Gann’s Greatest Angle Secret

A-CME-2‘W.D. Gann’s Greatest Angle Secret’

The Sixty-Year Cycle of ‘Secrets’ Has Ended!


WD GANN Angles, Circles and Squares

A Sixty-Year Cycle From ‘Deep Secrets’ to the ‘Light-Of-Day’!

The 60-year cycle of Gann’s deep secrets has ended and these are now the times whenthat which has been hidden shall be revealed.

Perhaps best remembered for his use of angle lines on price charts, W.D. Gann actually kept his greatest techniques hidden within other, more commonly known techniques. This approach protected his secrets well for over a Century . . . until our present times.

A Special ‘Master Course’ on the Hidden Techniques of W.D. Gann

The ‘Master Course’ offers many unique techniques and discoveries and one of them reveals probably the greatest angle secret of them all. One which even transcends the angles in importance for:

  • Following Market Trends,
  • Detecting Trend Shifts,
  • Adjusting and placing Stops accurately at any time frame.

This has only been offered to a handful of people before and is still restricted to those who come to purchase the Master Course only.

These techniques were shrouded in secrecy during Gann’s lifetime and even these 60-years after his passing, but, the 60-year cycle (which Gann wrote about so often) applies to Secrecy as well.

And, the time for Secrecy has expired and the Time of things to come into the Light has arrived.

So, to celebrate, I’m also re-releasing a special collection of additional, re-discovered Gann chart techniques which will be released as part of the ’60-Year Cycle of Secrets’ Edition of ‘Gann’s Greatest Angle Secret!

Order and Meaning to Markets and Life

Now, let’s get real about the information and opportunity being offered you here today; yes, it’s Rare and can only be obtained here. No other Gann site has it, but, the most important element in this equation is, and always will be, YOU.

If you can approach learning these discoveries from a pure love of learning and not the greed which plagues most of Mankind, then, the Knowledge that’s being offered you here will not only open your eyes, but open doors of massive, positive, wealth accumulating opportunity.

This is the ‘deep’ level of understanding that so many have been seeking over the decades which is really a search for order & meaning in our world.

You’ll find the reassurance you’ve been looking for here, in this course.

You’ll learn that Order is only masquerading as Chaos in the markets & economies of the World.

You’ll be freed from the ‘random walk’ theory about the markets and it’s unsettling conclusions. You’ll soon prove for yourself this ‘theory’ was just a wrong guess that deceived whole generations.

Bottom Line Time – RELAX, There’s No Pitch.

I’m not writing this to ‘bend’ your will to make you purchase this offering. In fact, this course is only available with our MASTER COURSE PROGRAM. Instead, I’m trying to invite only those who truly seek ‘Understanding’ of how the markets work and what Laws they follow. Those that gain that Understanding and apply it to the markets will gain ‘Wisdom’ in the process. Those are Nature’s steps and all who seek Truth will have to pass through this sequence on the way to it.

The special people this Journey appeals to are not driven by greed or fear and are the very ones which will gain the most and go the furthest. I don’t promise riches or fame to anyone. Those, when they occur, are only ‘effects’ which FOLLOW UNDERSTANDING and WISDOM, all of which are individually determined.

My Part of Your Success Equation: What I’ll Do.

GRharrison1I’ll teach you this information and technique and many others which are collected within The Harrison-Gann Trade Secret Master Course . The structure of our course will be this:

  • I’ll supply the printed techniques and provide real-market examples,
  • You’ll learn the techniques and the examples,
  • Apply the process to paper trades until you have a thorough understanding of the method and your risk management parameters,
  • Should questions arise along the way, you’re free to contact me and we’ll work out the understanding together on a private file exchange network that’s free to use for each student.

Your Understanding once applied to real-world markets will give you the Wisdom needed to Succeed.

The very best I can offer is my Knowledge and Support, both of which come with this course. Long after you’ve learned the lesson, should new questions arise, support is as close as the next e-mail sent.

You’ll never be left alone should questions arise or more explanations are needed.

Read the Testimonials1, Testimonials2  or Testimonials3 from previous students of my courses. That should be enough to set yourself at ease when it comes to issues of support and quality of the materials presented.

So, when all is said and done, there remains Your Desire and love for greater Knowledge. As long as this is your dominant desire, you’re already in a success mode for the results you seek.

This undoubtedly constitutes the most important of  W.D. Gann’s Secret Angle techniques and methods discovered to date.

I’d personally like to sell fewer rather than more of this information but, I’ll bow to the wishes of the Universe to steer those it wishes to this site and offer.

It’s been over a 45-year journey of research and discovery from my end to my present understanding of Gann’s secrets and techniques.

My wish is to save some of you the delays and dead-ends that I encountered along the way and these books will do just that for you.


The Bottom-Bottom Line:

WD Gann’s Greatest Angle Secret can only be found within the Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Master Course. It’s just ONE of the many deeper techniques that you’ll find within this collection of discoveries and re-discoveries which I’ve made over the last 45+ Years of dedicated research and practical testing. All course materials will be printed to your order and shipped by DHL Express to your door.

Support is offered for a 6-month period just to be sure you have all your questions answered.

The cost and availability of the Master Course may be found by contacting me by e-mail. Serious Inquiries Only This is EXTREMELY VALUABLE, POWERFUL & LIMITED INFORMATION.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at: .

Thank you for taking the time to read this page and thank you for your consideration.

Regards & Best Wishes for Your Success,George R. Harrison