Wouldn't You Love To See Moves Like This

And, Expect Them IN ADVANCE?

New Discoveries About Time Itself!

To my valued students and clients: The last few years of research have been incredibly fruitful as to market research discoveries.

Many have expressed their wish to be alerted to any new publications or discoveries that I had and I hesitated to even hint at what I was working on at that time.

This discoverey has HUGE implications as these are discoveries about a major Principle of Time itself! We've traveled far on our great Journey of Understanding together and you've learned much along the way as have I.

But, our travels have now, finally, brought us to the threshold of a New World of Understanding. And, the moment has come to step over that threshold and into an entirely new understanding of the one element that all the markets and our lives share in common: TIME.

I'm making this powerful introduction to this New World of Time for those who wish to know the Times they're living in presently and shortly to come..

Your loyalty and steadfastness  have equipped you well for the exciting Journey just ahead.

This is a Journey unlike any other that you've made when it comes to understanding, not only the Markets, but, also the very times we're living in, and, those soon to come.

I hesitated to release this information, but, remembered you and your request to be told of any new discoveries made.

And, so, here it is:

The name of the Course Set is 'It's About Time'., looking back from 2020' It comes as a pair of publications as Parts 1 & 2.

It comes in Two-Volumes that will open up new dimensions of understanding of markets and the invisible forces of Time itself!

This is a significant work, (and, here, I'm commenting on the importance of the discoveries and not myself!), and, I'm extending these discoveries out to our Private Members at this time.

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