​Friday's ​S&P 500 Entry & Exit Signals

​Here's another dramatic, but not unusual, set of trading opportunities that would not have escaped your detection using our newly released 'Intra-day Solar Trader' Trading Technique.

Every one of these price swings that happened during Friday's Trading Session held great profit potential for the day-trader.

The math is all Good: $800 + $600 = $1,400 from only two trades.

In the first example, 16 pts. or $800; in the second trade opportunity 12 pts or $600. These were all on a single contract basis. Options could have yielded even more.

​At this Potential, your cost for the 'Intra-day Solar Trader' Method itself, (the very method that can find such profitable trading points), would be completely paid for in just 3-days and present you with unlimited Days, Weeks and Months of profit opportunities ahead from the point forward!

​There's A 'Catch', Though . . .

Of course, you knew there must be one, right? Well, it's the same 'catch' as with any trading approach: You Must Stay Disciplined In Using The Trading Method. There's no exception to this Rule allowed as Nature offers no 'Free Lunch'. ​

A Trader's Tools are only as good as the Trader using them

​You're In Business, Whether You Know It or Not

​If you're a Day-trader or Investor, the truth is that you have a business and all businesses have expenses associated with running them successfully.

​Think of the 'Intra-day Solar Trader' Method as a vital part of your business, because, in truth it is. And, I've made it so that it is a one-time expense for you and not a recurring one like that of a signal service. This is a Super Skill that you'll learn which can potentially sustain you from now on in regards to day-trading (subject to the above 'Catch' of course).

Allow this Amazing Trading Course to change your Life and be the engine of your Success in the Intra-day Markets.

​Contact me today by e-mail at the address below to be one of the very few who will have access to this amazing, nature-based, trading technology. - George

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