Market Predictability & WD Gann


As you probably know by now, I’ve spent a great deal of time working on understanding the works of WD Gann.

I suspect my journey has been like your own if you’ve ever looked for meaning in Mr. Gann’s courses, books and papers.

The process seems to follow this pattern:

  • first: confusion created by the mass of material in the original courses and, then,
  • second: quitting it all in frustration thinking that perhaps Gann’s whole approach was either bogus, unworkable, unlearnable or simply lost to the sands of Time.

That two-step process, though a natural response by most, is in great error.

Part of the Natural Laws that govern markets and Men state: ‘That which was lost shall be found’ and also that ‘what once was hidden shall be made known’. This can be expressed another way as the Law of Cycles. Gann’s original discovery was made back in 1908 and the 100-year cycle of which Gann wrote in his book has promised to bring that information back into the Light again. Many years of investigating Gann’s work (and, especially work done over the last few years) have revealed many deeper layers of understanding Gann’s process than is promoted or even known these days.

These new discoveries besides being a revelation have generated a new level of respect for this man’s genius and accomplishments. I’d like to encourage any who are still searching out there that there is solid content and that there are useable methods for markets that hold true for our day as they did in Gann’s.

For example, there’s a set of incredible timing processes beyond those of the commonly known anniversary dates and Gann ‘angles’. This makes possible amazing market turn predictions well into the future.

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