Gann Insights 2

Objective: Same Results Under the Same Conditions

To give an example:

Did W.D. Gann’s teachings require computers or software able to make millions of calculations per second to supply entries, exits and angles for his successful trades? NO.

There were no such devices in Gann’s day and no need for them in order for Mr. Gann to accomplish all that he did. Therefore, we shouldn’t need them either if we had access to the same core information as Mr. Gann did.

That said, Mr. Harrison now makes his case for what he teaches.

  • What he will teach can be applied by hand without computer, software or astrological manuals.

So, that part matches up with Mr. Gann’s work and times.

  • Mr. Gann could predict at least some prices at tops and bottoms of their cycles.
  • The methods Mr. Harrison derived from Mr. Gann’s work can do the same (solving W.D. Gann’s famous 1909 September Wheat Trade and others for example).

Another duplication of Mr. Gann’s work using the same technology.

  • Mr. Gann’s forecasts predicted turning points in time from price trends.
  • Mr. Harrison has also duplicated this by studying Mr. Gann’s material.

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