Intra-day ‘Levitas’ Trading Signals

There Were over $2,200 Dollars In Crude Oil Trading Opportunities All Within The Last Two Days Alone!

​What Would Such A Method Be Worth To You???

​The Levitas Trading Method = Great Intra-Day Trading Opportunities

Are You Using The 'Levitas Principle' Yet?


Again, the Hard Truth is that Not all Markets are worth trading.

You need to trade  markets that are volatile enough to provide potentially profitable swings that are large enough to justify watching the market for hours at a time.

In addition, you'll need that chosen market to have enough trading volume to keep bid & ask spreads tight and to allow for easy and fast entry and exits from that Market. 

Crude Oil is another one of those special,  profitable, high-volume markets to pay attention to. As you can see by the above charts, there were several optimal times to both enter and exit the markets during this not-so-special trading day

​In today's hypothetical example, we've used our special 'Levitas Principle Trading Method' to select when to enter or exit trades.


​Only a few trading approaches are of the highest quality.

​You need the best and ones based on lasting mathematical laws that won't be affected by changes in politics, institutional trading strategies or changes to the overall Economy.

​Let such a Standard of Excellence be your guide to ​intra-day trading in the markets. We have  exclusive, proprietary trading methods which qualifies on all counts. Today's example chart shows one of these . . .

​It's called 'The Levitas Principle' Trading Method ​is excellent for following intra-day price swings and micro-trends in the Markets.


If you're a professional trader or serious investor, you know that results are worth their extra cost. ​Success is reserved for the 5% who are willing to pay the price for Success!

That's what Quality demands and, it's a Law of the Universe & Business. Excellence names it's price and is eagerly sought out and paid by those Businessmen, Investors or Traders who demand Quality, Excellence and Exclusivity. That's exactly what you'll find with these two intra-day trading methods (The Intra-day Solar Trader' and 'The Levitas Principle Trading Methods) and, what you'll experience when you take our WD Gann Lost Secrets Master Course.

We offer one-of-a-kind WD Gann insights and proprietary trading method solutions  that are available on a support donation basis.

We've been researching & pioneering Price Trend Analysis for over a Half Century now, and, we've uncovered many trading 'nuggets' of truth along the way. We offer these to serious traders through our International Trader's Research Academy.

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