'd have been far, far wealthier than those who heeded their fake market assessments.

​Keep this valuable information in mind going forward and track the market's potential for doing the exact opposite of what's being touted. Use the most accurate trend tracking tool you can find to do this as, you want to get into the shifting, new trend earlier than other traders can. I think you know which tool I presently recommend to do this. If not, read on.

I don't normally issue this many posts, but, I thought you'd enjoy seeing where these markets are now relative to our recent 'Fibonacci Trends' Signals. Note that each of the charts shows some recent hypothetical trades for each of the markets and what their results potentials were. If you enjoy this type of market update, please let me know as well as what markets are of interest.

Note: All trades are 'hypothetical', and, for educational purposes only, but, the signals are generated using the Fibonacci Trends' Trading Technique.

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