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So, if we see charts containing features we don’t understand, it would be a mistake to assume that they were meaningless to Mr. Gann. Mr. Harrison has come to the firm conclusion Mr. Gann left charts like these as clues to what he would not teach: The Principles behind all markets.

Below is one of the greatest of WD Gann’s trades, his September 1909 Wheat Trade:

WD GANN's greatest trade 1909 September Wheat at noonThe September Wheat trade of 1909 is what really propelled WD Gann into the view of the Wall Street elite of his day.

Mr. Gann predicted that September Wheat had to trade at $1.20 before the contract expired on September 30th of that year.

By the time the last trading day for that contract came around, September Wheat had never traded above $1.12 and 7/8ths since the contract had begun trading.

And, at Noon on September 30th, 1909 (on the very last trading day for that contract month), with only an hour and a twenty minutes left to go, September Wheat was trading at only $1.07.

Even on the very last day of trading, Mr. Gann was witnessed to have said the following most mysterious and, at the same time revealing statement:

“If it does not touch $1.20 by the close of the market, it will prove that there is something wrong with my whole method of calculation. I do not care what the price is now, it must go there.”

What happened next made WD Gann a legend . . .

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