“Time spent in study of price, time and past market movements, will give you a rich reward.” – W.D. Gann

WD Gann & the Harrison Gann Trade Secrets Course Elements

WD Gann & the Harrison Gann Trade Secrets Course Elements

My time spent in the study of price, time and past markets (over 40 years) has allowed the rediscovery of many of WD Gann’s ‘lost’ secrets hidden within his previously private papers, and, I’m happy to say, much more!

This information and much more is now available separately in 3-sections or ‘Elements’.

Elements I, II and, now, Element III can be purchased one-at-a-time as you progress through the Course.

E-mail me for cost and availability as only a few students are accepted each year.

The entire course consists of over 1,111-pages of completely original discoveries and of rediscoveries of WD Gann techniques.

The new Element III consists of two books Part 1 & 2 plus two books titled : ‘Rediscovering  WD Gann’s Lost Secrets’ Parts I and II.

You can also opt to take the entire Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Course over time.

 The Course is also offered as a 13-part correspondence module series where one is able to purchase each module as you continue through the course.

The same limitation on the number of students applies.

Those wishing to understand the most fundamental levels of the markets and price movements and, who know the real value of such information are invited to be part of a very small group who will carry this knowledge on into the future.

My focus in WD GANN studies includes the following (and much more):

The rediscovery of these WD Gann lost secrets (and many more) as well as my other completely original discoveries will be made available through The Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Course.

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