Market Predictability & WD Gann 2

WD Gann's May 1948 Soybean chart

When it comes to Market Predictability & WD Gann, much has been misinterpreted and misunderstood.

For example, WD Gann is famous for his angle work, yet, Students generally only use the diagonal angles today which means that 2/3’s of Gann’s important angle work has been discarded.

This is like leaving out 2/3′s of a recipe and wondering why the bread doesn’t taste like the bread that Grandma use to make! It’s a real shame that so very few know the deeper layers of Gann’s work today.

But, the greater shame would be if students and investors abandoned this great man’s work merely because he chose not to disclose the more valuable elements of it. I’d like to say for those who have always held out hope that there really was something to the WD Gann approach to markets, that there really is a fundamentally effective system at work at the core of his charts and papers.

Gann only left worksheets and rough drafts of the very outer edges of his discoveries. Much like the scribbles left behind by a Master Carpenter at the work site of a newly built house. The fundamental skill that lies behind the scribbles is what you need to know to duplicate the results. Gann didn’t leave clear writings about how to get the same results as he was getting.

I’ll be sharing some of my discoveries of Gann’s Lost Work through the Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Course. I also offer a most effective and easy-to-use process known as The Excalibur Method which is available separately from the Course. You learn more about it HERE.

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