Generations With No Sense Of History

You Have To Know Where You've Been

Before You Can Know Where You're Going!

Actions have consequences. Schools have all but eliminated the study of History over the last few decades as well as Civics (the study of Government and how it works).

The results or consequences of this action have been obvious to anyone who watches the News with wonder. People with no sense of what Past they are part of become 'Lost' with no sense of the Future, and, Chaos ensues.

When It Comes To Market History We Need To Know That This Has All Happened Before!

Cycles Exist. They Repeat. They have in the Past. They will in the Future.

A trader's knowledge of the Past price actions of a Market can provide both information and assurance.

Yes, that's right. There's a certain comfort in knowing that these patterns of Growth and Decline are a regular part of Nature's Laws.

What We're Seeing Isn't 'New': It's Only 'New' To Those Who Are Too Young To Have Been Around For The Previous Cycles!

W. D. Gann was insistent that a trader or investor should accumulate a history of their Market of interest going back many Decades (as many as possible), in order to better understand the actions and cycles of that Market.

Above is a W. D. Gann May Soybean price chart from 1948.

The price Cycle back then went Up and Down just as it does today and will always do.

There aren't any traders around today who remember or who experienced this large move in Soybeans, but, a study of this price cycle and the many others which have occurred over the Decades following, (or preceding it), will reveal important 'Rules' to such price swings, (including, how to detect and be ready for the next one!).

That, my friends, is the essence of what I did over the last Half-Century.

I slowly accumulated, (these charts were rare and very hard to find back then), ancient price charts of all kinds that went as far back in time as I could locate and studied them in order to discover their 'secrets'.

In addition to these historical collections, I personally experienced the next 50-years of market Cycles in Stocks and Commodities.

I was there for the stock peaks in 1969, the Crash into the 1974 Stock Market super Lows, the super Bull Markets in Gold & Commodities in 1974 and 1980, and the Stock Market Low in 1982 and for all the rise up into the 1987 Stock Market High and Crash.

From those Crash Lows, I followed the markets back up to the High Tech Stock Market top in 2000, the following drop into 2004, back to the highs in 2007 and the Global Financial Panic in 2008. Up and Down. Swings upwards and the following Declines.

On wards to today. I've seen it all and I bear witness that Cycles exist and repeat over and over again. You don't have to believe in them, they Rule over us. We get no Vote.

And, before me, came Mr. W. D. Gann. Mr. Gann did the same deep research and went back as far into price history as it existed for today's markets.

Some of Gann's insights were written into a few courses along with subtle 'clues' about deeper mysteries that he had uncovered, learned and applied, BUT, didn't reveal.

This was irresistible to me. I took the bait and pursued those unpublished 'Truths' of the Markets for the next 50-Years following my discovery of W. D. Gann and his work.

This pursuit was fruitful. My accumulated discoveries, (made one-at-a-time over the decades), were assembled into a Collection which I called the 'Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Master Course', or, the 'Master Course' for short.

I only mention this for the sake of younger traders (which are most traders at my age:), as it may not have occurred to them that, though they are new to this planet, these markets have been here and active for far longer and have their own rhythm of action.

You have an excellent alternative to the 'work hard and discover everything by myself' approach. Especially if you don't have 50-years or more to spare for the 'project'.

The clever, mature-minded (disciplined) trader who desires to take both his understanding of the Markets and his trading skills to a much higher level in the shortest time possible, can save both time and money (from losses avoided), by enrolling in our Private 'Master Course' Program.

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