Most students of W.D. Gann’s works sense they’re at the very edge of a profound revelation…

. . . One seemingly just beyond their reach.

It’s a common response to studying WD Gann’s Courses, books or charts that one is left in awe and the feeling of a promise unfulfilled.

It’s that feeling that a true understanding of WD Gann’s Secrets would take one to the very heart of  understanding the Markets & the World we live in.

It also promises  to transport one to an entirely new level and World of Understanding.

Unfortunately, for almost all though, that’s as far as it goes.

Time and other commitments creep in and prevent further progress towards that deeper understanding of Mr. Gann’s work and of the Markets.

Some Say That W.D. Gann Never Sold His Core Trading Knowledge . . . Or Did He??

When discussing trading methods, markets and W.D. Gann, there’s much confusion as to his meaning and methods. But, market researchers and traders do agree on this though: W.D. Gann left a Great Mystery to ponder and a massive paper trail to search through for clues.

He also left a huge market trading legend behind that’s inspired generations of seekers.


Most traders and investors are deceived as to what W.D. Gann did reveal of his discoveries in the markets. Even those who went to the source and bought Mr. Gann’s writings, have purchased books and manuals thinking they’ve bought a ‘Solution’ to the Mystery rules underlying Mr. Gann’s trades.

But, what they’ve really bought was something altogether different than what they had in mind. And, this was intentionally done by W.D. Gann and part of his process.

People for the last hundred years have only been buying a ‘Proof’ that a Solution exists . . . Somewhere Else!

The formulas and the laws they’re based on are not described in his writings!

Well, how did that happen?


We need to look at things from Mr. Gann’s perspective and belief system. It’s important that we come to understand W.D. Gann’s belief in what he would share with others and what he would not.

W. D. Gann was a believer in hard work and long working hours, days, weeks, months and years.

He firmly believed in it and he practiced it from all accounts, working long days and researching some subjects for 10 years at a time.

He produced volumes of Charts and data on every market, historical war dates to determine the cycles of wars, and reams of papers representing decades of research work into mathematics and market trends.

The result of his mindset and belief system was reflected in how he communicated with other traders and clients.

It also extended to what he expected others to do too.

As a 33rd Degree Mason, he was quite familiar with the concept of working through to higher levels (degrees) of understanding and disciplining himself to learn those higher levels of mystery and knowledge.

PhotoGann5ComboHe certainly expected (and stated so in interviews) that his students must work as hard as he did and put in the same years of research to deserve access to his ‘secrets’.

But, and this is critical, they’d have to find those secrets for themselves, just like he did.

He wasn’t ever intending to give or sell those secrets to anyone.


Mr. Gann sold a type of ‘access’ to his work through courses (costing as much as a house in his day) and books containing just the ‘results’ of using his secret methods.

Though the courses were advertised as trading methods, the core information that allowed one to come to their own conclusions and trading decisions was decidedly absent from Gann’s writings.

He did, however, leave subtle clues, phrases and stories that alluded to the area to look at to find the core principles that he used.


The Gann courses, books and charts are extremely valuable; but NOT for the reasons they were purchased in most cases.

Most traders and investors are looking for something they can apply quickly and efficiently to the markets to improve their trading results.

Instead, they are greeted with:

Lots of Numbers: A confused array of numbers, numbers and more numbers, all of which were said to be ‘important’. But, which was the most important?

Gann didn’t say.

And, Angles: Lots and lots of angles to choose from (take a look at just one of Gann’s charts below for May Soybeans.

Strange wheels of numbers: Circles of 9, Circles of 24, the Square of 144, Square of 12,  Circles of Prices, Years and many other varieties.

Geometric shapes and figures: Circles, Squares, Triangles, Hexagons, Octagons, Ellipses, etc..

Astrological Chart notations: A few of WD Gann’s Astrology writings and charts have come to light and Mr. Gann did use astrology techniques in his work among other methods.

I’d like to say here that while my work doesn’t concentrate on astrological conjunctions or other formations, that doesn’t mean that I deny it’s effectiveness.

In point of fact, several of the techniques taught in the Harrison-Gann Course have an Astrology base along with other Natural Laws as part of their makeup. And, they work very, very well as a result.

What I set out to do and focused upon was to go deeper into the core upon which even the astronomical/astrological cycles and formations are based.

And, what is that?

Mathematics and Geometry

I’m definitely not talking about complex calculus or equations that one needs a calculator or computer software to decipher either.

My focus and belief has been that when one gets close to the actual fundamental levels of understanding the structure of time and space, that these universal and timeless laws will be simple in expression and not complex.

In Simplicity, You’ll Find Nature’s Elegance

Useful and consistent results (that transcend any particular time period or market) are the proof of a method’s Truth. Nothing else will do.

Anything less must be discarded and the search continued for a more basic and elegant level of understanding.

We as Human Beings love to complicate things and, sometimes, in the process of ‘advancing’ science, we throw ourselves off the path of understanding by attempting create more and more complex tools to measure with. But, what are we measuring?

The problem with this approach is, that if we veer off course at the beginning of our Journey with even a single false premise or error, we set ourselves up to go further and further from the very Truth we’re seeking over the long run.

So, much of my work has been a process of unlearning as well as learning.

As one Asian story relates it:

“To gain wisdom from Nature, one must first be willing to empty one’s own cup so that it may be truly filled”

It’s been continual process of clearing the slate, hitting reset and starting fresh with new ideas. Then, go on testing them many, many times in the quest for basic understanding.

It’s been a tough, tedious and long-term project not unlike Thomas Edison’s search for the best material to make the electric light bulb a workable device.

He tested and found literally thousands of ways that a bulb wouldn’t work, but, kept going until at last, he found the one way that did work and, then, ‘there was light’.

It’s just the nature of Nature.

It takes a lot of hard work and time to make progress.

But, it has it’s great rewards and successes too.

And, those are what I’d like to share with those of you who also want to grasp a deeper understanding of the way our world and the markets are structured.

It’s been a search for a fundamental, yet unrecognized ORDER at work in our World.

And, as you can see by some of the charts on this website, one that has been very successful on many levels.


Traders and investors in the markets have spent lives and fortunes in pursuit of the secrets to how W.D. Gann was able to apply his methods in a practical, profitable way in the markets.

In fact, this search has been going on for over 100 years to no avail. How did Gann do it?

Was it Magic? Mystery?


Actually, several methods I believe. This knowledge consisted of an insightful, cumulative process of steps (many of which I’ve re-discovered) which can reproduce accurate trades without computers, software, astrological tables or mysterious angles.

I do not deny that both the astrological and angle approaches work too. They do when correctly applied.

But, the underlying reason that they do work is the area that I concentrated on re-discovering.

These fundamental re-discoveries are based on the very same factors that Gann left traces of in his courses and books. Because, besides being a great trader and investor, Mr. Gann was most intent on hiding clues to his processes disguised as writings, charts and data.


Mr. Gann, through his working papers, gave us a way to confirm our own discoveries as he had confirmed his, by testing price data and history and what has happened before in the markets.


And, that can take time. Lots and lots of time. Sometimes more than we can spare in a Lifetime pursuit.

I’ve been most fortunate in this regard and, W.D. Gann’s price data and history writings have allowed me to prove what works as Principle and what does not.

I know what is true because, once I verified a Natural Truth or Principle, I could go to Mr. Gann’s papers and see that very Principle applied there right in plain sight!

Hidden in Mr. Gann’s scribblings, wheels, squares and data were Principles that went to the very core of the Knowledge needed to project price tops and bottoms many years into the future.

Here’s a projection I made using these Principles going decades into the future predicting years of major turns in the Stock Market.

decadeschartsm5The above chart is just a small sampling of what can be done once one learns to apply their understanding of the Principles contained within my new course on Gann Level Techniques.

The proofs of the Principles and Core Knowledge were actually in Gann’s materials all along.

They were in every one of Mr. Gann’s courses and books, but, were only presented as results and not as formulas or plain text writings you could learn and apply for yourself in any market you chose to.


W.D. Gann left tantalizing clues which, it turns out, act like a spotlight on his actual methods but, only once you’re already aware of the knowledge being applied!

It’s a brilliant example of ‘esoteric encryption’. Hiding pearls in plain sight but disguised as something else.


Just because you can buy a completely built house doesn’t qualify you to go out and build one on your own.

You just wouldn’t have the construction basics needed to do the job accurately or safely.

Yet, you could, over time, study the construction of your house and learn the Principles of building a sound house that way.

That’s exactly what I discovered about Mr. Gann’s courses.

I left the Gann material in the closet decades back and went to work to discover the Principles that make markets move and which govern Time and Price.

I wanted to learn ‘how to build’, not buy ready-built!

I was either persistent or hard-headed enough to stay with my research long enough to start making breakthroughs. Each new discovery leading naturally to the next step along the Path.

Then, coming back to Mr. Gann’s materials, I saw that his material incorporated these exact same Principles!


Whether you build-it-yourself or buy ready-built, you have to pay for Value in Life.

It’s a Principle.

W.D. Gann sold his ‘resource’ writings for the equivalent of $25,000-$50,000 in today’s dollars. That was the value he placed on what he was offering the public.

And, that was without giving students the actual Principles the writings were based upon!

Well, I separate myself from Mr. Gann’s philosophy on this count.

I will provide the Principles missing from Mr. Gann’s course in the HARRISON-GANN SECRETS COURSE in the areas I’ve outlined below.

Finding the Principles and testing them was the most time and resource-consuming part of the Quest for solving price and time in the markets.

But, it is the Principles that will take one to the highest levels of understanding the markets and time.

IT WAS ONLY AFTER I DISCOVERED THOSE PRINCIPLES ON MY OWN, that I could see how W.D. Gann had constructed his own house (trading courses) using the very same Principles along the way.

Mr. Gann’s praises have been written about extensively for decades and the internet contains most of them as you’re probably already aware. I heartily add my voice and praises to them.


But, he didn’t believe in actually teaching his methods to anyone.

He stated plainly that he thought everyone should put in at least 25 years of effort like he did and go over his materials many times (which clearly shows that the results in the course would CONFIRM the Principles, not provide them) to learn such secrets as the ‘Law of Vibration’ and ‘the Master Time Factor’.

Clearly, then, the core knowledge was not in the course in plain view.

It would never take 25 years to discover something printed in his courses, unless they were to act as a ‘supplement’ to the core knowledge which one would have to learn ‘the hard way’, by studying and studying some more.


Undoubtedly not. And, I do not claim to have.

But, the Principles that I have discovered haven’t been used since Gann last used them on his own charts.  Of that I’m completely convinced.

What secrets have I found?

Well, for one example, I’ve found tremendous information hidden on Gann’s personal charts and, now I come to the conclusion that those charts never were intended to reveal the secret of their use.

They weren’t meant to.

Here’s the explanation that needs to be understood:

Gann had many employees who helped make and update his charts daily. These individuals were given strict instructions as to what they were to put on the charts including angles.

But, everything that they put on the charts or saw on them would not reveal the secrets that WD Gann applied to those charts!

You see, the charts functioned as a vehicle ONLY. They required a Driver with a map; Mr. Gann to  make that vehicle perform!!

Not one of Gann’s employees became either Rich, a financial author or Famous.

Surely, if the secret of Gann’s great trading skills were on the charts that those same employees made, they would have shared in the wealth by using them for themselves.

Over my many years of research, I’m glad to say that many of those secret skills BEHIND GANN’S CHARTS have been rediscovered.

And, they’re amazing!

These techniques go so far beyond what is seen in Gann’s printed courses that it almost is indescribable. And, there’s still more secrets to uncover yet!

My research continues and the results of those studies are being made available to students of the Harrison-Gann Secrets Course.

I’ve also found formulas for War Cycles that project wars and war periods coming in the future and other important cycles and Principles.

More importantly though, I’ve found what these Cycles are based upon.

Are you aware that W.D. Gann did extensive studies on War Cycles and Battles?

I test my market-related Principles by looking for confirmation in Gann’s documents and papers. Just to see if he obviously used the same Principles in his work.

I still look forward to learning more and there are plenty of events and markets in this world to apply the information I already have to, even if I stopped researching further today.

Though I greatly admire Mr. Gann, I have come to a different conclusion and approach when it comes to teaching what I’ve discovered.




I believe that Principles are foremost. Most of us have already wandered in the wilderness of the markets and filled our resumes with tons of experience trading, losing, winning and being confused in between those extremes.

Speed of Learning is Key too. The military, prompted by need, trains people in complex specialties in weeks and months instead of years and decades like the school system does. It can be done effectively in any area of education, even esoteric areas like those familiar to Gann and Myself.

I know from my own personal experience that once one actually finds a REASON or a PRINCIPLE that explains why a market is peaking, a trend is changing or a price is being reached, that that is the sweetest reward in the trading experience.


This is really where Mr. Gann set the standard. He gathered price data from the distant past to prove out and confirm Principles learned elsewhere. We should do the very same in order to prove to ourselves the Principles we come to know. One should collect price data and charts and test, test, test.


Practice by Application (Action) is the final vital component. No knowledge is complete until it has been integrated into your mind-body skill set. Only then do you really KNOW in a complete sense.

I not only believe in the 3-step process described above, I’m willing to implement it with a few who desire to finally raise their Gann Level Knowledge to a much higher level.

I’ve hung onto this information long enough and, it does no one or the world any good residing in dusty notebooks tucked into boxes and shelves.

So, Here’s the Question to Ponder for those Seekers on the ‘Quest’:

What if you could be taught quickly by someone who knew what those essential building Principles were and could save yourself decades of trial and error?

Would you be willing to take advantage of that rare opportunity?

Or, do you enjoy the ‘hard road’ approach to knowledge with no guarantees that you’ll ever even be able to reach your goals?


It’s time to begin to pass along this information to others who can understand and use it.

It was hard-won wisdom and wasn’t free by any means, but, what is the best way to compress the learning curve for the next generation?

That was the question and there was a time-honored solution to it.


The Master’s job was to teach in his own chosen manner and within the time stipulated by a contract (usually 7 years).

While I don’t consider myself a Master (only an advanced student of the markets), as I’ve looked about me over the decades I’ve come to the conclusion that no one else seems to have found this information and been willing to teach it to others.

Perhaps others exist out there somewhere and choose to follow Gann’s approach of taking the secrets to their grave with them.

But, I’ve decided to take a different course of action.

If you’re willing to pay the price to learn the esoteric and the super-practical aspects of my discoveries, I’m willing to teach ONLY A FEW students this information.

The Harrison-Gann Secrets Course

This is a new day and Age and Enlightenment can only take place if lessons learned are shared with others.

The complete independent, self-discovery ‘thing’ is tediously slow and sometimes doesn’t produce any results after a lifetime of studies.

I propose to teach the Principles that I have discovered that can re-create the same results as seen in Mr. Gann’s paperwork, charts, books and courses not in 25 or 7 years, but in only days, weeks or months.

For those who wish to learn the inner secrets of the markets, I’m willing to pass along information including the Secrets of W.D. Gann’s Greatest Trade (the May Wheat trade of 1909) in as little as a few days of reading of the appropriate learning module.

What you’ll be learning:

The Course information is presently being conveyed via correspondence course in 12 modules within the Harrison-Gann Secrets Course.

The 12 part program is available by mail either all at once or by correspondence course in monthly or quarterly installments.

But, you’ll learn far more than the reasons why things work as they do.

I’ll deliver into your hands the practical tools that will put you in the master trader’s driver’s seat

Four Practical & Valuable Tools that you’ll be able to apply to any market from the first day you learn them.

These are market-ready applications of Gann principles that I’ve discovered or formulated into a unique, easy-to-apply form to trade in real markets for real profits every trading day.

This is where the theory and underlying Principles are put into ACTION!

The ‘Core Four’:

NOTE: What follows is a very abbreviated list. E-mail me for a complete list of the module contents- George

I.: EXCALIBUR: This is your first introduction to the inherent power of the Harrison-Gann process. This technique will give you that all important and missing item from all other charts: a frame of reference! Excalibur has many levels of application taught within the Course.

II.: EXCALIBUR II: This process improves on the already excellent Excalibur Method by showing a technique for tracking and taming sideways markets. Sideways markets are the infamous market periods which tend to chop up traders and cause them to lose in their trades.

III.: CYCLE LOCK: Here’s where you’ll discover a unique approach to discerning cycle tops and bottoms and their patterns. You discover why conventional cycle analysts fail and how to overcome that obstacle in predicting the next turns in markets.

IV: THE EQUALIZER: The magical end-of-the-rainbow as far as day-to-day trading requirements. Winning moves whether in sideways or trending markets with virtually perfect timing for major and minor moves in price. This discovery is worth more than the price of the entire course all by itself. NOT AN EXAGGERATION as anyone who is serious can find out.


Some of the Course contents:

The Master Number and the creative process. Also . . .

  • The correct application of the famous 45 degree angle according to the underlying Principles that govern it’s origin and this includes why it must be applied this way.
  • ‘The Excalibur Method: Tracking the Money Tigers” – Providing a frame of reference for all trending markets revealing master BUY and SELL price points.
  • WD Gann’s Greatest Trade – The classic September Wheat Trade of 1909, what it means and the formula that makes it work.
  • The Laws of Balance and Markets. And, in addition . . .
  • The ‘Lost Word’ – The Key to eliminating the confusion of numbers from Gann’s courses.
  • ‘Invisible’ Principles of Numbers.
  • “THE EQUALIZER”Master timing of all trending and non-trending markets.
  • Squaring the Circle – The Problem, the Solution and the Reasoning.
  • “Excalibur II: Mastering Sideways Markets.
  • Projecting Yearly High and Low price turns years (even decades!) in advance.
  • ‘Cycle Lock” – The Secret of predicting Cycles and why other methods stumble.
  • The Origin and Meaning of the ‘Sacred Numbers’. Where they come from. What they mean. And, the ‘secret knowledge’ they’re hiding.
  • A Special formula for Timing market turns at the daily and intra-day level using the laws of Time and Space (this is a sub-set of the Yearly High & Low price turn process listed above).
  • There is also a formula that can often predict intra-day price Highs & Lows.
  • All this AND the Gann discoveries!

There’s much, much more in the complete Harrison-Gann Secrets Course than is listed above.

For the complete list of contents, drop me an e-mail at george@money-tigers.com.

In addition to the written materials, you’ll receive template overlays and copies of my rare collection of charts of cash and futures markets gathered from many rare and out-of-print sources and you’ll receive personal consultation concerning the Course should you need it.

How Much Time is Needed to Learn the Material?

The fundamentals that lead to the practical trading methods are relatively easy to learn (although they are a ‘strange’ and new way of looking at the world and markets)and can be learned at home in probably a week or two’s time (including practice). Although, one should review them periodically after learning them.
The Excalibur Method (which is part of the Course), can be learned within the time it takes to read the 135+-page manual that is devoted just to that aspect of the market. This is usually less than 1-2 days and can be applied immediately to charts of all kinds in any markets even while you’re still reading the Method. Excalibur will help locate prime Buying & Selling price points as well as the underlying trend within any market at any time frame (intra-day, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.)

The ‘Excalibur Method’ is derived from several important discoveries from Mr. Gann’s writings which are not discussed until later on in the Course. Even so, one can apply the Method perfectly without the knowledge of just why it works so very well (much like we can drive a car without the knowledge of why it’s built the way it is).
You’ll start with the Excalibur Method and build the Harrison-Gann Secrets Course on afterwards providing you with the opportunity to leverage your successful application of The Excalibur Method to pay for the rest of the Course.
WD Gann’s original courses were quite thick in size and high in page count, but, very thin on practical uses and low in fundamental information.

I’ve attempted to design my courses to be exactly the opposite: Oriented towards the practical use of these fundamental laws immediately. I’m constantly trying to improve them in that regard to make them more valuable to the student and trader.
My goal is to have you see these rules at work today and not ‘someday’. And, you will see them at work everywhere on every chart you choose to look at when you know what to look for and how to extract the ’embedded’ information from price, time and space.
The concepts behind the methods you’re exposed to within this element are powerful in their implications and concern number theory, time and space aspects of Mr. Gann’s work and my own discoveries along this line. So, you’ll find yourself undoubtedly considering their applications for years to come as they will not go out of date.
In short, you’ll learn the practical applications and trading methods quickly, and, will absorb the fundamentals over a longer period of time as you look towards the future and the markets and see these rules constantly at work there.

In addition to the written materials, you’ll receive personal consultation from Mr. Harrison should you need it and full personal support for a period of two-years following the purchase of the last module in the Course.

The Course will now be taught via a private 12-part correspondence course with The Excalibur Method as the introductory volume..

You can take the Course at your own pace. Some may wish to take it all at once or spread out over a year or longer.

The Cost of this Course incorporates the fact that there will be a limited number of traders per country/continent and world region that will have access to this information.

As mentioned earlier, the Course will come with many rare and very hard-to-find historical charts showing these concepts at work during recessions, depressions, inflationary and deflationary markets in both cash and futures.

W.D. Gann’s Greatest Trade is a method which many times projects the top or bottom price to a trend. It predicts precisely the 1909 Wheat Trade It’s unlike any method ever seen (which explains why it wasn’t discovered using conventional approaches), and, will be taught by Mr. Harrison to those he selects for the program through the new correspondence program.

This Course will not be offered forever, so, this must be considered to be a very limited and exclusive opportunity.

I reserve the right to stop or limit further distribution of this Course at any time for any reason to any person.

‘Tire-kickers’ and ‘bargain-hunters’ need not apply.

There are no discounts to this Life’s Work. With no intention to be rude, I’d like to suggest that if one has to ask, it just isn’t for them.


Here’s The Bottom Line Summary Then . . .

I have a somewhat different Belief system than Mr. Gann did.

I believe that one’s financial capacity is (among other factors) a valid qualifier to save time and effort in Life and is usually a reflection of one’s level of consciousness or capacity for an open mind. You’ve probably become a master of some area of expertise to make a living. My area of expertise is in this Gann Level Knowledge of Markets & Universal Principles.

Your career may be as an engineer, doctor, airline pilot, CEO or other specialty. I respect the fact that you’ve already committed yourself to the mastery of one area of Life and, I’m sure that respect goes both ways. So, I’m willing to guide you to the short-cut to another area of mastery.

Qualifier: I reserve the right to pick whom I will choose to accept as a student. Translation: Given 2 applicants with cash in hand, I may pick one and not the other on the basis of my own perceptions which include one’s motivations, patience, persistence, likelihood of success and the security of the materials.


The Cost: This information cost me dearly in Time (that cannot be regained), costs and effort over a long time period).

If you’re a businessperson, you already understand the concept of value. For those who are not, in short, the good news is that the sum of all I’ve learned will cost you far, far less money than you’d spend on a decades long quest of your own or in your cumulative market losses as you tried to learn from the markets.

You’ll also spend only a tiny fraction of time to learn this material (literally only days). You’ll have complete access to information that literally took me years, and decades to accumulate and tie together. In short, you’ll save more time and money than you can imagine.

You’ll enjoy an accelerated learning pace for this material. You’ll be able to learn this information over days or weeks instead of over a lifetime.


Think of this course as very, very limited access to the ‘School of Market Wisdom’.


I’ve summed up most of the information above.

Those of you who have tried to sort out Gann’s writings for yourselves will know at a fundamental ‘gut’ level that what I’ve said is completely true.

The rest will discover the truth of it over time (if they have the patience to stick it out and if they’re lucky enough to find all the Principles needed to decode Gann’s works!).

I sincerely wish all who embark on this ambitious Journey a very successful Quest.


If you’re interested in taking the Harrison-Gann Secrets Course which is now available as a self-instruction course with complete support when needed, e-mail me here.