To free you from A price chart 'blind SPOT'!!

Did You Know That There's A Simple But Subtle 'Trap'  Laid Out For Us Every Time We Use Our Favorite Price Chart For Trading The Markets.?

Well, it's True. You know  that feeling you get when you're watching your favorite market at your favorite time frame, (say on a 5-minute chart), have a trade on that is with the 'trend', even profitable, and, suddenly,  the market reverses, pops you out of your wonderful position, only to reverse again and continue in it's original trend direction, but, without you profiting from the move anymore! You know, THAT  Feeling, (see the picture below to remind yourself).

You could curse your bad luck, blame the market, your timing or what you had for breakfast, but, it won't change the facts, AND, it doesn't explain how this could have been prevented from happening. 

Just like you, I've experienced these events and far too often to just accept them as 'bad luck'. There had to be an 'answer', a reason that was causing this cycle to replay again and again.

    This Led To A Search, And, That Search To This Conclusion . . .

    The 'Problem' Was Rooted In The Price Charts Themselves. There Was A Hidden Flaw WithIn Each One!

Essentially, it was found to be a problem with 'Time' as we came to use it on our Price Charts.

The potential 'error' was virtually embedded within our price charts so that it was 'invisible' to the ordinary observer and trader! So, how to fix it? What could we do to remedy this issue?

Take a look at the short-term Hourly price chart for Crude Oil below.

Every one of the red circles shows an area where the average trader could be 'tricked' out of holding their long position in this Market.

Do you also see that beautiful Green Square at the top of the chart?

That shows the area where our New 'Time Shifter' Technique told us that a 'REAL' change in Trend was happening! Note that this area of the chart looks the same as all the false moves shown by the red circles previously.

So, what makes this price area so special? What makes it special is virtually invisible to any other trader without the 'Time Shifter' Technique to work with. 

What happened after this Green Square price area gave the signal to SELL? Observe below . . .

This chart clearly shows just how false price moves dominate the markets. With so few Real Change points occurring, it's no wonder that traders find it so difficult to succeed over time today. Look at all the red circles versus the lonely 5 Green Squares on the chart!

In this market over these dates the Real Changes in Trend only occurred 21% of the time. Put another, and, more startling way, odds were 79% of making an error on any one trade!!!

Clearly this is a problem that MUST BE FIXED to Succeed!

A Secret Technique That Will Change Your Whole Perspective . ..

. . . And, Your TRADING RESULTS!!

Let's Examine The Benefits Of This Addition To Our Trading Toolbox Now.

  • You Can Continue To Use Your Normal Price Charts!
  • Clarify Your Perspective On The REAL Price Trend.
  •  Eliminate Your Dependence On Multiple Time Frame Charts  & Screens Being Displayed & Monitored During Your Trading Day.
  •  Avoid Those 79% Bad Trade Entry points on your charts & save your hair (see trader picture above)!
  •  Lower Your Risk By Using a Focused Trading Principle that will hold your attention to the reality of the Actual Trend!

Easy-To-Learn . . . Easier-To-Apply.

What Does 'The Time Shifter' Do?


Find A SINGLE FOCUSED Technique To Avoid False Entries. 

Unlike with Gann-related materials, there are no square charts used or needed for 'The Time Shifter' process, which simplifies things. 

This isn't a predictive technique, either, and, yes, it works on all chart time frames as that is the point of the process to begin with; to untangle the 'blind spot' inherent within all price charts and time frames. 

This is purely a technique to prevent one from getting caught in false counter-market moves and being able to discern the correct, trend altering ones instead.

I think this is a Noble Goal and a necessary one to pursue and conquer.

We did just that with 'The Time Shifter', and, now, for  those who are ready, you can gain access to it at a great savings.

The Technique is Elegant, Simple, Inexpensive, and, effective in doing this single task.


This Method Saves You Money By Teaching You WHEN NOT TO TRADE! 

You'll make more . . . By Trading Less! By not trading on the many, many false signals given!

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