W.D.Gann Older photoOh, and when Mr. Harrison says that he learned from Gann’s materials, he means that Mr. Gann’s work set him in motion to search out the meaning and Principles behind Gann’s printed results until he could match them up and repeat them.

He believes that that was Mr. Gann’s original intent.

Not that he would include the methods in the courses, but, that he’d provide the means to discover what he had discovered about markets after putting in the sufficient effort and time to study. In other words, he was willing to leave CLUES.

The Researcher and Student would have to follow those clues to find the Source Principles. Mr. Harrison stated, “I know that I never would have arrived at my present understandings without W.D. Gann’s clues and data from his writings.”

He mentions this to point out where the SOURCE of his discoveries came from (W.D. Gann courses, books and papers). Mr Harrison has posted some incredible results (in real-time) using this information that cements the truthfulness of his statements. You can verify some of these trade predictions by looking at the archives on this website and those on money-tigers.com.

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