The Private International Trader's Research Association

Our Private International Trader's Research Association offers unique market trading & analysis techniques, observations and the research results (accumulated from over Half-a-Century's intensive work) along with Guaranteed Back-up Support every step-of-the-way for each-and-every trading skill learned. All in appreciation for your generous financial gifts to support our Research & Publishing work.

Private Access to World-Class Trading Techniques!

In appreciation for your financial support, we'd like to provide you with access to our Unique & Effective Trading Tools & Technology in the form of Private Courses of Instruction in alignment with your Level of Gift Support.

Courses, which, if you could buy them any longer, would be Worth Tens of Thousands of Dollars: With your kind Gift of Support for your chosen Course, you'll receive that very course!

The Process is a Simple One . . .

STEP 1: IF YOU AGREE WITH OUR PRIVACY POLICY NOTICE (as stated at the beginning notice of our Gift Contribution Level Catalog), then, you simply Select the Trading Methods(s) which you choose to provide Gift Support for (protected by Non-Disclosure Agreement; NDA) from our Exclusive, Gift Level Catalog . . .

STEP 2: Make your Gift contribution thru Paypal or wire transfer . . . (please mark it as a 'Research Gift')

STEP 3: In appreciation for your Gift, your chosen Course(s) of instruction will be printed & sent to you, individually licensed for your use and shipped by private courier to your door worldwide.

STEP 4: There's More: Your questions will be answered by private internet file exchange as part of your private membership privileges (charts & questions may be privately exchanged this way).

Much More Value Here Than Meets The Eye . . .

And, it's not just about the Excellent Trading Methods & Courses; no, it's about having ACCESS to PRIVATE INSTRUCTION from the AUTHOR & CREATOR of those Methods any time you need it!!

Half-A-Century of Market Knowledge & Insights . . .

. . . is now being made available to you. This is an incredible VALUE worth far more than the level of your much appreciated Gift might indicate. The Author will 'have your back' while you learn the specific trading skill for your individual course.

It's like revisiting the 'Good Old Days'; when you could get  Quality PLUS Service, not like today!

Think about it. How much personal service do you get from your other purchases in Life these days? NONE. When acquiring Knowledge and Wisdom, questions can arise along the Journey and, you need to be able to ask someone who already knows the subject matter for assistance from time to time.

Who Better Than The Author of this extensive research Himself To Answer Your Questions?

All of this extra support and Value is provided as our way of saying 'Thank you' for your generous Gift.

Contact me Privately by e-mail to receive your Private Trading Academy Gift Contribution Level Catalog.

All Gift contributions may be made through Paypal by directing funds to:

NOTE: Please make a notation in the Paypal comment box or somewhere on the transfer that this is a 'Research Gift'.