‘Fibonacci Trends’ Sunday Special Part 1 . . . GOLD

​The Sunday Special: Today, I'll issue THREE Special Posts on 3-separate markets: first for GOLD; another for CRUDE OIL and the last one on the S&P 500. These will all be short-term chart analyses which are perfect for Sunday release as there isn't as much time constraint due to the markets being closed. The Posts will come out at three different times during Sunday, to spread them out a little bit. Watch your e-mail for notifications. - George

​EUR/USD Intraday Trading Signals Using 'Fibonacci Trends' approach ​for the last Week.

Note the SELL Signal at the upper right of the chart for Gold. This should prove to be important on the short-term and a place to watch for weakness in price to take place.

I don't normally issue this many charts, but, I thought you'd enjoy seeing where these markets are now relative to our recent 'Fibonacci Trends' Signals. Note that each of the charts will show some recent hypothetical trades for each of the markets and what their results potentials were. If you enjoy this type of market update, please let me know as well as what markets are of interest.

Note: All trades are 'hypothetical', and, for educational purposes only, but, the signals are generated using the Fibonacci Trends Trading Technique.

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