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A Simple, Yet Powerful Technique for Locating the Starting Points of Profitable Price Trends!

Here's Your Chance To Learn A Fundamental Truth About All Markets & Their Structure.

Finally, after being essentially 'Lost' in the Markets for decades and decades, Traders no longer will have be victims of a false narrative and misinformation. Through our new upcoming Course titled: 'Breakout Point Trading', some 'Lost' Principles of how Markets really work have been re-discovered after over half-a-century of intensive work & testing.

These Fundamental Laws of Nature and the Markets are being made available for the Benefit of both Advanced and Beginner Traders.

    Will You Be One Of A Mere Handful Of Traders Who'll Understand How Market Ranges Work,  And,  What Forces  Make Them So Predictable???

The Chart above broadly illustrates an essential skill a good trader must have to be successful; and, that is the ability to find and enter the market at points where an actual PRICE BREAKOUT IS OCCURRING and, before almost anyone else knows about it!

Learn the Trading Skill behind our New, 'Breakout Point Trading' Course. It will make trades like the following intraday chart shows possible for you at last!

Price Ranges: We've Discovered Their Well-Concealed Secrets!!

          Now, it's Your Turn!

  • Did You Know that there's another Fundamental Element of Nature and Nature's Law that is at work in the Markets BESIDES Price and Time?
  • Did You Know that Trading Zones or Ranges don't just 'happen', but, are the result of another Force of Nature that is both flexible and un-yielding in it's Effects on price ranges and Trend Breakouts?
  • Are You Aware that almost ALL of price behavior can be expressed as a derivative of the Technique Revealed within our New, 'Breakout Point Trading' Course?

Yet, It's The Most Simple To Apply OF ALL OUR TECHNIQUES

We've maintained a constant focus throughout our Research & Development work through the Decades, of designing the SIMPLEST TECHNIQUES to both Learn and Apply.

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