“Millionaires Don't Use Astrology,

Billionaires Do." 

                      - J.P. Morgan

Use The Moon To Trade Effectively Without The Mysticism of Astrology.

New Release of Discovery based on WD Gann's work: 'Trader's Moon'.

By George R. Harrison

Learn to Understand the Moon's Special Language

  • A hidden influence at work over the Centuries!
  • A Unique Understanding With Distinctive BUY & SELL price points
  • An Original Approach Only Found Here!

“Millionaires don't use Astrology, billionaires do." -  J.P. Morgan

'Astrology' has fascinated Mankind for Millennia, possibly because we all instinctively know that we're connected (in some way) to not only our Planet, but, to those other heavenly bodies that reign above us as well. There's a good deal of truth in J.P. Morgan's quote about Billionaires using Astrology.

Their level of wealth allowed them to exclusively make use of tools that even Millionaires didn't know existed. Although a lot of 'mysticism' has gathered under the name of 'astrology' over the centuries, much of it can be easily discarded and the remaining nuggets of truth translated into the Science it originally began as. But, even once that is done, one must learn the 'key' to that translation. That 'key' has now been discovered. After over 45-years of deep research and the rediscovery of hidden trading secrets of super-trader W.D. Gann, these hidden truths are about to be revealed to a very lucky few.

The problem has been to find a Dependable process of interpreting and applying the Moon's aspects

Trading is one area where there has been a hidden influence at work over the Centuries. For instance, the Grain markets have been noted to be affected by phases of the Moon for many hundreds, if not thousands of years (going back before Joseph in the Bible).

Many have tried to bridge this gap between the order of the Moon and the chaos of market prices, but, to no avail and with only sporadic success.

Well, those days are now past. I'd like to present (to the very limited audience that is allowed to read this page) just such a process today. It is titled:

Traders Moon

Trader's Moon is a First among Astronomical-based trading systems. This is the first time that a workable and effective method for trading the markets has been presented that uses the Moon as it's consistent Guide and advance scout to market price movements.

Distinctive BUY & SELL price points will be consistently indicated that will capture, (*with high success probability) significant turns in price trend for Daily and Weekly Price movements.

* Required disclaimer requires us to state that 'Past performance is no guarantee of future results', (whether we believe that to be a true statement or not. - George H.

  • The Commodity Markets are now 'fair game'. As 'The Trader's Moon' extends far beyond just the Grain Markets with this technique. Indices, Energy, Financial and all Commodities can be traded as well.
  • The Stock Market including individual stocks are also able to be tracked using the Moon as your Accurate Trading Adviser & Partner.
  • The Forex Markets can be tracked and decoded as well. In fact, there's an example below . . .

Above we see a volatile Forex pair, the GBP/JPY (Pound/Yen). Largely considered an aimless and volatile market, when exposed to the 'Trader's Moon' technique of Analysis we find several optimal trades with green circles symbolizing BUY points and the red circles SELL points on the chart above.

NOTE: These are price points ONLY. The actual method has been removed from these charts.

Gold: The chart above is for the Gold market and shows how the 'Trader's Moon' approach can catch short-term daily price swings as well as longer-term weekly and even, monthly ones.

NOTE: These are price points ONLY. The actual method has been removed from these charts.

The E-Minin S&P 500: Above we see one of the most popular trading vehicles, the e-mini S&P. Here again, we find that there were many opportunities for the 'Trader's Moon' method to pick the direction of price trend accurately. Even when prices went sideways at the top, the risks were minimized by the method picking turns close to each other until the final, longer-term trend was established and could be followed downwards for great profit potential.

NOTE: These are price points ONLY. The actual method has been removed from these charts.

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The Moon's Special Language Will Lead You Out of a World of Price Confusion and Manipulation to an Entirely New World of *High Profit Potential in the Markets!

Let The 'Natural Order' Be Your Guide!

Remove the confusion of highly toxic man-made markets and, embrace the Natural Order, the 'Tao', the 'Trader's Moon'. Find where the markets are headed while others are still in shock!

*At Last! Consistency Can Be Expected . . . 

One of the hardest things to imagine about the markets is that there could ever be anything that acted consistently, but, that's exactly what's revealed in the 'Trader's Moon' trading method!

Put Away Fear and . . . Take Action Instead!

So many Human factors go into our trading behavior that it's difficult at time to be aware of the little 'fears' that come with trading. Let the Moon be your Guide and Adviser. Set aside those fears for Action.

George R. Harrison

"Some come to a love of trading and the markets slowly and later in Life, but, for me it came suddenly and very early. I can still vividly remember the first price chart I ever saw well over half a Century ago. Even at age 6, I just had to know what those lines and bars meant and tried, in vain, to learn that from my father (who did his best to explain it to such a young and inexperienced mind). Little did I realize how pivotal and predictive that moment was. That energy and love for charts has stayed with me to this day. I hope to pass that energy on to you."

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