My Story


My name is George Harrison and I’m the creator of this website, the original trading methods and the discoverer of the WD Gann Lost Secrets that now make up the Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Course.

Some come to a love of trading and the markets slowly and later in Life, but, for me it came suddenly and very early. I can still vividly remember the first price chart I ever saw well over half a Century ago. 

I was only 6 years old and was fascinated by a stock chart that my father had received from a brokerage newsletter.

Even at that tender age, I just had to know what those lines and bars meant and tried, in vain, to learn that from my father (who did his best to explain it to such a young and inexperienced mind). Little did I realize how pivotal and predictive that moment was.

Many years and thousands of charts later, I’ve participated in the markets as an Investor, Speculator, Researcher, Technical Instructor, Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA), Assistant Hedge Fund Manager and Newsletter Publisher (among others that escape me at the moment).

All the while, still loving working with price charts for Stocks, Commodities, Currencies as well as anything else that can be charted or graphically represented.


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One of George Harrison's research work areas after a busy night