The 'Levitas' ​Trading Principle

For those Experienced, Qualified Investors Who Demand the Very Best,


"Thanks for giving me this great opportunity for learning the 'Levitas' Trading Method. I found 'Levitas' to be one of the most Powerful Trading Methods that's easy to apply with great precision.

I found it's accuracy to be more than 95%. I'm so grateful and thankful to you and, any words are not adequate to express my gratefulness towards you." - S.K.

​The Levitas Principle is the Best Performing Single Course offering that is presently available to our Clients. There are ​FIVE separate, powerful methods of market analysis that are offered within the printed course that are based on the 'Levitas' Principle. One of which gave the signals shown on the index charts below for the recent pull-back in Stock Prices.

How Does 'The Levitas Principle' compare to our other techniques? You'll see in the analyses of the same chart by each different method in the chart groups below. 'Levitas' provides ​our earliest indications for Tops & Bottoms in the Markets!

WARNING: The Road to Successful Trading is no​t a Super-Highway. It's more like a time-tested, proven, weaving Pathway built by Nature according to Her own Rules. Our job as traders is to:

  1. Find Those Rules and
  2. Follow Those Rules.

​Some of those Rules don't seem 'fair'. ​However, that's just how Nature has constructed the Game-Board of Life. ​​It turns out that our concept of 'fair' is actually a false teaching that has nothing to do with Reality or Success in Life. It's far better, and, much easier, to know the real Rules of Reality, (no matter how harsh they 'feel'), and to follow them as only in that direction lies the Pathway to Success and Prosperity.

  • One of the hardest of Nature's Laws to accept is that Effort and Success are ALWAYS disproportionate. Only a very few things are extremely Successful while most efforts don't amount to much at all. Sometimes this is expressed as the 80-20 Principle or Pareto's Law meaning that only 20% of our efforts yield over 80% of the Results. In reality, many things follow an even harsher 90-10 or even 95-5 ratio meaning, that most efforts don't yield very favorable results. Seems 'hard' doesn't it? But, examine your own experiences and those of History and you'll find this very pattern ​EVERYWHERE.

This being the harsh Truth then, what's the best approach to take to trading if Success if your goal (and not just gambling excitement)?

  • Though, most seek to find shortcuts, the Truth is that there is always a high cost for Success. This may come in the form of Time, Work, Wealth and, usually a combination of all three.
  • There is one additional factor: FOCUS on the MOST-LIKELY-TO-SUCCEED, HIGHEST ODDS-OUR-FAVOR OPPORTUNITIES!! People give little thought to spending thousands of dollars each year for Health Insurance that is seldom used. Next year, they'll do it all over again and will continue year-after-year for a cumulative cost of tens of thousands of dollars. All this Wealth expended for nothing and with no movement forward of anything but TIME. But, how many are Wise enough to purchase WEALTH INSURANCE in the form of KNOWLEDGE​?
  • ​Some precious, hidden Truths are just not intended to be widely known by their very Nature ​due to the same 80-20 Principle mentioned above. Truthful Knowledge too is non-linear in it's distribution meaning most general knowledge is of very little value at all while a small sliver of Wisdom is worth an incredible amount!!

What is offered to ​those who are qualified here goes beyond just the 80-20 or, even the 90-10 level of understanding. The 'Levitas' Trading Principle will launch you into the 99-1 level of powerful, exponential Success and Growth of Capital.

  • This is a New Concept and Approach to Trading & Investing that will forever change your understanding based on a Natural Principle that will always stand the test of Time.
  • A Quantum shift in Market Understanding and Trading.
  • Even 'Chaos' must follow hidden Rules of Behavior.
  • This Powerful Concept is definitely not meant for the inexperienced or beginning trader! It's meant for those who have the discipline and maturity to apply it consistently. This heretofore Secret Principle and it's FIVE associated techniques is the Reward for your Years of searching for Market Truth.
  • This is information for the 1% and the .1% of Traders. Market Success (as described earlier by Pareto's 80-20 Law) is Elite by it's very ​structure. It's a FACT. Only the very few shall pass through this Gate and those who do shall use and protect this information fiercely.
  • A Very High Price has been paid to acquire this enlightening Wisdom. Many, many years were spent in it's pursuit and still more years to discover the unique techniques on how to apply the 'Levitas' Trading Principle.
  • This is what I call a 'Legacy Teaching'; one of the 'Golden Age' teachings which I'll pass on to a few chosen students. These will be the Chosen Few who will protect it and use it to make the World a better place in which to live. Make no mistake about it. Those who use this information will find themselves in a financial position to make changes for the better for multitudes of lives. This information has the potential to change lives not just your balance sheet bottom line!
  • One of the Laws of Nature & Mathematics is that Effort and Success are ALWAYS disproportionate, so, you must apply your trading & investment efforts in the most effective way possible. In other words, most trading approaches will fail, but, a very few approaches will success ENORMOUSLY. The 'Levitas' Trading Principle is one of those very few. ​Because it's based on the structure of markets and price movements it always aligned with the markets. ALL Markets in ALL Time periods.
  • Using an 80-20 approach to Trading means that one must confine one's trading efforts to ONLY the very best Opportunity Points.

​Our latest release is much more than just another Course. This is the release of a profound Market Principle which has been surrounded by  FIVE Powerful Trading ​Techniques which were designed to take full advantage of that previously hidden Principle.

  • ONE underlying, profound Principle of the Markets.
  • FIVE Specific, Powerful Trading Techniques build around this One previously hidden Principle of the Markets.
  • ​THREE-Months of Guaranteed Consulting Support to fully back you up in your understanding & application of the methods.
  • ONE-YEAR & TWO-YEAR Consulting Support Contracts Available for continued Support & Assistance for this or ALL COURSES OFFERED.
  • ​Priority Shipping via UPS or DHL Express to your door.
  • Super-Early Detection of Trend Changes in the Markets.
  • EXCLUSIVE MEMBER DISCOUNT from our Courses Catalog!
  • ALL PRIOR COURSE ​OWNERS will receive Consulting​ Support ​for 6-Months with their purchase of 'Levitas'.

                         How to Consistently Profit from the Beginnings,                           the Continuation Of and the End of Bull or Bear Markets!!

Yes, We've Seen It All Before . . .

Back in 1987 we were all riding high along with a booming Stock Market which seemed like it would never end.

History, however, had a different story to teach about the ultimate destiny of roaring markets.

At that time, I'd learned enough to, at least, entertain the possibility that the Stock Market Bull Market would end at some point. This was a position, I later learned, which the Public hadn't considered.

In 1987 I had a market advisory letter called the CMR Report that a few select traders subscribed to which covered all the major markets of it's day. In the Fall of 1987, I used a special technique of analysis which I called the 'STL' or The 'Super-Trendline' which I used to analyze the markets including the Stock Market.

In the Fall of that year, that Super-Trendline detected a shift in the Stock Market up trend just after it had peaked. This was long before there was any consideration that this boom was over. See the Yellow Arrow on the chart to the right to see how well this Method timed the very TOP of the 1987 Stock Market!

The Super-Trendline is one of FIVE Techniques You'll have access to.

Now, you can see how that Client of ours was able to generate a gain of over $85,000 in profit in only a week or so.  This Trading Technique made it all possible by 'seeing' what everyone else missed: The End of The Up Trend!

I'm presenting to you, today, the very Solution that Serious Investors & Traders have been waiting for:

The 'Levitas' Trading Principle.

Not just the Principle alone, mind you. And, this is not merely a Course Offering either. 

Not even close. This Publication will expose you to a Hidden Truth of the Markets; one that will reveal one of the most important factors that actually makes the Markets: The Order Book.

Before today (and the release of this information to just a handful of Clients), there's just been no way for traders to access what the Big Players in the Markets have been up to and where their orders were hiding in the markets.

The whole concept behind High Frequency Trading (HFT) has been to set loose algorithmic trading programs to find this very information by feeding orders into the markets and just as rapidly pulling those orders out when they found where the Big Players had their orders placed. It's an expensive and time-consuming process, although a successful one.

The 'Levitas' Trading Principle and it's Family-cluster of techniques can achieve the same ends without high-speed computer networks or mysterious algorithms that need constant 'tweaking'.

Why does it work?

Let's face it, it's because the Big Players Make The Markets. Every Market!

​The Bottom Line is when to BUY and SELL. That's it. The Market Makers focus is on never letting you know just where those price points are located!

That's the real GAME we're engaged in when trading. It's US against THEM and They have most of the advantages on their side of the Game Board. There's Two ways to WIN the Game as I see it after half-a-Century of observation . . .

  • The First is to totally understand the Nature of the Game we're playing and where the traps and advantages lie in the Game Rules.
  • The Second is to discover underlying, unchanging Principles that can give us an edge over our Competition by disclosing just WHERE those orders in the Markets are hiding so we can act early at critical turning points in the Markets.

Principles (because they ARE Principles) continue to work successfully in the Commodity, Stock, Indexes and Forex Markets. They have in the Past; they will in the future because they are not opinions or fads. 

They are LAWS of NATURE.

If you'd like to learn more about the Original 'Levitas Trading Principle' and it's Five integrated, completely new trading techniques or for purchase information, by e-mail today.

This approach to trading is different. Very different.

 It's a technical approach, however, it draws out the important fundamental knowledge and discovery of THE ORDER BOOK and the placement price of market orders. As you can also see if you examine the chart samples following, the signals for exiting or going short markets comes extremely EARLY. long before there's even a visual cue as to the importance of a price pull-back.

What We Offer That You Can Find Nowhere Else


  • ​World-Class Service: Guaranteed 6-Month Support (or longer with subscription) for each Course whenever you need it. The Author will respond to your request with original Text and Charts to further Clarify the concepts.
  • ​World-Class Quality: Our products are Unique, time-tested over Decades and even Hundreds of Years of price history and consist of Market Discoveries that are Closely Guarded, Proprietary and available nowhere else on Earth.
  • We Serve a Very Unique ​Clientele: Professional, Business-oriented, Active Traders; delivering to them amazingly accurate World Class Trading Methods & Market Knowledge that can't be found anywhere else.
  • A Very Special, Personalized Learning Experience: You experience with us is Guaranteed to be one that is personalized and satisfying at many levels. We'll treat you with the Respect you deserve as a valued Client & Student. Our over half-a-Century of Market Analysis & Research experience will provide you with a market-matured perspective to both Trading Techniques and responses to your questions (as they arise). You'll have access to this perspective throughout the business week by private file & text services.
  • Our Prices Are Expensive . . . By Design: Our Prices are part of our Mission to treat our Clients to the very ​Highest Quality of Market Trading Methods & Knowledge. The Prices that come with World-Class Quality help to further guarantee their very limited distribution. REMEMBER: You're receiving the Results of over Half-a-Century of intense research, testing and workmanship.

Intra-Day Trading Chart Examples of Using The 'Levitas' Trading Principle: 

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Daily International Stock Index Trading Chart Examples​:

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Forex Intra-Day Trading Chart Examples:

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Crypto-Currency Intra-Day Trading Chart Examples:

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Q & A

Q: Does this new course involve 'drawing' lines on the charts also?

A: There are actually 5 different methods of using 'The Levitas Trading Principle' that are described in the Manual.

These include:

  • Horizontal Angles (the first method), 
  • Gann Angles applied in a very special way and 
  • 'Levitas' Geometric Angles
It's worth noting that the 'Levitas' Geometric Angles create the sharpest, earliest entry & exit angles I've ever seen.

All the techniques can be easily understood and applied even straight from a printed chart. I haven't included the angles on any of the chart examples on the website; only the pertinent entry or exit price points. But, this course (over 167-pages) has ample examples for all techniques for all major markets including crypto-currencies on intra-day, daily and even longer time frames.

I've included some questions and their answers concerning this new and exciting course offering below for further clarification.

Q: Does 'The Levitas Trading Principle' involve using calendar dates and 'counts'.

A: There are no calendar dates to locate or calculations to make.

Q: Can I ask how much this course is (you mentioned there is an exclusive member discount).
A: These techniques have been highly prized; and for good reason. As I wrote on the website, this Principle worked extremely well for me back when I first used just one of the methods back in 1987.   

Q: Some methods from the Master Course require the charts to be ‘squared’. Do any of the 5 methods require the charts to be ‘squared’?

A: I'm happy to report that no square chart format is necessary; a fact you'll see with the charts used on the description page. These are the very chart formats I used to do the analysis and are readily available online. No special requirements for chart formatting are required.

Q: Besides an earlier entry, can you please elaborate on any other advantages? For example, does this new material provide a higher success rate on positions taken?

A: All the techniques catch the trend changes which this one does as well, so, the success rate for catching major trend changes will be about the same.. However, there are certain moves that Levitas will prevent one from entering that are not qualified and, because of that, the success rate will actually be greater as there will be fewer error trades.

Trade Certainty is Higher, in other words, and, the process is simpler than either Excalibur, Exponential or most of the other methods. Where there is a market Truth, there should be simplicity in applying it to trading. That's certainly the case here.

I usually rate a method personally by how easy it is to apply and by how much insight into the actual market it provides. Thirdly, I look at the entry and exit points and see how close they are to the actual tops and bottoms.

Looking at the first factors "How easy it is to apply?" and "How much insight do I get into the Market?", I give 'Levitas' a first place ribbon. It's very easy to use and gives absolutely GREAT insight into what's going on with trend turns and ongoing trend STOPS and new, updated Entry & Exit points are constantly provided by the market's data itself (in chart form) as future price information continues to unfold.

The Entry & Exit points, being as tight as they are to top and bottom turns give a higher success rate in this sense: Entries & Exits are closer to Stops on the other side of the high or low, so, risk is reduced while the potential profit is increased by getting into the new trends earlier.

Q: Are absolute highs and lows predicted with much greater accuracy etc?

A: It was never the intention of this method to predict the high or low numerically to-the-bar. That technique was in Module #3 and, involves some calculations (which I like to avoid) and, is, by definition a hard target to hit probability-wise.

I chose to integrate price momentum into the process as close to the top or bottom as possible in order to minimize risk better. The results are almost the same while the risk is significantly lessened by not taking the risk of picking a single bar as a top or bottom (a low-probability event point) as opposed to taking a group of price bars and letting them define their own tipping point according to natural law.

Q: How is Levitas supreme to all of the other materials from your research?

A: For the reasons mentioned earlier (lowered risk/greater potential gains) and, for me, the fact that the five methods fold other mathematical rules like the Gann Angles as well as the geometric Levitas angles and the Levitas Principle into one, single approach.

In other words, it's not a methodology based on a single approach only, but, upon the newly introduced Principle plus several of our other discoveries focused together to achieve a multi-sourced process to obtain a single solution. 

Q. Do I have to draw lines on the live chart / on historical chart ?
A: Yes you do if you wish to see where the critical entry and exit points are. You'll be using either horizontal lines or geometric lines. You can follow the five techniques by using your charting software line/trend drawing tools or a manual measuring tool like a straight-edge or compass if you wish as well.

Q. Do I need the chart in some fixed format ? Or normal chart available on any charting software would do?
A: No, you don't need to format the charts in any special way. Normal online charts can be used. All the charts on the descriptive page were taken from online sources. No lines were shown on the charts for security reasons of course.

Q. Do I need some special tools to draw these lines or standard tools like horizontal/vertical/ trend lines would do ?
A: The standard tools on most charting software to draw
horizontal/vertical/ trend  lines will work just fine.