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counting method technique


this Is A CORE Principle of W.D. Gann's Unpublished Strategies!

Ths Course Takes It's Place in Our W.D. Gann Collection as an APEX & Crucial Work in Truly Understanding the Genius of W. D. Gann and his Works.

This Discovery Is PRACTICAL. It Still Works Today & Will Always Work as it's Locked to a Natural Process that Never Ends: TIME!

Well, This One Certainly Took a Long Time to Finally Discover!!

The First Secrets Behind W.D. Gann's 'Count' System   Are Gradually Revealed Step-By-Step in Part 1 . . . , 

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If you're reading this page, you've probably already spent years and thousands of dollars seeking out the Secrets of Trading Masters like  W. D. Gann. 

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So, What's In This New Breakthru Course?

As this method is a WD Gann derived proceess, I've used WD Gann's price charts themselves to provide the proof of the method's validity. This Reveals the First of Gann's Count secrets.

Part 1 Reveals the First of Gann's Count Method Secrets.

So, there are LOTS of Gann's charts within this Course. 

These are the exact charts needed to pinpoint Gann's hidden strategy and will clearly show why he included his 'Count' system along with his famous Angles when it came to using his own personally constructed price charts.

You're now so Close to actually gaining the kind of Secret Information you've been seeking that you can almost 'taste' it. Right?


So, don't turn back now. You're almost at the FINISH LINE! 

'The Laws of Reflection in Time & Price' -

In Digital Format (with printing privileges);

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* Note: This is a Course even for those who haven't

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This Carefully Hidden 'lost' Secret of Time & Pivot Prices STILL Works in All Present Day Markets!

Building on, and, receiving all important Confirmation from my earlier works shown in the Harrison-Gann Master Course Series, I now have finally discovered a series of W.D. Gann's Secret Codes for Price Turns from his personal price charts and his counting method!

They were so well-hidden that I wondered at times, if they could ever be extracted from the clutter of the many, many 'artifacts' that were present in his price charts. (HINT: They're only 'artifacts' if you don't know how they're being used!).

EUREKA! I Finally Found Those Missing KEYS and how they were used on Gann's private charts to predict future turns in price trends to-the-Day!


These Techniques Still Work Today & Will Always Work as they're Locked to a Natural Process that Never Ends: TIME!

These are Critical Factors in Understanding Time and Price Movements in the FUTURE and in understanding Gann's Chart Techniques!!

THIS IS THE LEVEL OF KNOWLEDGE THAT WD GANN HAD and could derive just from his price charts.


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    AT LAST! You'll Finally Understand A Crucial Hidden Element of W.D. Gann's Price Charts NEVER BEFORE SEEN!

The Chart above contains a Hidden Code that he NEVER referred to in his writings. I don't blame him!

Good Luck in finding it though!! Many thousands have searched for it and just as many thousands have quit the search in utter failure.

It took me Decades of searching as well, and, that was an exhausting task I assure you.

Discouragement and failure was a constant companion at every attempt to solve this deeply embedded puzzle. Many times I wanted to throw up my hands in despair.

We didn't quit though, and, after a Half-Century of trials, exasperation, experiments and sheer fortitude (some might call it stubborness!), A POWERFUL KEY to Mr. Gann's work has been brought back into the Light of Day. 

Resurrected & extracted from the dusty, yellowed copies of Gann's own personal price charts it is now being made available to apply to today's Global Markets!

I Believe This To Be The 'Valuable Secret' Gann Said Was HIdden Deep Within His Book 'Tunnel Thru The Air'!

Where Is This KEY Hidden?

Several 'layers' down within the esoteric interpretations of Gann's surface Romance novel called 'The Tunnel Thru The Air'.

What Does This 'Secret Method' Do?

Something thought to be Impossible: It provides a Powerful Predictor that can calculate future High & Low Price Turn Dates!

Does It Still Work In Today's Markets?

YES! And, you'll quickly see the proof within the pages of this Limited Release Course and on the Intraday Chart Below.

What's been re-discovered is an Unknown-to-at-least-five-Generations Law of Nature, Time & Price

A Secret so powerful, that's it's not difficult to believe that it has been carefully controlled and revealed only at the very highest levels of secret societies and mystery schools. 

And, let's remember that Mr. Gann was a 33rd Degree Mason who would have had access to such knowledge or the Secret Archives where it lay undisturbed for Centuries.

Will You Be One Of The Few That Will Have

Access To This 'Knowledge of the Ages'?

Calculate the ACTUAL DATES When High & Low Market Turns Will Occur With This Previously 'Lost', Well-Concealed Secret!!

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* Note: This is a Course even for those who haven't 

taken the Harrison-Gann Master Course Series.

Our Most Powerful, New W.D. Gann Discovery:

'The Laws of Reflection in Time & Price' -

In Digital Format (with printing privileges);

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