Gold & Silver: What’s The Trend Reality?

​Is The Present Uptrend Something 'New'?

​Let History Be Your Guide!

Everyone's excited by the recent rise in Gold & Silver, but, should they be?

Not if they took a Professional approach to trading and were acquainted with the Seasonal characteristic movements of Gold & Silver prices.

These can be seen using Seasonal Charts which bring together the past price performance during the calendar year averaged over a good long time period in order to filter out the odd, non-seasonal years.

Above is an example of a Seasonal Gold Price chart. What do we see?

We find that Gold has a tendency (over a 40-Year period!) to rise starting in March and April of the Year and to keep that general price direction until September or October of the Year.

So, what did we see happen with Gold prices this Year?

​If you look at the price chart for GOLD at the top of this post, you'll see that the price bottom for this present upsurge started in March. This is EXACTLY what one could have expected based on past History of gold prices and it's behavior over a very long time period.

​If prices have been acting 'Normal', that is, in accordance with their past Seasonal behavior, then, it's a rational position (not an emotional one) to expect prices to continue to act as they have in the past going forward into the immediate future.

So, don't be surprised by the rising prices. It's normal, the only difference this time is that the Normal pattern of Seasonal price behavior is happening at higher price levels. But, the Principle is what matters here, and, if you study the Seasonal chart above for Gold & Silver, you're not going to be caught up in the emotional aspects of this trade which the media indulges in every day.

​Pay attention to when this normal price rise comes to an end; late September, early October. Don't get swept up into buying into this expected peak price period in those months and, you'll save yourself a lot of grief and money. - George

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