NEW! ‘The Market Maker’s Trigger’ Course

​A Valuable Insight Into Large Trend Changes

​'MMT' . . . The Market Maker's Trigger'

​The Market Maker's Reveal Themselves

​Is A Change of Trend In The Wind?

​​In this new course we explore a special price chart signal . . .

. . . a signal that virtually all public traders either ignore or misread.

. . . However, the Market Maker's are all-to-well acquainted with this event and have to respond to it by creating large price range swings.

​These price swings in turn generally define the major trend changes for whatever time period the price chart is following.

​We can actually use this signal to be forewarned of an impending large price swing resuming the current trend or reversing the trend.

"I​ consider 'MMT' to be an important guide in my own personal analysis and combine it with my other trading methods to confirm and 'lock-in' the certainty of an impending shift in price trend." - George H

The 'Market Maker's Trigger' or 'MMT' Technique, ​​was first made available to members of the 'Inner Circle of 12' ,and, is now available, ​to all other students and clients.​

If you'd like to have access to this additional analysis tool to use to ​give early warning of a dramatic shift in trending markets​, you can have access to the process for a low donation request​. Write me. - George

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