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exclusiveMy over 45-year search for and research into WD Gann’s works has yielded extremely valuable Exclusive Trading Knowledge as well as unlocked many of Gann’s closest-held secrets including WD Gann’s Law of Vibration.

This long-term research into WD Gann’s works has yielded extremely valuable Exclusive Original Trading Knowledge Discoveries as well as unlocked many of Gann’s closest-held secrets including .

These original discoveries have included completely new and effective trading techniques and ways of analyzing the markets that reveal critical points in Time and Price for price trends and reversals for any market.

These new tools mean that my students/clients can expertly analyze world markets with confidence using reliable,mathematically sound and natural-based techniques known only to a very select few.

Be one of the few to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime offer.

This information is especially valuable for those with sizable assets under management as they will be most able to use it effectively.

This work is now available to those who are dedicated to safeguarding either their own or others portfolio assets among the investment and trading community.

Stocks, Commodities, Bonds and Currencies; all can now be expertly analyzed for timing and trend using the rare tools offered in the Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Master Course.

Those who know and treasure Quality, Value and Service are encouraged to embrace this investment in Market Knowledge as they  gladly would the opportunity to purchase a fine automobile.

600-bentleyBoth are excellent vehicles to take you to your chosen destination and goal.

And, speaking of the Service factor; for those who are intensely committed to their personal or their clients investment success, I offer an extremely rare opportunity to take a quantum leap forward and upwards in mastering the Markets.

What can be done with this level of insight into market behavior?

For that answer, we must look to

the career of WD Gann himself.

W.D. Gann is reputed to have taken these insights and made over $50 million over a time span that included the Depression and several booms, panics and crashes.

The equivalent amount today would be over 1/2 a Billion Dollars. Individual results will vary, of course.Full-Course-MiniSet-650

The Bottom Line: These original concepts, which have been discovered and proven over an almost half-century period (as well as many of the previously ‘lost’ WD Gann technique discoveries) are now available through the substantial (over 1100 pages) Harrison-Gann Trade Secrets Course.


If you’re the guardian of a personal or client portfolio that you wish to both protect and multiply significantly, then, you’re graciously invited to join a very select group.

The Harrison-Gann ‘Lost’ Secrets Master Course Group.

You, as a student of these techniques, will become one of the rare preservers of this wisdom of the markets. Someone who can carry it on into another generation.

There will be only a few such individuals on the entire planet.

I’d like you to seriously consider becoming one of them.

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George R. Harrison

  • Master Chartist
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  • Creator of the Harrison-Gann ‘Lost’ Secrets Master Course

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