There seem to be several ‘different’ conclusions as to just what Mr. Gann’s secrets might have been or even if there were any!

How can so many confusing conclusions come out of the same basic printed materials?

To Bake the Cake, We Need to Have the Same Recipe!

Young WD GannWhenever there are 20 different cooking results derived from the same basic recipe and, none of which match the original chef’s results, there either has to be a whole lot missing from that base recipe or (more likely) all 20 ‘cooks’ have mis-identified a basic ingredient in the recipe!

If a fundamental level of truth (ingredient) was discovered, then there would be a basic understanding which all would share and not a diversity of different methods and results.

Mr. Harrison believes, after decades of testing, that he’s finally come to understand the majority of the material which W.D. Gann left in published form. At least those papers that have been released from the vaults.

More importantly though, he’s rediscovered PRINCIPLES or LAWS that allow one to understand the written records left behind, much like a tracker who follows the trail of someone wandering through the wilderness of Nature.

Mr. Harrison states that the best way of judging whether someone is on the right track in an area of study is to see if they can duplicate the results of their teacher using the same working or technological conditions.

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