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With our latest work the Art of Market Prediction takes a Bold Step Forward.

Cycle Predictions for over a hundred years now have primarily depended on some pretty old work done by Samuel Benner and W.D. Gann.

Both had their own approaches and both produced calculators or charts that the more astute traders have been using for over a hundred years or more. Those few who could figure out how to use these tools or could determine after years of study (in W.D. Gann's case), what the Rules were and how to apply them to their own price charts.


What's missing from most folk's trading toolboxes in not Courage.

It's KNOWLEDGE that's crucial and it has to be that kind of Knowledge that is rare or even unseen at all by the public and it's paid-for 'experts'.

The Rare and Super-Valuable Content of our New Course 'The Super-Cycle Trader' requires that we price this New Course at $1,250 USD for our private members once it's in full-publication.

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Most have no clue what a Cycle is. Not Really.

Even though every price they see on their screens are part of smaller and larger Cycles, the Knowledge of how to make use of the largest of these is never taught and even more rarely followed.

There's a Reason for this, if I may boldly suggest.

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It's because, these large Super-Cycles can be, and, are, (for those few who know and use them), the Foundation for a constant and profitable Market Presence that acts with the Major Trend and yields tremendous profits requiring very little and infrequent market adjustments during the whole process, (which can actually run for multiple Months and even Years with a Super-Trend).

It's Like Money in the Bank, but, BETTER !!! 

Except it's Your Broker protecting your Cash instead of a teetery, unstable Bank. They have Better Insurance & more Liberal policies when it comes to moving your funds around. Again, Better than the Banks today.

Whether it's A BULL or a BEAR Market Super-Cycle, You'll Be Prepared!

By 'Prepared', I mean, You'll KNOW what to do when you find the signals aligning as you'll learn them within the pages of this precious, new course.

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What You'll Discover Within This Course:

  • NEWLY REVEALED: An Original, Hidden Confirmation Tool for All Super-Cycles!!
  • DECODED: W.D. Gann's famous 'Source of Cycles' Statement. More than met the eye here.
  • Benner's & Gann's Future Cycles Tables examined & dissected.
  • W.D. Gann's Financial Times Table. Is it still useful?
  • How a Special Mathematical Relationship accurately pinpoints TOPS and BOTTOMS.
  • How many important Market Panics & Crashes Gave Advance Notice Years in Advance!
  • A PLAN OF ACTION  that will guide you for the next 5-Years and Beyond!
  • W.D. Gann's Financial Times Cycles Table Explained & Correctly Updated to 2230!

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